Family Lunch and CSI Afternoon

Today Leopold Primary School held a special family lunch and Community School Investigation (CSI) afternoon.

This is how we spent our afternoon…

  • At 1.30pm, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other relatives arrived at school to join the students for a picnic lunch.
  • During lunch time, our special guests spent time with the students or enjoyed refreshments in the Melaluka Building.
  • At 2.30pm, students and family members gathered in the classrooms before heading outside for the CSI activity. Students and their special guests had to complete 30 questions about our school. To complete each task, they had to read the clues and travel to different areas of the school to hunt for the answers!
  • At 3.15pm, everyone came back to the classrooms to correct their answers.

Here is a scanned copy of the CSI questions our students answered this afternoon

Here are a few photos of some 4KM and 4KJ students enjoying their picnic lunch and CSI afternoon. Tip: click on the bottom right hand corner to view in full screen.


A big thank you to all of the family members and friends who joined us for this wonderful afternoon!

Well done to the Grade Six students and teachers involved in organising the terrific CSI activity, it was enjoyed by all!


What did you enjoy about our special afternoon?

What is your favourite kind of picnic lunch?

Have you ever completed a challenge like our CSI activity?

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Quality Commenting

Today, Thursday 24th January, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are teaching other teachers all about blogging!

We have organised a special day, along with Mr Limb and our friend, Mr Collier, called Technify Your Teaching. Teachers from around Victoria have come to Leopold Primary School to learn about using technology, such as blogging, in the classroom.

One of the most important aspects of blogging is quality commenting.

Leaving a comment is as simple as this…

1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on.

2. Scroll down until you can see the “Leave a Comment” section.

3. You will be asked for your name and email address/website (email and website is optional and will not be published).

4. You will also need to write the “spam word”.

5. Click “submit comment”.

Remember: Your comment WILL NOT appear straight away. It is emailed to Mrs Morris or Miss Jordan to check first. If your comment is okay it will soon appear on the blog!

We love to receive quality comments from students, parents, teachers, and anyone else, on our blog! There are several steps involved in writing a quality blog comment.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan created this poster to help their students remember the guidelines to successfully write good quality blog comments.

Here is an instructional video showing you how to leave a comment.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are looking forward to teaching our new students all about quality commenting next week when Term One begins!

Please leave us a quality blog comment!

What are you hoping to achieve with blogging in your class this year?

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End Of Year Excursion

The grade four students had a wonderful time on our end of year excursion yesterday!

Here is an outline of the day:

9.30am: We departed school on our bikes and rode to a swimming pool.

10.15am: We had a snack and changed into our swimming gear.

10.30am: We swam in the Splashdown pool and enjoyed the waterslides.

12.15pm: We hopped out of the pool, changed and assembled outside.

12.30pm: Pizzas were delivered for a delicious lunch.

1.30pm: We rode back to school.

2.30pm: Once back at school, everyone enjoyed ice creams and a rest.


The Splashdown complex is about 7.4km from Leopold Primary School. We rode most of the way along the Bellarine Rail Trail. It was great to see all students using the riding skills they deveoped during our Bike Ed program.

Here are some photos of our day

Tip: click the button in the bottom right hand corner to view in full screen.

We would like to thank our excellent helpers for the day – Nate, Julie, Melissa, Paul, Kylie, Brett, Justin, Sharon, Scott, Fiona, Kyle and Kaye.

What did you enjoy most about our excursion?

How have your riding skills improved this year?

What has been your favourite excursion?

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Edublog Award Excitement

Today was an exciting day for 4KM and 4KJ  as it was the Awards Ceremony for the worldwide Edublog Awards.

We were honoured to be shortlisted out of hundreds of nominations in many different categories.

Many students stayed in at recess and watched the ceremony on the interactive whiteboard at 11am. There were some fabulous results for 4KM, 4KJ and their friends. The top five in each category were recognised.

Best Class Blog

We came THIRD out of the shortlisted 34 blogs!  Mrs Yollis’ Classroom Blog came FIRST. Congratulations to our blogging buddies.

This is the second year we have placed in the top five. What an honour.

Best Teacher Blog

Mrs Morris was thrilled to come FOURTH in this competitive category. This is the first time her teacher blog has ranked in the top five.

Other Great Results

Many of our blogging buddies also experienced excellent results to recognise the fabulous work that they do with educational blogging.

