Wet Frogs: By Trent and Millie

This is a guest post by Trent (4KM) and Millie (4KJ).

At Assembly on Monday, Trent, James, Jess, Kayley, Lachie and Ms Rollinson performed a play. The play was about frogs. Confused? 

First we all had to wait until it was our turn to go up on stage. When it was finally our turn to go up, we got into our positions and got our script ready. We performed our best and had a red hot go like a tomato that has tried to escape from the BBQ!

The point of the story was that you should be wet frogs not dry frogs on land. When I say being wet frogs I mean get in there and have a go don’t stay and talk about what you will do, all speech must be backed up with action.

We all need to be wet frogs in the classroom and have a go!

What stories of being a wet frog do you have?

Are you able to have a go and try?

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