Question for Parents – Healthy Choices

The students in 4KM and 4KJ are enjoying learning about how healthy choices affect the way we all live.

Here are some 4KM and 4KJ students with healthy lunch options

We would love parents and our other blog readers to share some of their healthy tips with us. Please leave us a comment and consider sharing with us:

  • Your favourite healthy meal or snack
  • A healthy recipe you and your family enjoy
  • Your favourite form of exercise
  • A tip for a healthy lifestyle

Feel free to ask us questions too. You can start a new comment or reply to another comment.

We look forward to hearing some healthy advice from parents and our other blog readers!

Natural Disaster Tagxedos

This term the Grade Four students are beginning to investigate natural disasters.

‘The Violent Volcano’

A natural disaster is generally caused by something happening in nature, such as the weather. Unfortunately, natural disasters can cause serious injuries and destroy many things.

It’s important to learn about natural disasters so you can find out what to do if they happen. This is information you can share with other people too. Being prepared for natural disasters can save lives. It’s also interesting to learn about why natural disasters happen and develop our understanding of science and geography.

We have been doing some reading this week to find out some background information about natural disasters. We look forward to working on some projects and activities throughout the next month to develop our understanding.

Today the 4KM students learnt how to use Tagxedo and created a word cloud demonstrating what they think of when they hear the term “natural disasters”.

Tip: click on the full screen button to make viewing easier.

What did you think of the Tagxedos?

What do you know about natural disasters?

What would you like to learn about natural disasters?

Learning About Our Country

This term we are learning all about our country, Australia.

Last week we watched an Australian tourism commerical which promotes our country to the world. The commerical features some of Australia’s famous landmarks, national icons, our nature, the landscape, our history and coastal regions. You can watch it below. Tip – view the commercial in full screen by pressing the little box in the bottom right hand corner.

Warning – the tune is very catchy and you might find yourself singing it all day!

We created posters to showcase some of Australia’s popular tourist attractions. Here is some of our work…


What do you love about Australia?

What attractions would you recommend to someone who was visiting our country?

What special icons or landmarks are famous in your country?