Phone Call from the Atlantic Ocean!

Last year a UK adventurer contacted Mrs Morris to tell her about his rowing trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

Alastair Humphreys was joining three other men to row 3000 miles (about 5000 kilometres) from the Canary Islands (Spain) to Barbados (Caribbean). He offered to ring 4KM and 4KJ during his journey which began on 12th January.

Since starting back at school, 4KM and 4KJ have been keenly following Al’s blog and were curious about many things.

Al rang us at 12pm on Friday 10th February. It was 1am where he was and Al had just finished rowing for two hours through a storm.

For the whole 60 day trip, the men row for two hours and then sleep/rest/eat for two hours. The sleep deprivation is terrible for the adventurers!

When Al rang us, he was currently 57% of the way across the Atlantic. This map shows you where the boat currently is (you can click on it to see the updated location).

Eight students asked Al questions:

Clancy started by asking if they can eat and drink while rowing. Al said they normally eat and drink when they’re not rowing but during the day they need to drink while rowing as it can get quite warm. As Al was talking to us he was eating chocolate in bed!

Libby asked what sort of sea animals they had seen. Al told us that they had seen flying fish, whales, dophins and jellyfish.

Hannah wanted to know what the scariest moment so far had been. Al explained that there hadn’t been very many scary moments except for at the start when the wind was very strong.

Georgia asked if water ever gets into the boat. Al explained that the waves hit the top of the boat and can get in but they have a part of the cabin with their beds and computers that they make sure never gets wet.

Kealee wanted to know what Al is going to do when he gets to Barbados. Al explained that the crew talk about this topic all day long! They can’t wait to eat a lot (pizza, salads and cold drinks), have a BIG sleep and have a nice warm shower.

Trent asked if Al had any other adventures planned. While Al explained that he is just dreaming of Barbados at the moment, he might be walking across the South Pole at the end of the year. He said he might be able to call us from the South Pole!

Lachlan wanted to know who Al’s role model is. Al told us about an English explorer called Captain Scott who he looked up to as a boy.

Finally, Loren asked how many more days they will be at sea. Al hopes that they will be in Barbados in about 20 days. They draw all over their maps to work it out.

We thanked Al for talking to us and he said he might be able to Skype us when he is on land! It would be great to talk to him some more.

Al and his crew are rowing across the Atlantic to raise money for charity. You can click here if you are interested in donating.

How would you feel about rowing across an ocean?

What would you like to ask Al?

Why is Al a role model for us?