Sqworl – maths revision 2nd November

Sqworl – halving and division activities

Woodlands Multiplication Games – lots of fun games to test out your times tables!

Mathletics – all students in 4KM and 4KJ have a password to learn about Maths in a really fun way!


Fun 4 the Brain – lots of games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, English and Science.

Fun for the brain

Cyberchase – Site for ages 8-11 about team of kids on daring missions in Cyberspace. To save the day, our heroes have to use MATHS and BRAIN POWER.


Crack the Code –  fun game where you need to solve the four digit code to open up the safe.

Sheppard Software – lots of maths games for all topics.

Learn Your Tables – activities to learn your times tables and test yourself.

Tutpup – fun games where you compete against kids from other countries on Maths or Spelling problems.


IXL Maths – lots of Maths practice questions for all grade levels and Maths topics. Choose “continue as guest” to play.

IXL maths

Four in a Line – Just like the Connect 4 board game! Try to get four of your coloured pieces in a row.

 Four in a line

Maths Games for Kids – Lots of fun maths games to practise addition and subtraction.

Maths games for kids

 Maths Magician Games – Practise your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills with the Math Magician.

Maths Magician Games

Fun Kids Online Maths Games – Choose which maths skills you want to practise on this fun website.

Fun Online Maths Games

Money Master – Improve your money skills with this website.

Money Master

Speed Grid Addition – Test your addition skills by racing against the clock to solve as many problems as you can!

Speed Grid Challenge

Sum Sense – Drag and drop the numbers into the correct sequence so that the sum makes sense.

Sum sense

Addition Machine – Choose your level and solve the addition problems.

Addition machine

Have fun!

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11 thoughts on “Maths

  1. Dear 4KJ and 4KM,
    Hi 4KJ and 4KM it Cam I rely like maths I like crack the cold and mathletics they are my favourite games.

    your new bloging baddy,

    • Dear James,
      I think that is great that you are good with maths.

      what do you love about maths?
      What games do you like on maths?
      What activitie do you like in maths?


  2. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    I was so sad because I will miss doing mathes.
    I now I am only going for tow weeks BUT I LOVE THIS GRADE.
    or yeah happy Easter evey one!:)

    p.s I love this grade

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