Skyping with Mrs Yollis and her Class!

We had a lot of fun in 4KM and 4KJ yesterday morning, because we skyped our blogging buddy, Mrs Yollis, and her fabulous 2/3 class!

Mrs Yollis lives in California, USA. There is a big time difference between California and Victoria. You can read about time zones here. When we started the call it was…

9.00am Wednesday in Leopold, Victoria

2.00pm Tuesday in Los Angeles, USA

Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan and their students have been connecting with Mrs Yollis and her classes since 2009. Last year Mrs Morris even visited the USA and got to meet Mrs Yollis in person!

The format of today’s Skype call was called “One Minute Hot Seat”. Five 4KM/4KJ students and five students from Mrs Yollis’ class prepared questions to interview a student from the other side of the world. The stopwatch was ticking as each pair had one minute to chat.


Here are some of the questions and answers from our Skype call.

Check out some photos of the Skype call.

Did you learn anything new during this Skype chat?

Who do you like to skype?

If you were preparing interview questions for the Skype call, what would those questions be?

2012 Edublog Award Nominations

It is time for the annual Edublog Awards!

The Edublog Awards have been running since 2004 and showcase some of the most popular blogs in education.

The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational values of blogging. This is something we really believe in.

It was very hard for us to narrow down our choices for nominations as we have blogging friends in all corners of the globe.

Here are our nominations

Best Class Blog

Mrs Yollis’ Classroom Blog

We have many blogging friends but Mrs Yollis’ class is the first class that Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan’s class connected with nearly four years ago. We have developed a very strong friendship and Mrs Yollis’ class are always teaching us something new. Mrs Morris even had the chance to visit Mrs Yollis and some of her students and parents earlier this year. 

Most Influential Blog Post

Family Blogging Month by Mrs Yollis’ Class

Mrs Yollis came up with the idea of Family Blogging Month a number of years ago. She runs it twice a year as a way for families to become more involved in their child’s education. Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have borrowed her idea many times. We would like to nominate Mrs Yollis’ class for most influential blog post because there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of class blogs around the world implementing their idea of Family Blogging Month.

Best Individual Tweeter

Ross Mannell

Mr Mannell comments on so many of our posts and student blogs. He asks us questions and gets us thinking. Mr Mannell also writes us extended comments on his own blog. Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan met Mr Mannell on Twitter. He is a retired primary school teacher who loves to use Twitter to find and support students and classes around the world.

Best Use of Audio/Video/Visual/Podcast

Mr Avery’s Classroom Blog

Our friend Mr Avery is amazing at making videos with his students. He uses green screen technology and other cool features to demonstrate learning. Mr Avery’s class is especially talented at making maths videos. What an fantastic way to learn!

Best Library Blog

The Bulldog Readers

Mrs Hembree and her students in Seattle create this fabulous blog that links kids to books and web 2.0 tools. Mrs Hembree shares our love of reading and we enjoy seeing what is happening on her blog. Mrs Hembree also comments on the 4KM and 4KJ blog and is always there to give us a reading recommendation.

Lifetime Achievement

Sue Waters

Sue Waters works for Edublogs (which is the blogging platform we use). She goes beyond her job description by helping people with blogging at all hours of the day and night. When Mrs Morris or Miss Jordan have a blogging question, Sue is always there to give them advice and suggestions. She is a real blogging guru who has a passion for helping others. 

Best New Blog

Grade 3/4 Learning Legends at Lonnie

Mrs Murphy and her grade 3/4 students at Pt Lonsdale have just started their blog this year. They are from a school in our area and they like making posts on a variety of topics using a range of web 2.0 tools. They feature a lot of student work/posts and have also been involved in some exciting global projects. 

Now it’s your turn

If you have a blog or website and you want to submit your nominations, just visit to find out how. You have until November 26th to nominate. Voting will be begin soon and then there will be an awards ceremony in December.

What do you think of our nominations?

Who would you nominate?

Mrs Morris in the USA

Hi everyone!

I am having a fantastic time in the USA with my husband, Nate! I am staying with my blogging buddy, Mrs Yollis, and her husband, Mr Yollis.

2012 is the fourth year that my class and Mrs Yollis’ classes have been blogging together. We have worked on many projects and become friends over the internet but have never met face to face before last week!

It was truly amazing for me to meet Mrs Yollis. We laugh a lot and get along like old friends. I will miss her when I head to New York City tomorrow.

Last week, I attended a big teacher’s conference in San Diego with Nate and Mrs Yollis. We learnt so much about using technology in the classroom. Mrs Yollis and I also presented about blogging and global collaboration. The teachers really enjoyed it and we hope we have encouraged a lot more teachers to start blogging with their classes.

Here are some highlights from my trip so far:

  • Meeting lots of other blogging buddies at the teachers’ conference. They were all so nice!
  • Visiting Mrs Yollis’ classroom and meeting Beverly and Panda. We even played Bamboo in the playground!
  • Having lunch at Royce’s house and meeting a group of Mrs Yollis’ students.
  • Skyping with 4KM and 4KJ twice.
  • Being in the audience for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
  • Visiting Universal Studios.
  • Seeing the sites of Los Angeles – Mr and Mrs Yollis are great tour guides.
  • Meeting Mrs Yollis’ pets – Buck the cheeky labrador and Harvey the talking African grey parrot.
Here is a video of me and Mrs Yollis in her classroom!

Here are some (a lot) of pictures of my trip so far.

Thank you to Mr Miller (teacher at the conference) and Mr Yollis for some of these fantastic photos!

Read part two of Mrs Morris’s USA trip here.

What do you think of my trip?

Would you like to visit the USA? What would you do there?

Guest Post: Skyping With Mrs. Yollis’ Class

Today we skyped with Mrs Yollis and her class. Here is a…

by Millie and Kealee.

Today at 9:00am (in Leopold) we started skyping Mrs Yollis and her class (it was 2pm for them).

We interviewed some of Mrs Yollis’ students and then they interviewed some of us.

We asked Mrs Yollis’ students some interesting questions. Some of the questions and answers were:

Question: What do you do on the weekends? Answer: Play soccer and baseball.

Question: What is your favourite subject at school? Answer: Art.

Question: What sports do you like to play? Answer: Gymnastics, soccer and blogging.

Question: What is your favourite food? Answer: Pizza and Pasta.

Question: What are your hobbies? Answer: Gymnastics, instruments and sports.

Here is a PhotoPeach we made with the photos taken by Olivia S and Trent:

 Have you ever skyped someone before?

If you haven’t, do you think it’s looks like fun?

What question would you like to ask Mrs Yollis and her students?

If you had to do write a guest blog post, what would you post about?