Time Zones

Hover your mouse over the world to see what the time is in different countries.

The times on this map are shown in 24 hour time. It is easy to convert 24 hour time to regular 12 hour time. Just see the table below.

24 hour to 12 hour table

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4 thoughts on “Time Zones

  1. Dear Mrs.Morris and class,
    I love you website! I am a 6th grade teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. I have just created a geography blog for my new class called 6C Travels Around the World. We would love if you would visit us and leave a comment.
    Mrs. Lieberman

  2. Dear Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris,

    I love this idea! It is a really good post for kids to learn about time.

    I love looking at other times around the world and look forward to
    Sky ping with other students. I hope you enjoy this years class
    and blogging to.

    From your blogging buddy Olivia 😀 🙂

    • Dear Olivia,

      Thanks for your comment! I can tell you are going to be a terrific blogger in 2013, as you have already left a few comments!

      Learning about time zones is always so interesting. It’s strange to think that our American blogging buddies have a winter Christmas, but of course it is summer time for us!

      It’s always fun skyping with people from other countries, I’m looking forward to it too.

      Your teacher,
      Miss Jordan

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