We are currently learning about addition in maths.

We use addition in every day life all the time, so it is important to improve our skills in this area of maths. In class we have been focussing on:

– Automatic recall of the addition tens and twenties facts

Doubles and near doubles addition facts

Double doubles (for example, 8+8=16 and 16+16=32)

100 facts (addition equations that equal 100)

Adding to the nearest 10 when solving two digit addition problems

Adding ones, tens and hundreds when solving three digit problems

– Using vertical addition when solving larger equations

– Using a range of efficient addition strategies during problem solving tasks.

We like to use engaging websites to help us develop our mathematical skills. We usually use maths websites on the interactive whiteboard, and sometimes on our netbooks too.


Here are some addition websites for you to try!

 Number Bonds Machine

Hit the Button

Snappy Maths

Speed Grid Addition


Do you have a favourite addition website?

What addition strategies do you enjoy using?

When do you use addition in everyday life?

Multiplication and Division Fact Families

At the end of last term, the students in 4KM and 4KJ were learning about multiplication and practising their times tables.

We have started this term by exploring the relationship between multiplication and division. These are called inverse operations – that means they undo each other.

We have been making fact families with multiplication and division.

Click on the link below to watch this video to learn about fact families. Tip: right click and chose “open in new tab” so you can come back to the blog when you’ve finished watching.

Today all the students made a poster of a fact family to demonstrate their learning.

What do you think of our posters?

Why are fact families useful to know about?

Can you make up a fact family or ask us a multiplication or division problem?

We Love Maths!

We love our maths sessions in 4KM and 4KJ.

Another word for maths is numeracy. This year at Leopold Primary School every class has to have a numeracy wall to display all of the great work we do in maths.

This week we extended our place value knowledge and made posters using four, five, six or seven digit numbers. You can see the posters on display on our numeracy wall (you might notice we have numeracy windows instead!)

We also have colourful posters and displays to help us remember different maths concepts and strategies.

On our Sites For Kids page, we have linked lots of fun maths websites. The students in 4KM and 4KJ enjoy playing them and we’d love other students to try them out too!

Mathletics is a popular website for students at our school. It is a great way to improve your skills. You can earn bronze, silver and gold certificates if you work hard enough!

What is your favourite topic in maths?

What maths games or websites do you enjoy?

Do you have a numeracy wall in your classroom?