Welcome To A New School Year!

Today is the first day of the 2012 school year at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

After five weeks of summer holidays, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan were excited to greet the 52 students in 4KM and 4KJ this morning!

We had a very warm summer in Leopold and it was wonderful to hear what all of the students enjoyed over the holidays.

Mrs Morris and her husband, Nate, hosted Christmas lunch for their families. They also visited Nate’s family in Phillip Island. Mrs Morris and Nate enjoyed a road trip through Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Here is Mrs Morris enjoying seeing the sights on their holiday.

Miss Jordan travelled back to her family’s home in Pomonal (near Halls Gap) for her Christmas celebrations. In January she painted her house and she also enjoyed seeing friends, going shopping, cooking and reading over the holidays.


What did you enjoy most about your holidays?

What are you looking forward to in 2012?

10 Things You Might Not Know About 4KM and 4KJ

Welcome to our new blog!

All the lucky 4KM and 4KJ students are going to have a wonderful year.  We will learn so much about the world, have Bike Ed and go on a camp to Maldon. Over the year, you will improve your reading, writing and maths skills.

The most exciting thing about being in 4KM and 4KJ is that we are part of a big global classroom and we will learn with students and teachers around the world.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan showed the students this PowerPoint presentation on the last day of the 2011 school year to talk about some of the things we’ll get up to in 2012.

What are you looking forward to in 2012?