Why we Blog in 4KM and 4KJ

2012 is the fifth year Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris have had class blogs and they’ve seen so many benefits for their students.

Blogs are great because you can share work and achievements with a wide, authentic audience.

Instead of just the teacher seeing the students’ creations, all of the parents and students can view the work and leave comments. Having a blog helps to strengthen home-school partnerships and build a sense of classroom community.

In previous years, Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris have documented clear improvement with students’ skills in literacy, typing, ICT, social interactions, and geography through blogging.

Blogging provides the ideal opportunity for students to learn about appropriate online behaviours and get experience using 21st century technologies* Look at the page on the tab up the top called Blog Guidelines to see how we approach internet safety.

One of the most rewarding experiences from blogging is the global connections we make. We are able to communicate and even Skype with our blogging buddies from all over the world. Blogs flatten our classroom walls!


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4 thoughts on “Why we Blog in 4KM and 4KJ

  1. Hi ladies,

    I’m wondering if you have a copy of the Class Blog Information that you send to parents before they sign the permission slip for their children to be involved? We’re hoping to get our permission slips out asap, but want parents to have a bit of background on what blogging actually is first!


  2. Hi Kathleen and Kelly,
    I was at your “Technify Your Teaching” PD in the July school holidays. Kelly taught us some of the basics to create a class blog. Now I am running a PLT session on it.
    Would it be okay to use your class blog as an exemplar and put a link to your blog on our new blog? It’s still in private mode until we can get all our permissions sorted out, but hopefully we can go public really soon. (We also have to convince others in the school of the benefits of blogging and address their concerns about internet dangers.
    I see you have given permission to others to link, and wasn’t sure whether to ask you again (you’ve given permission to lots of people) or whether to just go ahead and link. So I’ve asked. I am not sure of the proper protocols when it comes to blogging. I understand that we should ask to use or share things that you have created and put on your blog (that’s your stuff that you created and it is right you should be asked, and receive acknowledgement), but do we have to ask each time we want to link to or point out something on other people’s blogs? Or wikis?

    I have really enjoyed exploring your blog. It’s wonderful. I have loved reading Tech Tools for Teachers since last year.

    Have a great week, I hope to hear from you soon.
    🙂 Julie Murnane

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your support!

      You’re welcome to put a link to our blog on your class blog. You can link to anyone’s blog without asking them. If you want to use other’s ideas or resources, it’s good etiquette to ask but you definitely don’t need to ask to put a simple link in. Same with wikis and other websites.

      Two years ago, I wrote a post on my own blog called “Why I think blogs should be open“. I hope this might give you a few ideas to persuade your school to let you open up your blog. It must be frustrating for you!

      Good luck,

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