Geelong Cats Football Clinic

Yesterday, the Grade Four students at Leopold Primary School were treated to a visit from two Geelong Cats football players.

Geelong is a team in the Australian Football League (AFL) and they are very popular in our city. In Australia we use the word “barrack” to say who our favourite sporting teams are. About half of the students in 4KJ barrack for Geelong.


Two Geelong Cats players, Steve Johnson and Josh Walker, ran a footy clinic for all of the Grade Four students. The students enjoyed practising their skills in the following four rotations:

  • Kicking goals from different angles and distances
  • Kicking and marking with a partner
  • Taking dive marks
  • Tackling with a tackle bag

Check out the photos of the 4KJ footy stars!

Thank you to Steve and Josh for visiting us at school!


What skills did you enjoy practising at the footy clinic?

Who do you barrack for?

What sports do you play?

Describing Geelong

Our focus in writing is descriptive writing.

To make our writing interesting to read, we are including lots of adjectives in our texts. Adjectives are describing words, and they help you to make a picture in your mind while you are reading.

Last week we wrote descriptive texts about places in our city, Geelong. Our town, Leopold, is a suburb of Geelong. Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria and there are lots of attractions for families to visit in the area.

We hope you enjoy reading our descriptions.

Tip: click on the arrows icon in the bottom right hand corner to view in full screen.

To learn more about Geelong, why not check out the official Geelong and the Bellarine visitor information website.

Did you enjoy our descriptive writing?

Where would you like to visit in Geelong?

Can you describe a place in your town or city?