Winter Holidays

Victorian schools are currently having their mid-year two week holiday break.

Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so it is winter here. Our blogging buddies in North America and England live in the northern hemisphere, so they are enjoying their long summer vacation.

The image below shows a world map. (Click on the image to see it more clearly). The red line is the equator. The equator is an imaginary line that is drawn around the earth, dividing the two hemispheres.

Source: User:Cburnett (Image:World-map-2004-cia-factbook-large-2m.jpg) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

All countries above the equator are in the northern hemisphere, while countries below the equator are in the southern hemisphere. Areas that are close to the equator are warmer than other areas.


We live in Victoria, a southern state of Victoria. The days and nights are pretty chilly here at the moment!

Here are some winter facts:

  • The winter months in Australia are June, July and August.
  • July is generally the coldest month in Melbourne (Victoria’s capital city). The average July temperature in Melbourne is 13.4 degrees.
  • On average, Victoria receives about 49mm of rain during each month of winter.
  • In Victoria, snow generally only falls in the mountains in the east of the state.
  • Victoria’s lowest ever recorded temperature was -11.7 degrees celsius at Omeo in 1965, and then again at Falls Creek in 1970.

Image source: photo credit: <a href=””>55Laney69</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

What do you like to do in winter?

What is your favourite season?

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49 thoughts on “Winter Holidays

  1. Dear KM and 4KJ,
    My favorite season is Summer because it is hot and you get to stay outside all day but in Summer I like riding my bike, my skateboard and doing fun activities with my family like going to adventure park, playing with my brother on Minecraft on our computers at home.

    In the winter I like having hot chocolates on really cold mornings hanging out with my friends at the skatepark riding my bike, scooter and my skateboard.

    Do you have any feedback for me?

    Have a great holiday!

    From your blogging buddy Logan P from 4KM or 4LB πŸ™‚

    • Hi Logan,

      Great comment, just bet me to it!!

      In Winter I like to have hot chocolates as well, but my favourite season would have to be Autumn. I like it more than Spring now because my birthday is in it and it’s not TOO hot or TOO cold.

      I don’t have much feedback for you but remember to have a gap between the greeting and the first paragraph.

      As you said,
      From your blogging buddy in 4KM or maybe 4LB, Haille :mrgreen:

      • Hello Hallie,

        Thanks for relying to Logan. I am sure he will look at the blog later or tomorrow.

        I think this post was very interesting. I have always wanted to learn more about the weather.

        Logan left a wonderful comment to the class and you left a great reply.

        Thanks again,
        Liv πŸ˜†

        • Hi Liv,

          Thanks for replying to my reply to Logan, he did do a great comment and I’m sure he will look at the blog sooner or later.

          I learnt a lot of facts from this post, and some of them I thought were very different.

          Got 2 Gallop,
          Haille :mrgreen:

          • Hi Haille,

            Thanks for the reply back to me.

            I also think that there were facts I learnt about.

            It was great fun reading the post.

            Thanks again for the reply.

            I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays ❗

            Giddy Up Barney,
            Liv πŸ˜†

            • HiLiv,




          • Hi Liv,

            Because the box to write in was really thin, the spaces didn’t work.

            I am really sorry about that.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Haille :mrgreen:

            • Hi Hallie,

              That’s OK I could still read it but I didn’t know what was wrong.

              Barney is a horse of course and HE is half mine.

              I love him very much and I get to feed and ride him.

              Have fun with the rest of your holidays.

              A tip for the comment if it doesn’t work is……

              Make the comment a little bit bigger by dragging the right hand corner.

              I always have to do that because you can only fit one letter in each space.

              Got to Gallop,
              Liv πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

            • Hey Liv,

              Thanks for the tip, I do use it but I don’t think of it when the box is tiny.

              Here is a tip for YOU:

              If there is no reply button on the last comment of a conversation, click the reply button from the comment.

