Welcome to Term Three!

Today is the first day of Term Three. This term is ten weeks long and it will be full of fun for the 4KJ students.

Some special events to look forward to include:

  • The Grade Four camp to Maldon
  • A bike ride around Leopold
  • An AFL footy clinic with some Geelong Cats players
  • A new inquiry topic, titled “Plants in Action”
  • “August is Family Blogging Month” Challenge.

Miss Jordan hopes everyone had a wonderful two week break. One of Miss Jordan’s holiday highlights was seeing the talented performer, P!nk, perform in concert at Rod Laver Arena.

What did you enjoy about your holidays?

What are you looking forward to in Term Three?

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14 thoughts on “Welcome to Term Three!

  1. Hello 4KJ,

    I just want to say ‘Welcome Back’ myself because I am sure you all had a really good holiday. I know I did and it is sad to not have anymore sleeping in.

    It is also good to be back at school and be learning new things as we work our way through the year with each other there alongside.

    It looks like Miss Jordan had a really good time at the P!nk concert. I would have loved to go but my mum said “not when there is a crazy crowd like that.’ That’s fair enough I guess.

    I want to tell you the main things I did in the holidays and I want you to tell me if you did anything the same.


    I spent a lot of time at both of my Grandmothers houses. It was great to see them again.

    The Zoo was another highlight because seeing all of the animals once again is really fun and cute.

    Going to the movies with my dad was really cool because we don’t normally do things like that with him because of his work he does. We went to see Despicable Me 2.

    My brother and I also went golfing with my dad and that was lots of fun too. I even got a little turn at driving even though your not meant too.

    Mum took us to a Footy Clinic in Geelong and that was at Simonds Stadium. I also met a new friend. If you wanted you could look at the blog post I wrote about it. Here is the link: http://olivias.global2.vic.edu.au/2013/07/09/football-clinic/

    On the second Thursday I went to Melbourne to stay there the night with my family and it was great fun. I brought four books and they are: Golden Stranger, (which I am reading) Why you need a a Passport when you’re going to PUKE, Freaky Fact or Fiction about the Human Body and a dictionary. They are really good books.

    Yesterday my dad took my brother and I to Time Zone. That was really fun and the things I got with my tickets were: 3 Sherbet Bombs, a bouncy ball, a woopy cushion and a 3D bookmark.

    Blogging was the thing I think I did the most and I loved replying to all of the replies and comments I got from Haille mostly.

    The thing I enjoyed the most was staying at home when my mum worked from home because I could sleep in for as long as I wanted and have breakfast whenever I wanted as well. I could also stay in my 1D PJ’s.

    What did you do in your holiday ❓
    Who did you do it with ❓
    Did you sleep in ❓
    Were you looking forward to coming back to school today ❓
    What was your highlight ❓

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv 😆 😉

    • Dear Liv,

      Wow, all I can say is wow.

      You are very, very good at writing blog comments.

      It sounds like you had a great holiday. I had a great holiday too.

      I miss the sleep ins too. I was not used to waking up early again but I am happy to be back at school.

      I bet the P!nk concert would have been great to see.
      I wish I went. In the photos P!nk looked so high up.
      I bet it would be fun swinging on those ropes.

      It sounds like you had a lot of fun at your grandma’s house.
      I saw my Grandma and Grandpa a lot in the holidays and it was good to see them.
      I think going to the movies was cool too. I also went and saw Despicable me 2.
      I thought that it was very funny!

      I don’t think I have ever been golfing before. It sounds a lot of fun to have a little drive.

      I think going to Melbourne would be so much fun. It must be even cooler staying there the night.

      I have never read any of those books before but I bet they are very good.

      I think I did do something similar to you on the holidays. I went to the Galactic circus. The Galactic circus is like Time Zone.

      Here are somethings that I did on the holidays:

      I went to the holiday program, I went to the IMAX Museum, I also went to the galactic circus. The galactic circus is like Time Zone.
      I also enjoyed going ten pin bowling.

      I will just tell you a bit more about the things I did.

      I went to holiday program a lot in the holidays. It is always fun going to holiday program because you get to do a lot of things you may have never done before.
      One day at holiday program it was box day. That was were you had to make something out of a box. I made a house. I think one of my friends made a robot.
      One day we got to wear our pj’s to holiday program. That was very fun. When I went outside I could not run because I was wearing my ugg boots.

      We also went to IMAX. That was the best. I had never been before so it was very exciting.
      I don’t know what the movie was called but it was about elephants and monkeys. It was like you could touch. I think I tried to.
      Before we went to IMAX we went to the museum. We saw a lot things to do with sport. I can’t remember what the sports were here but I know there was a lot.
      I think there was running and cricket but I am not to sure.

