The Tale Trail: From Start to End

We recently worked on a collaborative story telling project with five of our blogging buddy classes overseas.

What was this project? This project was called The Tale Trail. Six classes from around the world collaborated to write a story. Each week a different class was responsible for writing the next installment of the story and publishing it on their class blog. Read more about the project here.

Who was involved? 4KM and 4KJ, Mr Avery’s sixth graders, Mr Salsich’s third graders, Mrs Yollis’ third graders, Mrs McKenzie’s grade two and three class and Mrs Watson’s grade two and three class.

Why did we participate in this project? Writing stories is a lot of fun, and the opportunity to write a story with students from different countries was an offer we couldn’t refuse! A big thank you to Mr Avery for coming up with this terrific idea and inviting us to join in.


4KM and 4KJ wrote the conclusion to the story a couple of weeks ago. Since then, all classes have made voice recordings of their part of the story. It has been put together using SlideRocket. Press the play button on the slideshow below, and use the arrows to view each slide. Tip: View the slideshow in full screen by pressing the icon on the bottom right hand corner.

We hope you enjoy listening to The Tale Trail!

We loved being part of this project with our blogging buddies. Hopefully we can collaborate in more fun ways in the future!

What did you think of the slideshow?

What interesting vocabulary did you learn from this story?