Congratulations, Mrs Morris!

After teaching at Leopold Primary School for nine and a half years, Mrs Morris began maternity leave a few weeks ago to prepare for the birth of her first child.

We had a farewell party for Mrs Morris at the end of last term. Since then, everyone in 4KJ and 4LB (formerly 4KM) has been waiting eagerly for the baby news.

Mrs Morris and Nate’s baby girl finally arrived during the week! On Wednesday 7th August at 2.10pm they welcomed little


into the world!

Her full name is Novalie Alexandra Morris. When she was born she weighed 4130 grams (9lb 2) and was 53cm long.

Mrs Morris and Nate are delighted with their precious daughter and they are enjoying getting to know their little girl.

Miss Jordan visited Mrs Morris in hospital and loved meeting Novalie for the first time. She is a beautiful baby!