      My favourite day at the holiday program was going on the big day out. It was so much fun.
      It was only for grade fours and up so I could go.
      First we were going to galactic circus. We all had one hour on our card to play on what ever we wanted to.
      When your card had run out of time, you take your tickets(if you got any) to the front were you got to pick a prize. I got a prize because my friend got some tickets and he didn’t want them.
      After we had all finished and our card had run out, we all went up to a room to get ready for Laser Tag.
      We all went in. It was so cool. The laser tag was my favourite. I wish we could do it again.
      After a very fun time at Laser tag it was time to go Ten Pin Bowling.
      It was so much fun doing bowling.
      I got 85 points. I came third.
      After a very, very fun time at big day out, it was time to go home.

      That is all about my holidays.

      Here is the questions that you asked.

      Q. What did you do in your holidays?
      A. All the things I did in the holidays are up the top.

      Q. Who did you do it with?
      A. I did a lot of things with the holiday program.

      Q. Did you have a sleep in?
      A.I had a sleep in on the weekends.

      Q. Were you looking forward to coming back to school.
      A. I was looking forward to coming back to school because we always have a lot of fun. I learn a lot of new things at school and when I do learn new things I can go and tell my family all about it.

      Q. What was your highlight?
      A. My highlight was going on the big day out. That was so much fun.

      Keep up the good work with your blogging.

      From your blogging buddy,

      • Hi Jess,

        I should be the one saying WOW because that comment was amazing. I think you did a very good job. Keep up the great work.

        I think the holiday program sounds like fun and I wish I was allowed to go.

        Did you do it everyday ❓

        I would have loved to go the the places you went to the holiday program so I think you are very lucky.

        I am just having a guess here but I think tat is your longest comments EVER right ❓

        Yes I also agree the P!nk concert would have been lots of fun and she would have done a great job I think.

        My mum loves P!nk and she said she would go to any of the concerts she had sung.

        It would be great fun o go and see ONE DIRECTION ❗ I love them so much and I have a favorite.

        My favorite is Louis and Niall. I can’t decide which one is better so I like them both the same amount as each other.

        Thanks so much for being the person to reply to me with an amazing comment like that. I so hope you can leave lots more other comments like that too.

        Miss Jordan will be very very happy.

        Got 2 Gallop,
        liv 😆 😉

        P.S Sorry about the short comment!

        • Dear Liv,

          Thanks for the great comment.

          I thought the holiday program was great.
          I think anyone would like to go to holiday program.

          We have done a lot of fun things in these holiday and the holiday last year.
          I can’t wait to go next holiday.

          I did go everyday but the days I didn’t go was when I got sick.

          I think that it was the longest comment I have ever wrote before as well.

          Your comment was very long too. You do great blog comments.

          I will try to keep writing long blog comments.

          Thanks again for the great comment and I don’t think your comment was short at all.

          Keep up the great work with you blogging.

          From your blogging buddy, Jess

          P.S. Sorry for the short comment.

          • Hi Jess,

            Don’t worry I didn’t think that was a short comment it was rather long. Sorry haven’t been replying to your comments for a while.

            There is still the comment on my blog you left me that I haven’t even read yet.

            I will have a little look at it now if you would like.

            The holiday program sounds fun but getting up everyday early still would be way to much for me.

            Do you do it on the weekends ❓

            Do you do it at school ❓

            I hope you enjoy the next holidays and the rest of the year.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Liv 😆 😉

    • Hi Alex,

      Sounds like you had great fun during the time you had off. I also watched Despicable Me 2 and i thought it was good.

      I went to see it with my dad and brother and believe me they were laughing the heads off.

      I was going to go and see Monsters Universety but we didn’t really get the time.

      I hope you ill enjoy the next break you have and maybe go and see more movies that come out.

      Thanks for the comment by the way and I have looked at yours and left a comment I think.

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉

    • Hi Connor,

      Poor mum for you. I would have liked to go as well but you can’t go to everything you want, or can you ❓

      So sorry about the short comment but I have to go and dry the dishes.

      Got 2 gallop,
      Liv 😆 😉

  2. How lucky you all are to go to great camp in Maldon.
    it is great that your school does these special events something you will all remember.
    Maldon is a beautiful place with lots to do
    Looks like you all had a terrific time
    Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure together

  3. Hi Darcy!
    This is the first time I have “blogged” so this is a first experience for me!
    We had a fantastic time during school holidays. One of the special things we did was to go to “Fun 4 Kids” in Warrnambool. It was awesome with so much to do including ten pin bowling, laserstrike, art & crafts, lego, painting, auskick, dancing, heaps of different live shows, sand sculpting and heaps and heaps more! Have you ever been?
    Your special events for Term 3 sound like so much fun, especially the trip to Maldon and of course the Cats Clinic! I know you love football (as do our family!) so you will especially enjoy that one!
    What sports are you going to do now that football is nearly finished?
    Do you check your blogs everyday? Are you enjoying getting messages from people?
    Have a great day at school! See you soon.

  4. Hi Alison,
    I have not been to All 4 Kids but we hope to go next year. Now that football has finished I will do Little Athletics. We check our blogs everyday and am enjoying getting lots of messages!
    From Darcy

    • Hi Darcy,
      I am really enjoying commenting on your blog! Jackson also commented tonight, he was very excited about it! We are a bit sad that football has finished but looking forward to next year!
      From Darcy’s friend

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