The Tale Trail: From Start to End

We recently worked on a collaborative story telling project with five of our blogging buddy classes overseas.

What was this project? This project was called The Tale Trail. Six classes from around the world collaborated to write a story. Each week a different class was responsible for writing the next installment of the story and publishing it on their class blog. Read more about the project here.

Who was involved? 4KM and 4KJ, Mr Avery’s sixth graders, Mr Salsich’s third graders, Mrs Yollis’ third graders, Mrs McKenzie’s grade two and three class and Mrs Watson’s grade two and three class.

Why did we participate in this project? Writing stories is a lot of fun, and the opportunity to write a story with students from different countries was an offer we couldn’t refuse! A big thank you to Mr Avery for coming up with this terrific idea and inviting us to join in.


4KM and 4KJ wrote the conclusion to the story a couple of weeks ago. Since then, all classes have made voice recordings of their part of the story. It has been put together using SlideRocket. Press the play button on the slideshow below, and use the arrows to view each slide. Tip: View the slideshow in full screen by pressing the icon on the bottom right hand corner.

We hope you enjoy listening to The Tale Trail!

We loved being part of this project with our blogging buddies. Hopefully we can collaborate in more fun ways in the future!

What did you think of the slideshow?

What interesting vocabulary did you learn from this story?


The Tale Trail – Part Six (Conclusion)

Three weeks ago we launched our latest global project.

The Tale Trail is a collaborative story telling project. We worked with five of our blogging buddy classes to compose a story.

We voted on the topic of the story and the winner was “An underground tunnel is found under the school. It takes you to…”

The story so far

Part one: Mr Salsich’s class blog (Connecticut, USA). Find it here.

Part two: Mrs Yollis’ class blog (Los Angeles, USA). Find it here.

Part three: Mrs McKenzie’s class blog (New Zealand). Find it here.

Part four: Mr Avery’s class blog (Massachusetts, USA). Find it here.

Part five: Mrs Watson class blog (Sointula, Canada). Find it here.

This week it is our turn to conclude the story. This was no small task. The students had so many different and wonderful ideas!

4KM and 4KJ’s conclusion to the story

From a distance, Tiffany watched in despair as the golden cage landed with a thud over her friend. The Two Headed Rattlesnake and the Jolly Giant laughed with glee, thinking they had another victory under their belt. To celebrate, the evil pair grabbed all the blue cotton candy and walked away, bragging about the success of their plan.

Tiffany stared in disbelief as their chance for freedom disappeared in front of her eyes. What would she do without that cotton candy?

With only the evil Benjamin Franklin for company, Tiffany did not know what to do. She needed help from something or someone. Tiffany could hear Max whimpering and knew it was up to her to find a solution.

Feeling helpless, Tiffany wandered away, hoping she would think of some way to rescue her friend and return to school. Her mum was cooking roast chicken for dinner and she did not want to miss out on her favourite meal!

Wanting to steer clear of the frightening Franklin, Tiffany dawdled over to a row of stalls that she hadn’t noticed before.
A sign saying “Sylvestor’s Secondhand Books” caught her eye. Tiffany had always loved reading and despite her current predicament, couldn’t resist exploring the stall.

Hidden amongst some old children’s books, Tiffany noticed a bulky hardback covered in cobwebs. She began to curiously turn the pages and was astounded to realise that the book was a biography about one … Benjamin Franklin.

Suddenly, Tiffany realised this was a sign. This was the key to freedom. She raced back out to the ferris wheel to confront her captor.

Overcome with a new found confidence, Tiffany shouted up to the cackling Franklin, “Listen to me, Benjamin, you need to know what you’re really like. Evil does not suit you!”

Benjamin paused mid-cackle and listened intently to the brave Tiffany. She read out page after page of all Benjamin’s achievements centuries ago from his biography. There were many references to his kindness, such as how he gave his inventions away to help mankind. Benjamin Franklin was a man with many strong virtues.

Shock washed over Benjamin’s face and something changed in his heart. He wanted to assist this girl and her poor friend. Benjamin realised that helping other people is a gift and he felt totally ashamed of his recent behaviour.

“I’m coming for you, Max,” Benjamin announced as he leapt from the ferris wheel.

“Finally, I’m free!” Max exclaimed when Benjamin opened the cage with the key he wore around his neck.

Max and Tiffany hugged with relief. It was finally time to go home.

“Hurry along, we’ve got to get you back to class,” exclaimed Benjamin, “I know the way.”

Making their way back through the tunnel, Tiffany and Max could not stop talking about their adventure. Benjamin Franklin was so happy that these young children had helped him to rediscover his true self. Dr Drakken’s unfortunate mishap with the time machine was reversed. Benjamin looked forward to finding Dr Drakken and making amends after he returned his new friends to class.

“Our teacher is never going to believe where we’ve been,” announced Tiffany. “We’re going to get an A on our next history project,” added Max as he stared in disbelief at the iconic figure from another time. This was a school day like no other.

Thank you to our illustrators Adam, Bronte, Emily and Max.

What did you think of our ending?

How would have you ended the story?

What did you think of The Tale Trail? What was your favourite part?