Melbourne Storm Rugby League Clinics

For the last few weeks, the Grade Four students have enjoyed being involved in three Melbourne Storm rugby league clinics.

Rugby league is a football code that is popular in Australia, particularly in Queensland and New South Wales. Here are some facts about rugby league:

  • It is a full contact sport (but we didn’t play the contact version)
  • It is usually played by two teams of thirteen on a rectangular field
  • You can only throw the ball backwards
  • Rugby originated in 1895 in England
  • Rugby is played internationally and it is very popular in England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Tonga and Papua New Guinea
  • The main method of scoring is called a try
  • The Australian rugby league competition is called the National Rugby Leage and it consists of 16 teams
  • Melbourne Storm is Victoria’s only team and they joined the NRL in 1998
  • Rugby league is known as one of the toughest, most physically challening team sports.

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During the previous sessions, the students learnt all of the important skills and rules needed to play rugby league. Today, all of the Grade Four students assembled on the oval to participate in several matches of rugby league. It was wonderful to see the students putting their skills to the test as they competed to score tries for their teams.

Here are some photos of the 4KM and 4KJ rugby league stars in action!

Thank you to our instructor, Ben, from Melbourne Storm for teaching us so many wonderful rugby league skills. All of the students loved the experience of learning a new sport!

What did you learn about playing rugby league?

Do you know any other rugby league facts?

How did you go in the rugby games?

What sport do you enjoy playing?

Guest Post: Rugby Clinic

This is a guest post by Clancy and Maha.

On Tuesday 17th April we had a visit from the Melbourne Storm. If you are wondering what they are they’re a team of Rugby League (NRL).

They came to our school (Leopold Primary) and did a clinic for the grade threes and fours.

They will visit our school for three weeks and each week we do a different activity and also learn something new!

This week we learned how to score a try also to pass, dodge and play the ball. To pass you must throw backwards. To score you have to hold the ball with two hands and touch the ball on the ground.

To “play the ball” you have to put the ball on the ground and push it with your toes.

Next week in rugby we are playing tag rugby. Tag rugby is a game which you wear velcro straps and you wear tags on the velcro.

The name of the man who works for Melbourne Storm is Luke.

Thank you to Lilli from 4KM who took some great photos of the clinic.

What did you think about the rugby clinic?

Have you ever seen a game of rugby?

What is your favourite sport?