Ed’s Excellent Bike Adventure

All the grade fours at Leopold Primary School are enjoying their practical and theory Bike Ed lessons.

Practical means actually trying out our skills on our bikes. We have been having two hour practical sessions daily for the last week.

Theory means building our knowledge. We have been learning about the road rules and safe riding in class.

Last week, we watched a great video called Ed’s Excellent Bike Adventure.

This ten minute video follows Ed as he discovers his ‘bike brain’ and learns to ride safely on the road.

We encourage all students to watch this video with their families and talk about safe riding.

The following A Family Guide to Bike Ed also provides excellent information for both students and their parents.

While we are learning a lot during Bike Ed at school, it’s very important that students continue to practise their bike skills with their families.

What did you learn about safe riding from the video or the guide book?

Do you like riding with your family members?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday May 12th is Mother’s Day. This is a day to celebrate mothers and all the wonderful things they do for us!

The students in 4KM and 4KJ wanted to give their mums a special surprise on Mother’s Day.

Here is a video we made for our mums!

Happy Mother’s Day by The Gun and Doll Show

What’s special about your mum?

How are you spending Mother’s Day? 

Our Last Day Of 2012

Today is our final school day for 2012. 4KM and 4KJ have had a fantastic year together, and Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are so proud of the students’ efforts and achievements.

The 4KM and 4KJ blog has been a big part of our class this year. Since we started this blog at the beginning of the year…

  • We have published 99 posts.
  • We received over 4,000 comments.
  • We have had more than 32,000 visitors.

There have been so many highlights in 4KM and 4KJ this year. The students have learnt so much and improved their skills in all areas. We would love our students to complete this poll to tell us which special event they enjoyed the most about the school year!

Here is a special message from Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are looking forward to teaching Grade Four again in 2013 with 54 different students! There will be some familiar faces from our Grade Two year in 2011 and some great new students too. We know we’ll have another fantastic year!


We have all enjoyed connecting and collaborating with our fabulous blogging buddies from around the world. One of our closest friends is Mr Avery and his sixth grade class in Massachusetts, USA. They recorded a special post this week, titled 12 Days of Blogging. Check it out here and listen out for the mention we receive!


4KM and 4KJ wish all of our blogging buddies from across the world a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday break!

4KM and 4KJ return to school on Wednesday 30th January, 2013.

Please leave us a comment on our final post for 2012!

For our current students:

What was your favourite post on the 4KM and 4KJ blog this year?

What did you learn or enjoy in 2012?

For our new 2013 students:

What are you looking forward to in 4KM and 4KJ next year?

What is your favourite subject at school and why?

Interviews with Aussie Olympians

Olympic fever has hit in 4KM and 4KJ and we can’t wait for the Games to begin! 

This week we researched, scripted and filmed an interview with a famous Australian Olympian from history.

We were inspired by the biography interviews that Mr Avery’s class worked on last year.

The students had one hour to research their Olympian and 40 minutes to create a script and rehearse. The results in such a short amount of time were magnificent!

Check out the videos of our interviews with Olympians.

What did you think of the interviews?

Can you share any facts about an Australian Olympian?

Who is your favourite Olympian?