Mrs Yollis and her class came SECOND in the Most Influential Blog Post category and her former student, Jaden, WON two categories.

Mr Avery and his class came THIRD in the Best Use of Media/Video category.

Mrs Hembree and her students came THIRD  in the Best Librarian/Library category.

Ross Mannell, one of our favourite commenters, came THIRD in the Best Individual Tweeter category.

See all the results here!

click to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own textclick to generate your own text


All of our blogging friends, teachers, students and classes are winners in our eyes.

This year, 4KM and 4KJ have discovered how blogging can help us improve and grow in so many ways. While awards are nice, we all know that personal improvement is what counts. This is something we have definitely won!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

What has been your blogging highlight this year?

Who did you vote for in the Edublog Awards?

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Edublog Awards – Vote for Us!

We are excited to announce that we have been shortlisted as finalists for a number of Edublog Awards.

You can see all the finalists on this Google Doc.

Voting is now open for the worldwide 2012 awards. Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan, 4KM and 4KJ need your support to help Leopold shine!

Voting closes on Monday 10th December at 4pm and the Awards Ceremony will be held online at 11am on Thursday 13th December (Victorian time).

Voting is now open for the worldwide 2011 Edublog Awards. Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan, 2KM and 2KJ need your support to help Leopold shine!
Voting closes on Wednesday 14th December and the Awards Ceremony will be held at 11am on Thursday 15th December.
To vote, go to and look for the drop down menu on the left hand side of the page

To vote, go to:

You will simply need to use the drop down menu to pick your category and your choice. Then press vote.

You have one week to vote. Please vote daily!

Important notes:

  • Only one vote per category per day will be counted per IP address/location.
  • If you want to vote more than once per day, you need to vote at different locations (eg. different people’s houses, different free public wi-fi, parent’s work, phone etc.)
  • The system will accept your vote more than once, but only one vote will be counted per day.
  • You can vote in as many categories as you want per day.
  • You can vote for yourself.

Who to vote for:

These are our suggestions to support our students and teachers. Many of our blogging buddies are also nominated so perhaps you could vote for them too!

Best individual blog

Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom – Kathleen Morris

Best class blog

4KM and 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School

Best ed tech blog

Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom – Kathleen Morris

Best teacher blog

Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom – Kathleen Morris


Want a flyer to email to friends or print off for your workplace?

Click on this link to download a PDF document

How to vote – 2012 Edublog Awards

Please email, text and phone your friends now and ask them to vote for us every day until next Monday!

Vote today and have your say!

Leave a comment and tell us who you voted for.

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2012 Edublog Award Nominations

It is time for the annual Edublog Awards!

The Edublog Awards have been running since 2004 and showcase some of the most popular blogs in education.

The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational values of blogging. This is something we really believe in.

It was very hard for us to narrow down our choices for nominations as we have blogging friends in all corners of the globe.

Here are our nominations

Best Class Blog

Mrs Yollis’ Classroom Blog

We have many blogging friends but Mrs Yollis’ class is the first class that Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan’s class connected with nearly four years ago. We have developed a very strong friendship and Mrs Yollis’ class are always teaching us something new. Mrs Morris even had the chance to visit Mrs Yollis and some of her students and parents earlier this year. 

Most Influential Blog Post

Family Blogging Month by Mrs Yollis’ Class

Mrs Yollis came up with the idea of Family Blogging Month a number of years ago. She runs it twice a year as a way for families to become more involved in their child’s education. Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have borrowed her idea many times. We would like to nominate Mrs Yollis’ class for most influential blog post because there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of class blogs around the world implementing their idea of Family Blogging Month.

Best Individual Tweeter

Ross Mannell

Mr Mannell comments on so many of our posts and student blogs. He asks us questions and gets us thinking. Mr Mannell also writes us extended comments on his own blog. Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan met Mr Mannell on Twitter. He is a retired primary school teacher who loves to use Twitter to find and support students and classes around the world.

Best Use of Audio/Video/Visual/Podcast

Mr Avery’s Classroom Blog

Our friend Mr Avery is amazing at making videos with his students. He uses green screen technology and other cool features to demonstrate learning. Mr Avery’s class is especially talented at making maths videos. What an fantastic way to learn!

Best Library Blog

The Bulldog Readers

Mrs Hembree and her students in Seattle create this fabulous blog that links kids to books and web 2.0 tools. Mrs Hembree shares our love of reading and we enjoy seeing what is happening on her blog. Mrs Hembree also comments on the 4KM and 4KJ blog and is always there to give us a reading recommendation.

