End Of Term Three

Today is the last day of Term Three.

It has been a very busy term, with lots of learning goals achieved and fun activities experienced by the students.

These tagxedos, made by Olivia and Jessica, show some of the activities and learning topics we covered this term.


Happy holidays!

We return to school on Monday 7th October.

What did you enjoy about term three?

What learning goals did you achieve?

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7 thoughts on “End Of Term Three

  1. Dear 4KJ,

    What a great post. I am so glad that my work got put on the blog. It was so nice of you to pick mine Miss Jordan.

    I am so glad that we learnt how to make Tagxedos. It was so cool and I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed making them just like I have.

    It is so cool to be able to make such great things like that. I have learnt so many new skills in everything we have done.


    What did you enjoy about term three?
    I enjoyed learning about Fractions because I didn’t know anything about them but now I know about them all.

    I also enjoyed doing a lot of great blog posts in class because they are so fun and I l♥ve to blog.

    What learning goals did you achieve?
    I achieved my reading goal and that was to read Fluently without reading like a Robot.

    My Maths goal was to improve my automatic recall of the 6’s and 7’s times tables which I am still working on.

    And my writing goal was to write more interesting stories and use more interesting vocabulary. I have achieved that goal to.

    I think that my goals were so fun to try and achieve and I am so glad that I have already completed two of them.

    It was so good to see my work on the blog once again and I am so glad that my Tagexdo was so fun to make. I hope you guys all enjoyed it too.

    It will be so good because I know how my BFF Jess can write blog posts. I am just about to visit her blog too.

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone and keep up the great blogging over the holidays too.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    liv 😆 😉 😎

    • Hi Olivia
      Well done on all of your goals this last term. YOu should feel very proud of all your achievements.
      The Taxedos are fabulous. I would love to make one and then print it on poster paper and frame it – wouldn’t that be so cool – an individual work of art.
      Your class is so fortunate to have a teacher like Miss Jordan. You are all learning so much and your computer skills must be coming along in leaps and bounds – great for the future.
      Well enjoy your holidays – hope you get to do lots of fun things.
      Gotta gallop

      • Hi Carolyn,

        Thanks so much for replying to my comment. It was so nice of you and I am glad you got the time to leave it for me.

        It is so good to look back over all of the Term Three work we have done and we can keep it all as a memory.

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Liv 😆 😉 😎

  2. Hi Liv,
    Great comment!
    I am having so much fun now it is the holidays! Because I don’t get to wake up that early!
    But you know I still really do miss school.

    The thing I really enjoyed this term was the equivalent Fractions they were so fun!!
    I also enjoyed Plants in action. Miss Jordan told me lots of things I didn’t know about plants and flowers.

    I am soo excited! I really want to know what the new things we are going to learn next term.

    Oh and by the way happy Holidays to you to!
    I don’t really have anything to do so I decided to leave a comment on our blog.

    I really enjoyed making blog post. But the thing I enjoyed was The Ocean Grove Nature Reserve post because I got to learn the Google Drive thing.

    Really got to go but nice talking to you,
    Princess/Prinnie 😆

    • Hi Princess,

      Thanks so much for replying to me. I am so sorry that I have not been able to reply to your comment it is just I have been very busy.

      I just did the typing test and got 50 the first time and 50 the second time I tried.

      I had so much fun in Term Three and would like to do it all again because it was such a great time.

      I am so glad everyone has had a great time together and will always remember Term Three of 2013.

      It will be so god to see a lot more people blogging this holidays but they don’t have to.

      Enjoy the rest of your holidays and make sure you are having a great time.

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

  3. Hi Liv,

    Thanx soo much for replying! Great comment too!
    Sorry I didn’t get to reply earlier. It was because I was busy.
    It’s ok that you didn’t get to leave a comment or reply.

    You got 50 words?!
    I will never get that! My highest is 30. One day I was trying to beat 27 and I did! That was a really awesome day!!

    When I am in grade 5 I will never forget the good moments we had with our classmates and Miss Jordan.

    Gtg and have a nice holiday too,

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