New Inquiry Topic – First Contacts

Our inquiry topic for Term Four is called First Contacts.

In this history based unit, students will explore:

  • Indigenous history of the eighteenth century
  • The lives of the aborginal people at this time
  • Those who travelled to Australia on the First Fleet

First Contacts Australian History Series Book

Some of our focus questions this term will be:

  • Why did the great journeys of exploration occur?
  • What was life like for Aboriginal people before the arrival of the Europeans?
  • Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
  • What were the early interactions like between the Aboriginal people and the European settlers?

The students have enjoyed the introductory lessons in this unit of work. We are all looking forward to learning more about Australia’s history.

What have you already learnt in our First Contacts unit of work?

What do you hope to learn this term?

Can you describe what life was like for the first australians?

Dynamic Assessment Task

Last week 4KM and 4KJ students worked hard on their Dynamic Assessment Task (DAT).

At the end of each major topic, students at Leopold Primary School complete a DAT, which is a special project. The DAT demonstrates the students’ knowledge and celebrates what they have learnt.

Our first topic for the year was Australian Symbols and Icons. Throughout the term, we learnt about Australian states and territories, our state flags and floral emblems, the national Coat of Arms, popular landmarks, typical Australian food and slang, and famous Australian people throughout history. You can read about our topic here and here.

To successfully complete the DAT, students had to:

1. Pair up with someone in the class and decide what to research. They could choose an Australian state, landmark, place, animal or person to study.

2. Complete research at home prior to the task.

3. Write the research in their own words.

4. Create a PowerPoint presentation to share their information, using headings, images, borders and backgrounds.

5. Present the PowerPoint to the class.

6. Complete peer assessments on each of the presentations.

Everyone did a terrific job with the DAT and Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris were impressed with the final results! Here are four of the PowerPoint presentations for you to read and enjoy.


What did you think of the presentations?

What is your favourite Australian icon or emblem?

What would you choose to research if you had to complete this task?

Learning About Our Country

This term we are learning all about our country, Australia.

Last week we watched an Australian tourism commerical which promotes our country to the world. The commerical features some of Australia’s famous landmarks, national icons, our nature, the landscape, our history and coastal regions. You can watch it below. Tip – view the commercial in full screen by pressing the little box in the bottom right hand corner.

Warning – the tune is very catchy and you might find yourself singing it all day!

We created posters to showcase some of Australia’s popular tourist attractions. Here is some of our work…


What do you love about Australia?

What attractions would you recommend to someone who was visiting our country?

What special icons or landmarks are famous in your country?


The Monster Who Ate Australia

Today we read the book The Monster Who Ate Australia by Australian author, Michael Salmon.

The story is about a monster named Burra, who travels around to the capital cities of Australia. He sees the sights, eats some strange things and gets into some mischief along the way!

After reading the book, students completed a story map to show Burra’s Australian adventure.

On Michael Salmon’s website, you can read the story yourself. Click the image below which takes you to Michael’s website, and click on The Monster Who Ate Australia story in the main screen. Happy reading!

You can find a list of Michael Salmon’s other terrific books here.

click to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own text

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What did you think of The Monster Who Ate Australia?

What was your favourite part of the story?

If you could travel anywhere in Australia, where would you go?

Our Country, Australia

This term, the Grade Four integrated studies topic is “Our country, Australia”. We will be focussing on Australian icons and symbols and everyone is looking forward to increasing their knowledge about our wonderful country.

To begin the topic, students had to draw Australia and label as many states, capital cities and towns as they could. They couldn’t look at any maps or displays, it was all done from memory. It was interesting to see what different students know about Australia.

Olivia’s map

 Maddy’s map

Australia is in the southern hemisphere and it has a population of approximately 22,830,00. There are six states and two territories in Australia and the country is surrounded by ocean.

What facts do you know about Australia?

Can you research a fact about Australia and write it in your comment? Remember not to copy and paste straight from websites. Write your fact in your own words.