Lifetime Achievement

Sue Waters

Sue Waters works for Edublogs (which is the blogging platform we use). She goes beyond her job description by helping people with blogging at all hours of the day and night. When Mrs Morris or Miss Jordan have a blogging question, Sue is always there to give them advice and suggestions. She is a real blogging guru who has a passion for helping others. 

Best New Blog

Grade 3/4 Learning Legends at Lonnie

Mrs Murphy and her grade 3/4 students at Pt Lonsdale have just started their blog this year. They are from a school in our area and they like making posts on a variety of topics using a range of web 2.0 tools. They feature a lot of student work/posts and have also been involved in some exciting global projects. 

Now it’s your turn

If you have a blog or website and you want to submit your nominations, just visit to find out how. You have until November 26th to nominate. Voting will be begin soon and then there will be an awards ceremony in December.

What do you think of our nominations?

Who would you nominate?

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Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium Tour

On Thursday 15th November, 102 Grade Four students boarded two buses with excitement. They were going to Melbourne to ice skate and tour Etihad Stadium.

Our plan was to spend 30 minutes participating in an ice skating lesson, followed by one hour of skating time. Unfortunately there was an accident on the road to Melbourne and we were delayed by almost an hour. We still got to ice skate, just for a shorter amount of time.

The teachers and parents were proud of all the students as everyone had a go at ice skating. It is not as easy as it looks, however, some students were naturals!

Here is a short video demonstrating some of our ice skating skills.

After lunch we walked over to Etihad Stadium which is used for football, soccer, cricket, concerts and a range of other events.

We broke into our four classes and had a behind-the-scenes tour of lots of exciting places including the coaches boxes, media room, television studio, players locker rooms etc.

Here are some reflections 4KM and 4KJ students wrote about the excursion.

Here are some photos from the day (thanks to Janene for some of the photos).

Thank you to our helpers on the day – Mrs Mullen, Janene, Kerryn, Georgia, Jamie, Kerry, Sharon and Leshelle. 

What did you think of the excursion?

Have you ever tried ice skating?

Have you ever been to a large stadium?

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Melbourne Cup Day

Today is Melbourne Cup Day!


It is called “the race that stops the nation”.

Here are some Melbourne Cup facts:

  • The race is 3200 metres long.
  • The race is for horses aged three and over.
  • It is held on the first Tuesday in November each year.
  • The first Melbourne Cup was held in 1861.
  • 2012 is the 152nd Melbourne Cup.
  • The race is held at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Australia.
  • It is run as a “weight-for-age handicap”. That means the weight of jockey and riding gear is adjusted to a certain amount depending on the horse’s age and how well it has gone in previous races. Some horses carry more weight. Some horses carry less weight.
  • Race day in Melbourne is a public holiday. That means no school or work for people in Melbourne.
  • Many people like to bet on the race or particpate in a “sweep”.
  • The famous horse “Phar Lap” won the race in 1930.
  • The present record holder is the 1990 winner “Kingston Rule” with a time of 3 min 16.3 sec.


We had a sweep in 4KM and 4KJ today. That means everyone pulled the name of a horse out of a hat.

It was a very exciting race and the results were:

First place with the horse Green Moon was Luka and Liv Y

Second place with the horse Fiorente was Joshua and Hannah

Third place with the horse Jakkalberry was Elijah and Shakira


What horse were you going for in the Melbourne Cup?

Do you do anything to celebrate the Melbourne Cup?

What other sporting events do you think “stop the nation”?

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Halloween Questions for Our Friends

We are currently working on a Halloween monster global project with our friends in Mr Avery’s class. Mr Avery’s class lives in Massachusetts and, like many people in the USA, they celebrate Halloween.
We were hoping to post the results of our monster global project for 31st October but Mr Avery’s school closed for Hurricane Sandy. Look out for the post in a few days!

Halloween celebrations are not too common in Australia, although over the last few years we have noticed more shops selling Halloween supplies and more people celebrating the day.

4KM and 4KJ have some questions for our friends overseas about Halloween. We would love you to answer one or more of the question below in a comment! Attribution: CC BY-SA 3.0

Do you celebrate Halloween where you live? Why?

What do you do for Halloween?

How does trick or treating work?

What do you wear for Halloween?

Do you decorate your house for Halloween?

Continue reading

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