Plants In Action Projects

This week the students in 4KJ have been working on PowerPoint presentations to conclude our “Plants in Action” topic.

The purpose of the task was for the students to demonstrate what they have learnt this term. The students will be assessed using the rubric below.


Once the students had completed their PowerPoint slideshow, they uploaded it to make a Google Presentation. The then embedded their presentations on their own individual blogs.

Did you enjoy making your presentation?

What did you learn about “plants in action” this term?

What tips would you give other students about creating a PowerPoint presentation?

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10 thoughts on “Plants In Action Projects

  1. Dear 4KJ,

    What a great post, as always. There is always a really good blog post that has been posted by our really kind teacher Miss Jordan.

    I hope that you guys will all leave some comments on this blog post even the people who have got their work on the blog.

    It would be so kind if you guys could just do that little favor for me because we need to do our blogging.

    I know that Miss Jordan puts a lot of effort into these blog posts and always does her best so you should leave her a comment.

    I am sure that we will all be happy when that has happened so lets try and make it happen as soon as possible. (ASAP ❗ )

    I think that our Inquiry topic has been really fun and I am looking forward to learning more about it in the future.

    I will never forget what I have learnt because now it is all absorbed in my brain. I look forward to showing my family my PowerPoint!


    What do you think of our presentations?
    Well I think that they are all so good and you can tell that there has been a lot of effort put into them.

    What did you learn about “plants in action” this term?
    I learnt about Pollination, Photosynthesis, Germination and how to Plant Grows.

    What tips would you give other students about creating a PowerPoint presentation?
    I would give you tips to not put so many pics in the one thing because otherwise it will just look too over the top.

    I would also give some info about………. make sure you have checked over your work before you have finished it because there will be mistakes I can guaranteed it.

    It was so good to see all of these completed ones on here. I am so glad that you guys have completed them.

    I can’t wait to fund out what you guys have all learnt because it will be interesting to see if you have been paying attention. (JOKES) Of course you have payed attention to the lessons because it is fun.

    Great job guys and I hope to see so much effort put into your work just like this again very very very very soon.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

  2. Hi Miss Jordan and Class,

    Great post! 🙂
    Q.What do you think of our presentations?
    A. I really loved them I thought that everybody put in their best effort and put in lots of their time!

    Q.What did you learn about “plants in action” this term?
    A. I learnt that ONLY the green part of a flower can really make food.

    Q.What tips would you give other students about creating a PowerPoint presentation?
    A. My tip would be not to put in much animations, and also DON’T overdo it.

    This term I had learnt so much! Half of the things I didn’t know so that was a really good idea of teaching everybody!

    Now I know lots of things!Here are some of the things what I know:

    The female and male parts of a flower.
    That all of the water travels though the stem.
    I also know that some flowers can make food!
    Also about germination.
    I NEVER knew that all fruits had seeds I thought that only some fruits had seeds!

    I really enjoyed looking at all of those slideshows! I really liked how everybody didn’t overdo it and that it wasn’t crowded.

    See you soon,
    Eb 😉

    • Hi Ebony,

      Thanks for leaving that comment on this blog post. It was very nice of you to and I am so glad that you left it.

      I love it when we get new comments on the blog because then I get to reply to them for you.

      I think that doing this lesson was really helpful to all of us and now we know a lot more about Plants and how they grow.

      I have shown my parents and family all of the things I know and can’t wait to show off more.

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

  3. Hi Chloe,

    Thanks so much for the comment you left us on this latest post. It is so good to see all of these comments on the blog.

    I tried to have a look at your blog but it said that it couldn’t find it so maybe you made a little typo in your comment.

    I think that doing this Plants In Action was really fun and I am so glad my work was on there.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

  4. Wow 4KJ
    Plants in Action – what a great project. I loved the Power Point presentations you created, so informative and full of interesting images and graphics. Well done. I have only used Power Point a few times, but it is amazing just how much you have learnt about it in such a short time. I wonder if you have what is known as a “green thumb” – that is a term used for someone who is really good at growing plants. Great topic. Looking forward to more.
    Thank you so much.
    Jessica’s mum

    • Dear Carolyn,

      Thanks for you great comment!
      My classmates are just super creative!
      Jess is one of them!

      I love it how they don’t overflow it with lots of pictures. And by the way I will never be a green thumb!! 😆

      This topic is lots of fun because I never really knew what each part of the plant does.

      I have a auntie at south Australia and she loves to plant beautiful flowers. Her house is filled with them!

      Can I ask you some questions?

      What is your favourite flower?
      Mine is Pretty red roses.

      What do you know about plants?
      Well I never knew that much but I learnt that the leaves catches sunlight and water.

      My mum isn’t really a green thumb (sorry mum!).

      About a week ago or something I learnt that a tomato was a fruit! If something with seeds has seeds that means it is a fruit. Did you know that?
      Me and my mum was arguing because she thought that a tomato was a vegetable.
      It was kinda fun telling her!

      I wasn’t really a fan of plants (except roses). But now I am kinda a fan. My favourite thing about them are the smell! They smell so beautiful!

      I really enjoyed making the power point and talking to you but I really need to go bye.

      Nice chatting with you,

      • Hi Princess
        Thanks so much for replying to my comment.
        It was nice of you to give a lovely compliment to Jess too. I am so that you enjoyed this subject and learnt a lot. It did make me laugh when you surprised your Mum about the tomato being a fruit! Just goes to show you can learn something no matter what age you are!!! lol
        As for my favourite flower, I think it may have to be a rose too. I love their smell and that they come in so many beautiful colours. Just gorgeous. Did you know that some of the colours for roses represent different occasions. I guess the most commonly known one is the red rose, very popular on Valentines day and signifies love. Pink is traditionally for thank you. You might like to look up some other colours sometime.
        I don’t know too much about plants but I love going to the nursery and just wandering through and looking at all of the beautiful plants. I enjoy planting and watching things grow and especially love growing herbs and using them in cooking.
        Well keep up the great work and HAPPY PLANTING!!
        Bye for now,
        Jessica’s mum

  5. Dear 4KJ,

    Q: What do you think of our presentations?
    A: I thought the power points where beautiful! I loved how all of the power points are all different and creative!

    Q: What did you learn about “plants in action” this term?
    A: I learnt that a plant has a male and female part.

    Q:What tips would you give other students about creating a Power Point presentation?
    A: I would try to make it nice but don’t add to much detail and put a good Colour for your writing so you can see it.

    I enjoyed seeing all the power points!

    Love From,
    Chloe :mrgreen:

    • Hi Chloe,

      Thanks for leaving that really good comment. I loved the closing you put at the end of your comment so keep it up.

      It was so nice of you to do this comment in reading groups and it was such a detailed comment so well done.

      I hope to see much much much much much more of them from you very very very very soon because they are so great.

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉 😎

  6. Hi Connor,

    Thanks for also leaving a comment on this blog post. I saw your blog and left a comment.

    I think that your blog post was great and I could keep leaving comments on it until I get board.

    I think that the Plants In Action work has helped everyone a lot and everyone has enjoyed it I know.

    I hope to see more comments from you very very very very soon. Keep it up by the way, they are great!

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉 😎

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