Happy Holidays, USA Friends!

We love collaborating with our blogging buddies overseas and there are special some classes who we have long running friendships with.

Mrs Morris’ class first connected with Mrs Yollis’ class and Mr Salsich’s class in early 2009. This is our fourth year of collaboration!

Mr Avery’s class became our blogging buddies in late 2010. This is the third year that Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan’s students have connected with his class.

As our friends in North America live in the Northern Hemisphere, their summer is approaching while we are experiencing winter. 

Summertime means the end of the school year and holidays!

This week Mrs Yollis’ third grade class, Mr Salsich’s third grade class and Mr Avery’s sixth grade class are all finishing up their school year.

Check out Mrs Yollis’ final post for the summer as well as Mr Salsich’s last update for the school year.

We’d like to wish all our American blogging buddies a very safe and happy holiday. We hope you will keep visiting our blog over your break.

We look forward to connecting with a new group of students in August/September.

What do you enjoy about collaborating with our blogging buddies?

Do you have any plans for your winter/summer?

How are the school years in the USA and Australia the same and different?