About Leo

Leo is the class mascot in 4KM and 4KJ.

He is a friendly (but sleepy) lion.

Leo on world

Leo was born on 7th April, 2003. He turned 8 in 2011 and had a party. Read about it here.

Leo’s favourite foods are choc mint ice cream, chocolate, fruit salad with yoghurt and honey on toast.

Leo loves learning about the world and getting to know his blogging buddies. Leo is good friends with other class mascots such as Panda in Mrs Yollis’ class and Juan Pablo and Perezoso in Mr Salsich’s class.

Leo helps all the students in 4KM and 4KJ learn about blogging, especially quality commenting and how to be safe online.

Leo also helps the students with reading, writing, maths and all their classroom activities.

Leo made this slideshow in 2011 with his friends in 2KM and 2KJ. Watch it to find out more about him.

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10 thoughts on “About Leo

  1. Dear Miss Jorden and Mrs Morris,

    Leo is so cute and it looks like he likes a lot of things.I also like mint choc ice cream.You know how leo has heaps of friends around the world does he know any more?In grade for I want to learn more about Leo.
    from Jess

  2. Dear Jess,

    Thanks for writing on the blog.

    Some of my favourite mascot friends are Panda, Juan Pablo and Quicksilver. I love blogging and I hope you do too!

    Your friend,

  3. Hi Leo,

    Wow you have alot of friends around the world.It’s good to have lots of friends.

    So do you any other things apart from the stuff on the video?

    Also do you have any other friends in Leopold?
    See you soon
    from Jess 😀

  4. Hi Leo,
    you are the cutest lion I have ever met.
    Here are some questions for you Leo:
    What’s your favourite flower?
    What’s your favourite fruit?
    Who’s your favourite friend?
    Who’s your role model?
    What’s your favourite vegetable?

    From your friend in 4KM,
    Libby 🙂

  5. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    I am new to the world of blogging, having only started my blog with my Grade Prep/1 class near the end of last year. I now have a Prep class and am hoping to make our blog an important part of our learning just like you do at your school!
    In our class, we also have a Leo. He looks very similar to yours! Maybe you could have a look at our blog sometime – we would love a comment 🙂
    from Cassandra and Prep B

  6. Dear 4KJ and 4KM,
    Leo sounds like a lot of fun I remeber when I was in 2KM we sent a kola toy called Matilda to Canada and they sent us a bear called Theodor it was great fun.You kids have wonderful teachers.
    From Phoebe.

    • Dear Phoebe,

      How nice of you to comment on the 4KM and 4KJ blog. I’m glad you remember the fun we had with Matilda and Theodore. Matilda is still sitting in 4KM’s classroom actually!

      Leo would love to visit his friends overseas too but he is a bit big to send.

      Hope to hear from you again,

      Mrs Morris

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Leo sounds like a really good friend and
    a good teacher.

    So you guys don’t get confused on who
    I am I’m Olivia from Miss Joardans grade
    In 2013. I am looking forward to seeing Leo.

    From your friend Olivia 🙂 😀

  8. Wow! Leo the lion is so cute! My name is Chelsea and I go to a school in Highton called Bellaire Primary School and I am a grade 4! I really like your blog and your video about Leo the lion!

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