Collaborative Learning In 4KJ

In 4KJ, many of our learning tasks involve collaboration. Collaboration means working together to produce something.

Collaborating on tasks in the classroom has many benefits, including:

  • Students develop their “getting along” skills.
  • Students feel a sense of achievement from working as part of a team.
  • Students can learn from each other.
  • Students can teach each other new skills and strategies.
  • Students can get peer feedback from their classmates.
  • Students can take on different roles in group tasks.

This week students have been working in collaborative groups to make a presentation about our inquiry topic, First Contacts.

Everyone is enjoying discussing this interesting history unit, compiling information, gathering resources and creating interesting presentations in their groups.

Here are the groups hard at work!


What collaborative tasks have you enjoyed this year?

What do you like about working as part of a team?

What skills do you bring to group tasks?

Do you collaborate or work together in tasks outside of school?

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17 thoughts on “Collaborative Learning In 4KJ

  1. Dear 4KJ and Miss Jordan,

    Thanks so much for writing up this blog post. I also want to thank whoever came up with the First Contacts idea because it is great and I am so glad you did.

    I know that we all enjoy this topic because it is very interesting to find out what our house might have been back then.

    Imagine that people just walking over the land of where all of your houses are now.

    It is good that we are working together because that is a great skill to have and if you don’t have it then I am not sure what makes you a good team mate to others.

    I love working as a team with others and I think that I know how to do it well. Maybe I could improve on my patience a bit more though.

    The Guided reading we did last week was a great idea because say Ebony and I didn’t know something but Paris, Harry and Jess did well they could then help us on what we were stuck on. And if they didn’t know then we could work together to figure it out.


    What collaborative tasks have you enjoyed this year?
    The First Contacts and Reading Groups from last week.

    What do you like about working as part of a team?
    There is always other people to help you with something. If not that then you could be teaching then things. It will also help us when we are older.

    What skills do you bring to group tasks?
    Being there for others if they need help.

    Do you collaborate or work together in tasks outside of school?

    When we are getting ready of a morning sometimes I might have to help Aiden pack his bag because he only just got out of bed.

    Well it was so nice of you Miss Jordan as I said before for you to write up this blog post. I am sure it will be a favourite and get a lot of comments.

    That is what I hope to see. By the way I love replies the best because that makes me think you could start a conversation with the other person or give that one person some great ideas or information.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

    • Hey Liv,

      I love the idea of the First Fleet. Are you looking forward to the celebration of learning afternoon? I am. I hope you good luck but you will do well.

      From Heather

      • Hi Heather,

        Thanks so much for replying to me. I am so glad that you left it for me to read.

        It has been a while since I have got a reply from someone but that is OK.

        I love the First Fleet and all of the topics. They are so much fun to learn about.

        I am so glad that we did the presentations. You did an amazing job and so did everyone else.

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

  2. Hi 4KJ and Friends and Family,

    Collaborative learning, I find is, fun because you get to work with your friends or people you aren’t so close to and communicate with them. There are more reasons I like working together.

    Doing the First Contacts PowerPoint’s has been a great success! I can’t wait to present them, with my team mates, Chloe and Connor. Our topic was the First Australian’s – Daily Life because that relates to the topic, First Contacts.

    Thanks for doing the blog post Miss Jordan. You go to a lot of hard work to post them on the blog! The photo’s are great quality by the way!

    Happy Blogging!

    Paris and Horses ♥

    • Hi Paris,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment on the class blog. It was so nice of you to do it and I am so glad that you did.

      It is such a good thing to be doing n our class room and I am so glsd that we are doing it.

      I hope that all of the class rooms in the school do it because that would be even better.

      Thanks again for leaving a comment for us!

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

  3. Hi 4KJ,

    I enjoy learning new skills at school everyday. I mostly enjoy learning I.T and Maths skills. Everyday you learn something new. I certainly learn new things everyday.

    Collaborative means working and being interactive with other people. Almost everyone in the world is interactive and collaborative. Collaborative is a great skill to use.

    “Getting Along” is one of our five keys at school. They are “Getting Along, Persistence, Confidence, Resilience and Organisation.” To succeed in all of these keys you need to be collaborative and interactive.

    Do you think you have what it takes to succeed in all these skills?

    From Yunus :lol:

    • Hi Yunus,

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment on the log. It was so nice of you to leave it and I am glad you got the time to do it for us.

      I think I learn the most skills everyday in Maths. It is a fun thing to do but not my favouite.

      I like to do P.E because we get to run around and do all of these fun games while still learning skills.

      Yes I do think I have what it takes to do all of those skills although it may be a little challenging along the way.

      Thanks again for leaving your comment and as I say to everyone can you please keep leaving them for me :?:

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

  4. Hello 4KJ,

    This is one very nice post Miss Jordan and I am quite glad that you left it because any parents can have a look at what we are doing at school. They can also see how we collaborate in our classroom.


    Q. What collaborative tasks have you enjoyed this year?

    A. In fact I have enjoyed the First Contacts PowerPoint. Plus I have enjoyed some of the maths games that we have played this year, that have included in with collaboration.

    Q. What do you like about working as part of a team?

    A. I like that we can learn new things because for instance I might NOT know something but another person might know exactly what it is!

    Q. What skills do you bring to group tasks?

    A. Well I like to bring decoration to group tasks and some good information.

    Q. Do you collaborate or work together in tasks outside of school?

    A. No not really.

    See you soon,
    Ebony :wink:

    • Hey Eb’s,

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment. It was so nice of you to leave it and I am so glad that you left it for us to all read and have a little look at.

      I think that it was a great post as well and I am so glad Miss Jordan picked this to write about.

      It is so good to see the number of comments rising slowly.

      Thanks again and guess what we have today?…………………


      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

      • dear liv
        Thank you for replyig to everyone it’s great.

        How do you leave such BIG comments all of the time. Also I woul love say thank you to Miss ordan for writin the post about us and howk we are learning new things. I hope that our presentaion goes well and also the other groups. I loved all of the presentaions tha thee other groups have done good luck every body, thank you for all of the feedback on our one and also thank you for lisening to 4KJ.

        Got to go

        • Hi Riley,

          Thanks so much for replying to me. It is so good to see all of these great comments being posted on the blog.

          I love them all and am so glad that there is so many of them.

          It would be great to see more of them very soon.

          Thanks for replying to me by the way. It was a good comment that you left.

          I think I can leave long comments because I have improved my typing.

          This means that I am fast now so because I can type fast I can say more things and type at the same time I am thinking.

          It all seems to fit in just fine.

          I think that you did great an you did a good job.

          Thanks for doing it with us.

          I hope you liked it because I know that I dd a lot.

          Everyone did so well and it was good to see them all.

          I think that now we all know more about Collaborative learning!

          Got 2 Gallop,
          Liv :lol: ;) :cool:

  5. Dear 4KJ ,

    I had enjoyed the Click Afternoon, doing the different activities on the paper.I like practicing and researching in a team.

    I’m good at designing and giving advice to the team.
    I get to now my team and then I help with the working out what we are doing :Mrgreen:

    Got to go
    Jack :lol:

  6. Hi 4KJ,
    Great Post!

    Doing the power ponits was fun because I liked doing resuess for my group and I found out that the Aboriginals ate bush bannas and Paw paw.

    Your Classmate

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