New Inquiry Topic: Smooth Moves

This week, our student teachers, Miss Smith and Miss Mckeegan, launched our new inquiry topic. It is called Smooth Moves.

Smooth Moves is focussed on science, and it is about how forces and motion affect movement. It fits in very well with Bike Ed, which we will be doing later this term.

Miss Smith and Miss Mckeegan organised some fun learning tasks to help the students explore force and motion. We are also increasing our vocabulary by learning lots of new words about motion and forces.

Here is a short clip we watched about gravity and force.


The slideshow below shows the students learning in action!

Can you describe how the activities in the slideshow involved force and motion?

Can you explain what some of the words below mean?

motion, force, friction, push, pull, gravity, momentum

What have you learnt so far in our Smooth Moves topic?