Our Maldon Camp

We have just had a fantastic three days at our

On Monday 29th July, 4KJ and 4PR boarded the bus, full of excitement about what was ahead. After three hours, we arrived at the Derby Hill Blue Light Youth Camp in Maldon, in central Victoria.

Maldon is a small country town, with a population of about 1500. It is approximately 175km from Leopold. Maldon is in the heart of the Victorian Goldfields and the town has preserved a lot of its authentic historical appearance.

Here is the route we took from Leopold to Maldon.

Everyone enjoyed staying in the camp units and meal times in the dining hall was lots of fun. There were many on-site activities at camp and we also ventured into and around town for some bike rides and exploring.

Police officer, Ric, took us on our bike rides and gave us lots of riding advice along the way. It was great to practise the skills we learnt in Bike Ed on our road rides in Maldon.

Here is an itinerary of our time in Maldon. (Tip – click on the full screen button at the bottom right hand corner).


Here is a selection of photos from our camp. Enjoy!


We had a wonderful time on camp and enjoyed all of the new experiences. We improved our bike riding skills, explored an interesting historical town and had lots of fun with each other!

A very BIG thank you to our terrific helpers, Sandi, Miss Smith, Sue and Brad for joining us on camp!

What did you enjoy most about our Maldon camp?

What bike riding advice would you give to students going to the Maldon camp?

Have you ever been on a school camp before?

If you could go on a school camp somewhere, where would you go?

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