Pen Licences

We do writing every day as part of our two hour literacy block.

Part of being a good writer is making sure that others can read our writing easily. Having neat handwriting is important and we are always working on our writing in class.

We use Victorian Modern Cursive joined writing. To improve our joined handwriting, we aim to do one formal handwriting lesson each week. We use this time to practise our joined handwriting, while Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan give us feedback. Joined handwriting is sometimes challenging, especially when you first learn, so it requires a lot of practise.

Click here to view the Victorian Modern Cursive joined writing that we learn.

Each week we do a variety of writing lessons with different learning focuses. We balance our handwriting lessons with writing activities on our netbooks. It is important to write well and type well.

In Grade Four, students are eligible to earn a pen licence. Once a student has their pen licence, they can do all of their writing with a pen. They receive a certificate and a licence card. To get their pen licence, students need to consistently demonstrate:

  • That they can form all letters of the alphabet correctly
  • Neat joined handwriting at all times
  • Good posture at their tables and a comfortable pencil grip
  • An excellent attitude towards writing.

There are eight students in 4KM and 4KJ who have already received a pen licence! Congratulations!

 Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are looking forward to handing out more pen licences throughout the year!

What writing activities do you enjoy?

What are you working on with your handwriting?

Do you have any advice for students who want to get their pen licence?