Guest Post: Meet Our Student Teachers

This is a guest post by Georgia and Liv S about our student teachers.

For six weeks, we are having two wonderful student teachers, Miss Hannan and Miss Paul! They are from Deakin University.

We decided to interview them to find out more about them.

What is your favourite animal?

Miss Hannan: Dog

Miss Paul: Dog

What’s your favourite colour?

Miss Hannan: Blue

Miss Paul: Green

Is this the only time you have been a student teacher?

Miss Hannan: No, I’ve been to one other school

Miss Paul: No, I’ve also been to another school.

What’s your favourite CAFE strategy?

Miss Hannan: Fluency

Miss Paul: Comprehension

What do you like about teaching?

Miss Hannan: I like working with children and teaching them new things.

Miss Paul: I like learning about the different ways students learn and teaching them.

How many years have you been at Deakin University?

Miss Hannan: This is my fourth year. I did three years of Commerce, and one year of teaching.

Miss Paul: This is also my fourth year. I did three years of Arts learning about History and Literature and one year of teaching.

What grade do you want to teach and what would the name be?

Miss Hannan: I would like to teach grade four, 4LH

Miss Paul: I would like to teach grade four as well, 4JP

What are your hobbies?

Miss Hannan: Netball, surfing, photography and doing things with my friends.

Miss Paul: I love painting, running, walking my dogs and spending time with friends and family.

What is your favourite subject?

Miss Hannan: P.E, because I like being outside.

Miss Paul: Art, because I love painting and being creative

If you got to go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Miss Hannan: I would like to go to New York because I have never been there before.

Miss Paul: I would like to travel around Australia because I haven’t been to every state.

What do you like about our blog?

Miss Hannan: I like that you can communicate with other classes around the world.

Miss Paul: I like the fact that all the students are so involved.

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