Ocean Grove Nature Reserve Excursion

Today all of the grade four students visited the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve as part of our Plants in Action unit of work.

Ocean Grove is a ten minute bus ride from Leopold Primary School. When we arrived at the reserve we explored the information centre and the students enjoyed taking photos of the various displays and nature artefacts.

Below is some information and a map of the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve.

(Tip: view in full screen by clicking the button in the bottom right hand corner)


Our itinerary for the morning was:

9.20am – Ranger Stuart talked to the students about the flora and fauna that can be found in the reserve

9.50am – Tammy and Casey from the Wathaurong Corporation presented information about aboriginal plants

10.20am – Snack

10.40am – Discovery Trail walk in small groups

12.00pm – Depart the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve for school

The Discovery Trail is a 3km circuit and along the way you learn about the wildlife that lives in the reserve. There are many wallabies in the reserve (so be careful to shut the gate!), some koalas, a variety of birds, frogs, insects many different plants and much more. It was very interesting to learn about the reserve, which is one of the largest remaining patches of bushland on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Here are some photos of our visit to the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve


Despite the dreary weather we all enjoyed our time in Ocean Grove and had fun exploring the fascinating nature reserve. We are lucky to have such a beautiful parkland so close to us!

What did you learn at the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve?

What did you enjoy on the Discovery Trail?

Do you have a favourite bush walking track?

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Billy Carts Incursion

Our inquiry topic at the moment is called “Smooth Moves“. We’re exploring how forces and motion affect movement.

To learn more about this topic, we had a special incursion about billy carts yesterday. We had lots of fun learning with our instructor, Brent.

Students were involved in a rotation of activities providing them with the skills and knowledge to safely build and drive a billy cart.

The four rotations were:

  • Design: designing a billy cart. Creativity was encouraged!
  • Workshop: building an object out of different materials,
  • Construction: making a billy cart from start to finish, and
  • Racing: driving a billy cart safely.

During the incursion the students learnt about using tools, driving techniques, knot tying, force, motion and more.

After we finished the four rotations, Brent chose the best boy driver and the best girl driver to have a race. He selected Andrew and Jess for their precision and speed. Andrew chose Jake and Liam as his pushers. Rochelle and Paris were chosen by Jess as her pushers.

It was then time for the boys V girls final race. Watch the video to see who won!

Here are some photos from the incursion.

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Have you ever made a billy cart? Do you think you’ll make one in the future?

What did you learn from this incursion?

Explain how force and motion affects the way a billy cart moves.

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End Of Year Excursion

The grade four students had a wonderful time on our end of year excursion yesterday!

Here is an outline of the day:

9.30am: We departed school on our bikes and rode to a swimming pool.

10.15am: We had a snack and changed into our swimming gear.

10.30am: We swam in the Splashdown pool and enjoyed the waterslides.

12.15pm: We hopped out of the pool, changed and assembled outside.

12.30pm: Pizzas were delivered for a delicious lunch.

1.30pm: We rode back to school.

2.30pm: Once back at school, everyone enjoyed ice creams and a rest.


The Splashdown complex is about 7.4km from Leopold Primary School. We rode most of the way along the Bellarine Rail Trail. It was great to see all students using the riding skills they deveoped during our Bike Ed program.

Here are some photos of our day

Tip: click the button in the bottom right hand corner to view in full screen.

We would like to thank our excellent helpers for the day – Nate, Julie, Melissa, Paul, Kylie, Brett, Justin, Sharon, Scott, Fiona, Kyle and Kaye.

What did you enjoy most about our excursion?

How have your riding skills improved this year?

What has been your favourite excursion?

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Ice Skating and Etihad Stadium Tour

On Thursday 15th November, 102 Grade Four students boarded two buses with excitement. They were going to Melbourne to ice skate and tour Etihad Stadium.

Our plan was to spend 30 minutes participating in an ice skating lesson, followed by one hour of skating time. Unfortunately there was an accident on the road to Melbourne and we were delayed by almost an hour. We still got to ice skate, just for a shorter amount of time.

The teachers and parents were proud of all the students as everyone had a go at ice skating. It is not as easy as it looks, however, some students were naturals!

Here is a short video demonstrating some of our ice skating skills.

After lunch we walked over to Etihad Stadium which is used for football, soccer, cricket, concerts and a range of other events.

We broke into our four classes and had a behind-the-scenes tour of lots of exciting places including the coaches boxes, media room, television studio, players locker rooms etc.

Here are some reflections 4KM and 4KJ students wrote about the excursion.

Here are some photos from the day (thanks to Janene for some of the photos).

Thank you to our helpers on the day – Mrs Mullen, Janene, Kerryn, Georgia, Jamie, Kerry, Sharon and Leshelle. 

What did you think of the excursion?

Have you ever tried ice skating?

Have you ever been to a large stadium?

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