              You probably already know that tip, but I find it quite handy.

              Have you ever used that tip before ❓

              I don’t actually think that Logan WILL look at the blog.

              I have just used that tip that I gave you in this comment.

              Got 2 Gallop,

          • Hi Logan,

            Thanks so much for the comment.

            I think it was very nice of you.

            No worrys about the compliment by the way.

            I am so sorry but this comment keeps getting thiner and thiner.

            Have fun with the rest of your holidays.

            Enjoy the sun by the way.

            Got to Gallop,
            Liv πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

  2. Hi Miss Jordan,

    Great post. I think I know why July is the coldest month in Winter, is it because it is the middle of Winter ❓

    So far on the winter holidays to keep warm I have had a fare few hot chocolates and milos.

    I have two favourite seasons, they are Autumn and Spring. That is because it’s not TOO cold and not TOO hot. Also because my birthday is in Autumn.

    I actually thought that in Victoria it has been colder than 11.7 degrees celsius, but I guess I was wrong. Was that a record of during the day or at night ❓

    Where my nan used to live ( Ballan ) it rained there every now and again but once it hit the ground it melted straight away.

    Have you ever been to the snow ❓ I haven’t exactly, because my nan’s old house doesn’t really count.

    I find the way equator works is quite interesting, because if you are closer to it, it is warmer. And when you’re further away from it, it is colder.

    When I am in bed and it’s cold, I still get really hot, TOO hot. Do you ever get that feeling ❓

    The photo of the river looked really nice, what did you search in PhotoPin to get it ❓

    Cya Miss Jordan,
    Haille :mrgreen:

    • Hi again Hallie,

      Thanks for this beautiful comment on the blog to Miss Jordan. I think it was very nice and she will get to it very soon, I am sure.

      My mind is blank because that was just an amazing comment and I loved it so much.

      I think that it is coldest because it is in the middle of Winter.

      I can’t answer the next question so I am very sorry.

      No I haven’t ever been to the snow and I don’t really have any interest to.

      Yes I do get that feeling and I hate it but at the same time it is really fun.

      and lastly I can’t answer the last question again. Oh Well ❗

      Thanks for sharing that wonderful information with me and all of our class-mates.

      Got to Gallop,
      Liv πŸ˜†

      • Hey Liv,

        Thank you very much for replying to my comment (again).

        At the moment I am at my Nan and Pa’s house. I have had a great time so far and have made a few origami jumping frogs and balloons.

        I would really love to go to the snow, but why don’t you really want to ❓

        When it is the beginning of Winter and I wear Autumn, my mum says “It’s the middle of Winter, put different clothes on!” it’s not really that cold so I don’t really see the point, but I do it anyway. Do you ever have to do that ❓

        Got 2 Gallop,

        • Hi Haille,

          I am getting used to writing your name correctly. (Aren’t I ❓ )

          Thanks for your reply by the way, it was nice.

          I enjoyed hearing about where you were.

          I think you would have had fun at you Nan and Pa’s house.

          I don’t really want to go to the snow because it might be a little to cold and my brother would whine.

          Yes I do also get that feeling and I don’t like it because I l♥ve to wear shorts and I mean l♥ ♥ ♥ve to wear them.

          Thanks again,
          Liv πŸ˜†

          • Hi Liv,

            You are sort of getting used to writing my name correctly, it is a bit different though.

            If my brother whined because of the cold (which he does by the way) I would still probably want to go to the snow. But we wouldn’t be able to wear shorts there, otherwise we WOULD get cold ❗ ❗

            G ♥ t 2 Gall ♥ p,
            Haille :mrgreen:

            • Hi Haille,

              Yes I am getting a little bit better at writing your name.

              It is fun remembering to do it right.

              Have fun and sorry about the short comment.

              G♥t 2 Gall♥p,
              Liv πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

            • Hey Liv,

              Thanks for the reply.

