Our Last Day Of 2012

Today is our final school day for 2012. 4KM and 4KJ have had a fantastic year together, and Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are so proud of the students’ efforts and achievements.

The 4KM and 4KJ blog has been a big part of our class this year. Since we started this blog at the beginning of the year…

  • We have published 99 posts.
  • We received over 4,000 comments.
  • We have had more than 32,000 visitors.

There have been so many highlights in 4KM and 4KJ this year. The students have learnt so much and improved their skills in all areas. We would love our students to complete this poll to tell us which special event they enjoyed the most about the school year!

Here is a special message from Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are looking forward to teaching Grade Four again in 2013 with 54 different students! There will be some familiar faces from our Grade Two year in 2011 and some great new students too. We know we’ll have another fantastic year!


We have all enjoyed connecting and collaborating with our fabulous blogging buddies from around the world. One of our closest friends is Mr Avery and his sixth grade class in Massachusetts, USA. They recorded a special post this week, titled 12 Days of Blogging. Check it out here and listen out for the mention we receive!


4KM and 4KJ wish all of our blogging buddies from across the world a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday break!

4KM and 4KJ return to school on Wednesday 30th January, 2013.

Please leave us a comment on our final post for 2012!

For our current students:

What was your favourite post on the 4KM and 4KJ blog this year?

What did you learn or enjoy in 2012?

For our new 2013 students:

What are you looking forward to in 4KM and 4KJ next year?

What is your favourite subject at school and why?

End Of Year Excursion

The grade four students had a wonderful time on our end of year excursion yesterday!

Here is an outline of the day:

9.30am: We departed school on our bikes and rode to a swimming pool.

10.15am: We had a snack and changed into our swimming gear.

10.30am: We swam in the Splashdown pool and enjoyed the waterslides.

12.15pm: We hopped out of the pool, changed and assembled outside.

12.30pm: Pizzas were delivered for a delicious lunch.

1.30pm: We rode back to school.

2.30pm: Once back at school, everyone enjoyed ice creams and a rest.


The Splashdown complex is about 7.4km from Leopold Primary School. We rode most of the way along the Bellarine Rail Trail. It was great to see all students using the riding skills they deveoped during our Bike Ed program.

Here are some photos of our day

Tip: click the button in the bottom right hand corner to view in full screen.

We would like to thank our excellent helpers for the day – Nate, Julie, Melissa, Paul, Kylie, Brett, Justin, Sharon, Scott, Fiona, Kyle and Kaye.

What did you enjoy most about our excursion?

How have your riding skills improved this year?

What has been your favourite excursion?