In 4KJ, many of our learning tasks involve collaboration. Collaboration means working together to produce something.

Collaborating on tasks in the classroom has many benefits, including:

  • Students develop their “getting along” skills.
  • Students feel a sense of achievement from working as part of a team.
  • Students can learn from each other.
  • Students can teach each other new skills and strategies.
  • Students can get peer feedback from their classmates.
  • Students can take on different roles in group tasks.

This week students have been working in collaborative groups to make a presentation about our inquiry topic, First Contacts.

Everyone is enjoying discussing this interesting history unit, compiling information, gathering resources and creating interesting presentations in their groups.

Here are the groups hard at work!


What collaborative tasks have you enjoyed this year?

What do you like about working as part of a team?

What skills do you bring to group tasks?

Do you collaborate or work together in tasks outside of school?

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