Maths in 4KM and 4KJ

We do Maths for one hour every day in 4KM and 4KJ.

The structure of our maths lessons is:

1. A warm up activity – A short, fun game to get our minds ready for Maths.

2. Tuning in – Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris explain the concept we are learning about. Sometimes we link the topic to something else we know about Maths. We often discuss maths vocabulary and list words on the board. We play a game on the interactive whiteboard linked to the maths topic we are currently learning about.

3. Main activity – Students practise the maths skill by playing a game with a partner, using hands-on resources to work on different strategies or completing an open-ended problem solving task.

4. Share time – Students share the strategies they used to complete the main activity. We often discuss how this maths concept can apply to real life and why it is important.

Everyone enjoyed this fun vertical addition bingo game!

We are currently learning about addition. We all use addition in real life every day and it is important to know a range of different strategies.

Here are some addition games we enjoy playing on the interactive whiteboard. You should give them a try!

Ann and Addem’s Dartboard Game

Fruit Shoot Addition

Add Like Mad

What is your favourite addition game to play?

Are your maths lessons structured like ours?

When do you use addition in real life?