Cinquain Poetry

4KJ wrote cinquain poems today.

Cinquain poems have five lines and follow this structure:

Line 1: Noun or subject of poem (one word)

Line 2: Two adjectives that describe line 1

Line 3: Three verbs that describe line 1

Line 4: A short phrase about line 1

Line 5: A synonym of line 1 (one word)


Read our Christmas cinquain poems below…

What do you think of our cinquain poems?

Can you write a cinquain poem in your comment?

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8 thoughts on “Cinquain Poetry

  1. Hi 4KJ
    Wow, I have really enjoyed reading your Cinquain poems. What a wonderful way to end the year with poems about Xmas. Such a special time of the year. I wish 4KJ and all your friends and family a very special Christmas. I hope that Santaa brings you something very special and that you enjoy your Christmas surprises.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts this year and will miss them. Ms Jordan has been so wonderful and encouraging with your class blog. I think I might try and write a Cinquain poem and post it.
    Merry Xmas everyone

    • Dear Mummy,

      Thank you so much for the great comment on my blog. It was great to see you leaving a comment.

      I am sad to say this but it is good that you left a comment because this is our second last blog post in 4KJ.

      I wished that it didn’t come to an end but it has come. I hope that Miss Jordan will keep this blog.

      I really enjoyed reading your cinquain poem. It was very interesting and that is good. It was great that you did your about Christmas to.

      I enjoyed yours. Maybe you could write another one next, if you have time.

      Sometimes it is hard to thing of sometime to write about but sometimes it is not.

      Well thank you again for the great comment on my class blog and I hope to see one on the last post ever.

      From your blogging buddy,
      Jess 😆 :mrgreen: :)

  2. My Cinquain poem

    Snowflakes White
    Falling, Tickling, Melting
    Magical Snowmen with coal eyes and carrot noses
    North Pole

    by Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks so much for your poem. It was very nice of you to leave a couple of comments.

      As Jess said in the other comment it is sad that this is the penultimate blog post for us.

      I also wrote a poem about blogging and here it is if you wanted to read it.

      Fun, Words
      Typing, Moving, Hands
      Explain your feelings and learning

      I also have made a lot more to bring into school today and am going to.

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

    • Dear Anna,

      thanks so much for your comment. It was very nice of you to leave it and I am so glad you did.

      Also I liked your Cinquian Poem. It was really good.

      I also left one in my other comment but in case you didn’t read it then here it is………………..

      Fun, Words
      Typing, Moving, Hands
      Explain your feelings and learning

      I love to blog and am doing it all of the time. thanks again for your comment Anna.

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

  3. Dear 4KJ and Miss Jordan,

    Thanks Miss Jordan for writing up the penultimate blog post. It is sad that this is nearly the last one.

    I will be leaving a comment on the last one fore sure.

    It is sad that we have to leave grade 4 ad move to grade 5 although I know we will still have a lot of fun.

    Also I think that we are all looking forward to who we have next year and if not I am sure you will change your mind.

    These poems were really fun and a relaxing thing for me to do. I have been working on some at the moment actually.

    They are just so much fun and I enjoy them a lot. It is so good to see us all hard at work.

    Now before I run out of time and have to go and do something else fun then I had better answer the questions.


    What do you think of our cinquain poems?
    I thought they were really good and I am so glad that we got to do them in class. it has now made me start doing some at home.

    If I remember I promise I will bring mine in.

    Can you write a cinquain poem in your comment?

    Fun, Words
    Typing, Moving, Hands
    Explain your feelings and learning

    Thanks again Miss Jordan for writing this blog post. I enjoyed it a lot and would love to see another one like this again soon.

    By the way……….

    Thanks so much for a great year everyone. It has been lovely and I have loved it a lot. I hope you all enjoy next year and keep on learning new things everyday.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

  4. Hi! I’ts been a long time. I’v only just made a discouvery today…that Mrs Jorden is leaving. that just destroid my day compleatly and I want to say that we had good times… so fear well and good luck. :( I also have to say that I remember making cinquain poetry when I was in Grade four!
    Amazing poetry and I wish the best of luck…
    Leopold will not be the same with out Mrs Jorden she will be missed.
    Pat sadly till next time, out! 😀
    P.S I’ve had some great times with Mrs Jorden :(
    and congrats to Mrs Morris with her new baby!! :)

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