We have been learning about perimeter in class this week.

Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape.

For example, here is how you might calculate the perimeter of our current class novel, The One and Only Ivan.

 19cm + 19cm + 12cm + 12cm = 62cm


(19cm + 12cm) x 2 = 62cm


We have been focussing on:

  • Understanding what perimeter is
  • Identifying when you might need to know the perimeter of something
  • Measuring accurately
  • Deciding the appropriate unit of measurement to use
  • Using efficient addition skills to calculate the perimeter.


Yesterday in class students worked in pairs to calculate the perimeter of some objects in the classroom. We then shared our work to compare our results.

Today we calculated the perimeter of some outdoor objects, including the basketball court, sandpit, rock climbing wall boundary and the new downball court.


What have you learnt about perimeter?

When might you need to know the perimeter of something?

Challenge: Measure and calculate the perimeter of something and leave your answer in your comment. Don’t forget to include your working out!