Reflecting On Our Learning

As the end of the 2013 school year approaches, we have been reflecting on all that we have learnt this year.

We have covered so many learning topics this year! Every day we do two hours of literacy and one hour of maths, and we have specific learning intentions for each lesson. We like to relate our learning to real life, and of course everyone enjoys using the netbooks for many of our classroom tasks.

All of the 4KJ students have thoroughly enjoyed our four inquiry topics this year. We started the year focussing on Information Technology, before moving onto Smooth Moves, Plants in Action and concluding with First Contacts. The students’ research skills and knowledge has improved a lot this year!


To reflect on our learning, students created mind maps using Freemind, which is a program on the netbooks. Mind maps are a great way to organise your thinking.

Below are a few mind maps that show just some of what we have learnt this year. Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner to view the mind maps.


Mitchell C


Connor F



What have you really improved at this year?

How else could you use a mind map in your learning?

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One thought on “Reflecting On Our Learning

  1. Dear Miss Jordan and 4KJ,

    I love to learn and it is a great thing to do. It can help you with any learning you are doing and that is great.

    By the way great blog post Miss Jordan. It was a good topic to do it on seems it would be interesting for people to read about and find out what we have been doing.

    If possible I will get my parents to leave a comment if they have the time. I am sure they wouldn’t mind doing that for me.

    We have covered so many different topics this year and I am so glad that we have done them all. I am sure we will do some of them over the next couple of years.

    I love it when you learn about certain things in each year. It is so cool to do and very fun I must say that.

    Well for now because I am out of ideas at the moment I will answer the questions that are there for me just waiting!


    What have you really improved at this year?
    I think that I have improved on my writing overall. What I mean is that my neatness and the way I put things.

    Blogging has helped me achieve this and I am so proud of what I can do.

    How else could you use a mind map in your learning?
    If maybe you had something that you wanted to share about sport.

    I mean if you want to write done some skills that you can work on and give it to your friends you could work on it together as a team and learn more.

    Otherwise you could use it in anyway you want to.

    I think that if you guys all think about what you have done this year then you will find there is a lot you have covered and a lot more still you can do and a lot more that is still on its way.

    Always be ready for what is coming up next and just go with the flow when it is happening.

    I always think that if you want to become a good learner then the first step is get a good nights sleep and when your teacher or instructor is talking to you tune in and have fun!

    thanks Miss Jordan for a wonderful year and I hope you have a great year next year when you move to Barwon Heads school.

    I know that you will be the best teacher you can be and that is your usual self so just be you like always!

    Enjoy and I am going to miss yo an awful lot because you have taught me a lot about blogging and finally the one teacher that looks at a blog everyday like Mrs Milton used to.

    And just before I go thanks again for everything you have taught me and have the best life you can have!

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

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