Dear 4KJ and 4LB (4KM),

How are you all? I hope you are all enjoying your time with Miss Jordan and Mr Bao.

Your grade four year is quickly coming to an end. I bet you can’t believe you’ll be in grade five in a couple of months time!

I am enjoying my new role as a stay-at-home mum, however, I do miss all the students and teachers at Leopold Primary School.

Novalie was three months old yesterday. She is growing up quickly and changing all the time.

Novalie has learnt many new skills such as:

  • reaching for her toys
  • putting her hands in her mouth
  • rolling from her tummy to her back
  • holding her head and neck up strongly
  • smiling, and making lots of different noises and squeals

She enjoys doing many things such as:

  • going for walks in her pram
  • shaking her rattle
  • attending Rhyme Time at the library
  • kicking her legs in her bouncy chair
  • listening to stories and looking at books

It sounds like you’ve been doing some exciting things at school. You were lucky to have your wonderful student teachers back for a few weeks.

The topics you’ve been learning about in Inquiry, Maths and Literacy sound really interesting. I’d love to hear more about them.

I hope you’ll be able to leave a comment and tell me what I’m missing at school!

Your former teacher,

Mrs Morris

Leave Mrs Morris a comment and tell her what you’ve been learning about and what has been happening at Leopold Primary School.

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