About Our Teachers

2013 is the tenth year that Mrs Morris (right) and Miss Jordan (left) have been teaching at Leopold Primary School.

2013 is the fourth year that they have team taught. Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan LOVE blogging, skyping and collaborating with many classes around the world. The love to use technology in different ways to help students learn.

During 2012, the 4KM and 4KJ blog came third for Best Class Blog in the worldwide Edublog Awards.

Over the past three years, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have featured in the The Age newspaper, Runner’s World Magazine, the Herald Sun newspaper, The Financial Review newspaper, the Department of Education (DEECD) website and magazine and on BayFM radio station!

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have both presented at many conferences; telling teachers about all the ways they use technology in their classroom.



What grade levels have you taught before grade four? I have taught grades one, two and three.

What was your favourite subject when you were at school? I used to love Maths, Reading and Art.

What do you do in your free time? Apart from playing around with technology, I like bushwalking, travelling, cooking, reading, running and staying fit. I enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew, Trinny and Wyatt. I also liking writing. I write my own blog to help teachers use technology in their classrooms and I have many teacher friends all around the world!

What was your most memorable holiday? In June/July 2012, I travelled to the USA after winning the DEECD Outstanding Primary Teacher Award. I met Mrs Yollis and many other blogging buddies. Mrs Yollis and I presented at a big conference and I had a great time travelling around the USA.

What is your favourite colour? I like the colour red.

What are your favourite foods? I like chocolate, apples, ice cream, yoghurt, pizza, tomatoes, pasta, beetroot and lots more!



What grades levels have you taught before grade four? I have taught grades prep, one and two.

Where did you grow up? I was born in Melbourne and then my family moved to Pomonal, near Halls Gap, when I was eight years old. I moved to Geelong in 2000 to study teaching at Deakin University and have been here ever since!

What do you like doing in your free time? I have similar interests to Mrs Morris! I enjoy reading, seeing movies, spending time with friends, keeping fit, running and cooking. I also write a blog for teachers, called Teaching Literacy in the Early Years.

What is your favourite holiday destination? New York City!

Do you have any pets? I have a black and white cat named Bella. She is about five years old and she’s very cheeky!

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12 thoughts on “About Our Teachers

  1. Hello and thankyou for a very helpful blogging session.
    I still have a lot to learn but found it useful to navigate around the blogs by completing the family blogging afternoon quiz.
    Thomas and I weren’t quite sure where to leave this comment so hope it finds you.

  2. Hi Ladies
    We are moving towards team teaching/ cooperative teaching next semester and know that both of you have had some experience. Have you got any tips or know of some websites that would be helpful? I guess we are looking at what strategies and approaches that work best. We are very excited about this development and believe that will help us grow professionally, as well as supporting our kids better in their learning.
    Any advice would be great!
    Kate Todd and Veronica Shabaya

      • Hi Kathleen
        Thanks so much! We really appreciate it. I have a feeling it will be as we work together we will grow in what will work for us too. I guess we were just curious as to what will make it effective. Judging by what I have read it really comes down to the relationship that develops between the teachers working together. I’m really looking forward to it. Hope you are having a great time in the US too!
        Kind regards
        Kate Todd

  3. Hello,
    My children are in the first stages of developing a class blog, and we will be revisiting yours as a way to seek inspiration and ideas for how to succeed with such a venture.
    Bye for now.

  4. Dear Kathleen and Kelly,

    Your blog has been so useful for me to set up my own class blog.

    This is the second year that I have had the blog running, and the children are enjoying using it.

    I need to learn some new skills to fully utilise the features of the blog.

    Feel free to visit our blog and help make it better for us-




    • Hi Jason,

      We appreciate your kinds words, thank you.

      Glad to hear you and your students are enjoying your blogging journey! We’ll endeavour to check out your blog too. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment,

      Kelly and Kathleen

  5. Hi there. My name is mrs Layfield I work at school in Manchester England. I have just built a blog site for our year 4 children. It would be great if we could look at each others work and compare schools.
    My year 4 blog site is
    You can ask us questions on our chat page.
    Thank you
    I have sent two posts in case you didn’t get the first

    • Hi Mrs Layfeild,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment on our blog. It was so nice of you to leave it and I am so glad that you got the time to leave it for us.

      I am sure that the rest of 4KJ will enjoy looking at your blog and comment. I am just about to look at your blog after this comment.

      My name is Olivia (Liv) and I love to blog. I am always doing it. I am always leaving comments for the grade.

      Thanks again for your comment and I hope to see another one from you soon!

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

      • Hi. My name is Miss Amatt and I am a Year 4 teacher. Mrs Layfield has just taught me how to blog and I am really enjoying sharing work from my class. They would love to see some comments from 4KM and 4KJ and I will encourage them to visit your blog site too!

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