Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium Tour

On Thursday 15th November, 102 Grade Four students boarded two buses with excitement. They were going to Melbourne to ice skate and tour Etihad Stadium.

Our plan was to spend 30 minutes participating in an ice skating lesson, followed by one hour of skating time. Unfortunately there was an accident on the road to Melbourne and we were delayed by almost an hour. We still got to ice skate, just for a shorter amount of time.

The teachers and parents were proud of all the students as everyone had a go at ice skating. It is not as easy as it looks, however, some students were naturals!

Here is a short video demonstrating some of our ice skating skills.

After lunch we walked over to Etihad Stadium which is used for football, soccer, cricket, concerts and a range of other events.

We broke into our four classes and had a behind-the-scenes tour of lots of exciting places including the coaches boxes, media room, television studio, players locker rooms etc.

Here are some reflections 4KM and 4KJ students wrote about the excursion.

Here are some photos from the day (thanks to Janene for some of the photos).

Thank you to our helpers on the day – Mrs Mullen, Janene, Kerryn, Georgia, Jamie, Kerry, Sharon and Leshelle. 

What did you think of the excursion?

Have you ever tried ice skating?

Have you ever been to a large stadium?