The Grade Four Netbook Program Has Launched!

It has been an exciting week at Leopold Primary School, because we launched the Grade Four Netbook Program!

The students in 4KM and 4KJ were thrilled to receive their very own netbooks on Wednesday. Netbooks are small laptops, and for our netbook program we are using the TravelMate Acer B113.

We will be using the netbooks to improve our learning in the classroom and beyond. The students will soon have the opportunity to take their netbooks home each night.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are really looking forward to seeing how using the netbooks will help the students develop their knowledge across the curriculum.

4KM and 4KJ enjoyed exploring their netbooks this week. Here are some students using their netbooks for the very first time!

We have already learnt some important skills, including how to look after our netbooks, how to be safe online, using the school network, using the EduSTAR programs and emailing. We’ve also enjoyed doing some quality blog commenting. We will learn lots more in the coming months!

Here are some thoughts from a few of our excited students…

Riley: I am looking forward to doing homework on my netbook.

Olivia: I can’t wait to do more blogging.

Yunus: I think it will be really fun to do maths on my netbook.

Ebony: I am looking forward to researching information on my netbook.

Liam: I am looking forward to being a part of the netbook program.

Jordi: It will be really fun to learn new programs on my netbook.

Logan P: It is amazing to have my own netbook to use at school and at home.

Mia: It is exciting to learn more about technology.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have a lot of netbook activities planned for literacy, numeracy and our inquiry unit. We can’t wait to share all of our netbook learning adventures with our blog readers!


How do you think your learning can improve by using netbooks in class and at home?

What are you looking forward to doing with your netbook?

Have you got any ideas for activities we could do using the netbooks?