A Post For Parents, Families And Friends: What Was Your Favourite Subject At School?

We are all enjoying August is Family Blogging Month and it has been great to see lots of parents, family members and family friends get involved!

This special post was written for the 4KJ parents, families and family friends…and anyone else who would like to comment! There is still plenty of time left in our blogging challenge, and we would love to see as many people comment as possible!


In 4KJ we enjoy doing lots of different subjects. Some of the subjects we do in our classroom are…

A two hour Literacy Block


Technology is integrated into many classroom activities


We also have three specialist subjects each week. Over the year we do Physical Education, Art, Indonesian and Environmental Studies.

This got us thinking…what did the 4KJ parents and family members enjoy when they were at school?

We’d love to hear from parents, family members and our other global visitors, so please leave us a comment!


What was your favourite subject at primary school and why?