About Leopold

Leopold is in Australia …



In the state of Victoria …



Near the city of Geelong …

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About Leopold


Leopold is on the Bellarine Peninsula. It is 86km south west of Melbourne and is a suburb of Geelong.

Leopold  is ten minutes drive from many beaches.


Leopold Primary School is the only school in Leopold. There are two kindergartens.


There are nearly 10,000 people living in Leopold.

Around 15 percent of people living in Leopold were born outside Australia.

Around six percent of people living in Leopold speak a language other than English at home.


In summer (January), Leopold’s average minimum temperature is 14.7 degrees Celsius, and the average maximum is 22.5.

In winter (July) average temperatures range from a minimum of 6.7 Celsius to a maximum of 12.8.

The town’s average annual rainfall is 601.3mm.


Leopold has a small range of shops such as Coles supermarket, a post office, a newsagent, take away food, chemists and more.


Leopold has clubs for AFL football, tennis, cricket , netball and a range of other sports.

Gateway Sanctuary is a nice place to visit in Leopold with a lake, playground and lots of wildlife.

The Bellarine Rail Trail goes through Leopold and is a great place to walk, run or ride.



Some facts taken from this website.

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3 thoughts on “About Leopold

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love living in Leopold. It has lots of fun things to do such as: the Skate-Park,playgrounds,shopping for those of you who like it,fish and chips,picnic,sanctuary,tennis,football oval,cricket,netball and soon there will be Target,cinemas and Maccas.

    If I was forced to move to another state or Country it would be London because it’s basically a bigger city than Melbourne and I love Melbourne so London is my second favorite place. Leopold has lots of cool things for you to be entertained with. There’s also things at you have at home which is all your toys and stuff like that. So Leopold is a really awesome place to live in. And for all the people that might come and visit Leopold would really really like it just as much as me and many other people do.

    From Olivia. 🙂 😀

  2. I am a Library Media Specialist in Fairfield CT, USA. My 4th grade bookclub just finished reading The One and Only Ivan. We loved it. I enjoyed seeing your comments and video.

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