              I guess Logan did look at the blog after all. And Yes you are getting soooooooooooo much better at typing my name.

              I am really sorry that this is a really short comment but I can’t think of anything else to type.

              Got 2 Gallop,
              Haille :mrgreen:

    • Dear Haille,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this blog post. I thought I should do a mid-holiday post and when I looked outside it looked so cold and windy that I thought “Winter” would be a good topic. πŸ™‚

      If you check the blog post again, you’ll notice I typed “-11.7” degrees celsius – so it’s negative, which means 11.7 degrees below zero. That’s VERY cold! I’m not exactly sure if that temperature was measured during the day or night, good question!

      I went to the snow a couple of times when I was young, but haven’t been back since.

      Sometimes it does get hot in bed, but lately the nights are pretty chilly so I have actually been getting cold! I tend to feel the cold a lot.

      I did use PhotoPin to find that Creative Commons image. I think I searched for “winter”.

      Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

      Best wishes,
      Miss Jordan

      P.S You and Liv have been doing a lot of commenting over the holidays, it’s great to see! πŸ™‚

      • Hi Miss Jordan,

        Now I know you didn’t leave this comment for me but when I read it and you said Haille and I have been doing lots of blogging over the holidays I thought I have to reply to this.

        Lately over the ‘Winter’ Holidays when I have been leaving comments, I have been spelling Haille’s name wrong. At least I know now!

        I am always checking the blog everyday and I keep the number of comments from the day before so when I come to check it again I know if there has been a new comment and I look at it and then reply.

        It is a great system I have and I will always use it no matter what.

        The weather can get pretty cold sometimes but I just don’t get the feeling of it so that is why I always complain to my mum to let me wear shorts but she says it is cold.

        I am afraid I have to go and have my shower because I just got back from the Footy Clinic.

        When I am done in the shower there is going to be a post on my blog about it in case you wanted to hear about what it was like take a look.

        Liv πŸ˜†

        P.S Make sure you also keep leaving awesome replies and comments on the blog.

      • Hey Miss Jordan,

        Thanks for the reply, even though there has already been a lot of replies!! And Liv and I have been having a lot of conversations, and the topic Winter, slowly fades from our conversations.

        Thanks for telling me what you searched up on PhotoPin, I will try to find that picture because I think it is gorgeous.

        I think I was in grade one when my family was going to go to the snow but in the end we didn’t.

        -11.7 degrees celcius makes a lot more sense than just 11.7 degrees celcius. Thanks for that tip, ‘cos I was really confused.

        I will have a great time for the rest of the holidays, my brother and I have been watching a show on abc3 that we think is really good. That should keep us occupied ❗ ❗

        I was wondering if you have your pen license, can you use a black pen as well as a blue ❓

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Haille :mrgreen:

  3. Dear Miss Jordan and 4KJ,

    Thanks for putting up this post and sharing the information to the world. I found that very interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

    I am so sorry I didn’t get a chance to look at the blog earlier it was just I went to hire some DVD’s and get a Chocolate Sunday from McDonald’s.

    Sometimes I like to sit down with my family, have the heater going and drink Hot Chocolates. It is a really good memory and I ♥ it.

    My favorite season (seasons) are: Summer and Autum. The reason I like Summer is because my family lets my brother and I play with the hose and play on the Slipn’ Slide.

    I like Autum because my birthday is in that month and as Hallie said it is not to hot or to cold. I love the seasons and they are a very great thing.

    I also like Summer because I always get to wear shorts and a T-shirt but my mum says it is too cold in Winter.

    I just don’t get cold because I am so used to the (cold) wind blowing on me so I get too hot but I have to obey my mum’s rules.

    I have had lots of fun reading this post so thanks to Miss Jordan for coming up with the idea.

    I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your holidays and have so much fun with the work in Term Three ❗

    I m going to look forward to playing football on Monday and getting a free show bag. It will also be cool to go to Melbourne again next Thursday.

    Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Hey Liv,

      Thanks for the comment even though it wasn’t exactly to me. I realized that you didn’t spell Ice-cream Sundae correctly, that is how you spell it.

      When we were playing on the Slip ‘n’ Slide in Summer once, my little cousin jumped on the end and POPPED it. I was really upset, but he is only little.

      Remember that there is a class called 4KM, because you didn’t say that in your greeting, that’s why I said that the comment wasn’t really to me.

      My birthday is in Autumn as well, it is in March ( the 1st month of Autumn).

      I am really looking forward to term three, and I am also looking forward to Mr Bao teaching us ❗ ❗

      Are you in a football team or do you just play with your family ❓ I don’t really know how to play football, but I am really good at kicking a football and enjoy playing Markers Up.

      Got 2 Gallop ♥ ,
      ♥ Haille ♥ :mrgreen:

      • Hi Haille,

        Thanks for the comment back to me. I think playing football is really fun.

        Today it is a Clinic and I normally play football with my brother and dad.

        My dad said he might let me play in a rel team because he has noticed how I have been enjoying it.

        It is my favorite sport and I am always outside playing with my brother.

        My birthday is in May so it is in Autumn as well. I like it because it is not to hot or to cold.

        Thanks for telling me I had spelt Chocolate Sundae wrong.

        I will remember that for next time when I spell it.

        Got to gallop,
        Liv πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

        • Hey Liv,

          I didn’t exactly know how to spell it correctly either, but I just knew that the way you spelt it wasn’t right.

          As I said before I don’t know how to play football, but I sort of want to learn how to. I have this feeling that I would be pretty good at it.

          Is the clinic that you go to just called ‘Clinic’ ❓ Or does it have a different name ❓

          Got 2 Gallop,
          Haille :mrgreen:

          P.S You are really good at commenting.

          • Hi Hallie,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I think that you were right the way you spelt it first and I new it.

            Thanks for saying I am good at commenting.

            You are too so great job.

            Keep going as well.

            I am in love with football and could play it all day if was allowed and weren’t busy.

            Thanks again for your rely.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Liv πŸ˜†

            • Hey Liv,

              Thanks for the thanks for the reply. Did you notice what I said and do you get it ❓

              Have you noticed that the blog was changed to 4KJ’s Class Blog ❓ I only just noticed that ❗

              I am probably in love with hockey and horse riding. I do them both every week.

              Got 2 Gallop,
              Haille :mrgreen:

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I hope you’re all enjoying your winter holidays. It’s hard to believe we are now in the middle of the break.

    I wonder how many of you chose winter as your favourite season, or perhaps summer, autumn or spring? I had to think about the answer to this.

    I enjoy the longer days of summer because I have more time to be out hiking or taking photos. In autumn the air cools and colours can change . Winter brings short days and cold nights yet there is often a stillness to the air not seen in summer. Finally spring brings the season of new life and colourful flowers.

    Which then is my favourite? Whatever season I’m in. There’s always more to discover as the seasons change and the years pass. below is a link to share some photos of why I like each season.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Hello Ross,

      Thanks for leaving a comment for us. I think that must have taken you a little while to get the ideas copy the links and all the other stuff.

      Thanks for making me want to know more about the seasons because, I clicked on the link and it took me to your blog.

      I will be sure to leave a comment on it after this. You said a lot of information about each season.

      When I went to the link and read about each season I was blown away because what you had written was right and it gave me information and facts about them.

      I think it was very nice of you to write a post for us on your blog and then give us the link so I am going to be leaving a comment for sure.

      My favorite seasons are Summer and Autum . Summer: I like Summer because when it is hot I get to ply outside with my brother under the hose.

      Autum: I like Autum because my birthday is in May which is in Autum.

