Bike Education and Road Safety

This week we started our new topic, “Bike Education and Road Safety”.

Next week we begin our Bike Education program, and we’re all looking forward to learning more riding skills. We will bring our bikes every Friday and spend two hours completing riding tasks. Last week all Grade Four students brought their bikes to school for an official bike check. All of our bikes are now ready and safe to ride!

An important part of riding safely is understanding the road rules. We will complete classroom activities to become familiar with the rules to become safe road users.

To launch our road safety program, yesterday we had a visit from the RACV Street Scene. We discussed a lot of road rules. Five of the rules we learnt were:

* You can ride on the footpath until you are 12 years old.

* Ring your bike bell when approaching other riders or walkers.

* Always ride on the left hand side of the road.

* Wear bright coloured clothing when riding.

* Wear a well-fitting helmet.

What is a road rule that you know?

Why are you looking forward to Bike Ed?