      Thanks again for the comment but I want to ask you some questions. (I didn’t get what you meant which season am I in.) ➑

      Does it mean we have to try and guess, which season you are in ❓
      Can you give us a hint if so ❓

      Keep blogging,
      Olivia πŸ˜†

    • Hello Olivia,

      There isn’t much of a mystery to my season as, just like you, I’m in Australia but across the border in New South Wales. Rather than having you guess, I was trying to say there are things in all seasons I like and, of course, things in all seasons I might not like. For my hobby of photography, I like to capture the different moods of the seasons so I thought I would share a few photos from my collection.

      Some posts can take a long time but the seasons post didn’t take very long. I have started on a new post for a class in Sydney. It will take a long time because I may have to many add links, some drawings and information and possibly animations or video clips. It will be about a visit by Year 3/4 Sydney classes to an observatory. I have no idea how long it may take because they have asked many questions of their readers.

      I can give you a link to the class post but it might take a day or two for my post to be ready…

      Ross Mannell

      • Hi Ross,

        Thanks for your wonderful comment. I l♥ved the information.

        I am sorry I didn’t understand what you meant, I thought you meant we had to try and guess.

        I had a look at your blog just to let you know and I am going to have a look again to see if you have replied.

        The post you are writing sounds very interesting and I am sure I will leave a comment.

        I hope one of the students from the class you are writing the post for, will leave a comment for you because you have gone to all of this effort.

        Got to Gallop,
        Liv πŸ˜†

    • Hello Olivia,

      There was no need to apologise for your confusion. I didn’t make the reason for the post clear so the fault was mine. πŸ™‚

      The post for the other class has been started but is still a long way off finished. πŸ™‚

      Ross Mannell
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

      • Hi Ross,

        Thanks for saying I didn’t need to apologise I just thought it would be nice.

        I would love to read you new post but I can wait as long as it takes.

        It will be a great post because it has taken you so long so then I will be leaving a comment for sure.

        I have to go because I have something to do and I have to get ready for football.

        Liv πŸ˜† :mrgreen:

        P.S Remember how I said was going to write a post up after the Football Clinic so you might want to check it out for me and be the first to leave a comment.

  5. Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted o let you all know I wrote a new post on my blog this morning about the Footy Clinic I went to yetsterday.

    It would be great if someone could leave me a comment and be the first. By the way this post is really cool and I have learnt lots of facts already.

    Thanks Miss Jordan for writing it and everyone have fun with the rest of your holidays, enjoy the break and enjoy the sunshine.

    Got to Gallop,
    Liv πŸ˜†

    • Hey Liv,

      I think once I have finished this comment I will check out your blog. I might also start a post too.

      It must have been really fun at the footy clinic too.

      Got to go see your blog,
      Haille :mrgreen:

      • Hi Hallie,

        I am in a really big rush because I am using my mum’s internet and I don’t want to use it all.

        Don’t worry about checking my blog you don’t really have to but it would be great.

        Make sure you get a break before you go checking any blogs.

        Got 2 gallop,
        Liv πŸ˜†

        • Hey Liv,

          I have already checked out your blog and left a comment, don’t worry too, I have had a LOT of breaks.

          You have got to remember how to spell my name, but I know you were in a rush.

          Got 2 Gallop,
          Haille :mrgreen:

          • Hi Haille,

            Thanks for noticing I was in a rush and didn’t have time to read over it.

            I will make sure I have plenty of time next time.

            I hope you have enjoyed the holidays and will have a terqiffic time with Mr. Bao.

            He sounds like a really cool teacher to have.

            I gope you will enjoy having him and I hope you get a new blog because as I see this says 4KJ’s blog.

            Thanks for sharing your info.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Liv πŸ˜†

            • Hello Liv,

              I also noticed that this blog is just 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School. As I said before.

              I will enjoy Mr Bao teaching us and he inspired me to start doing origami.

              Sorry this is a short comment but;

              Got 2 Gallop,
              Haille :mrgreen:

  6. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Just to let everyone know, I have just finished a blog post on my blog, and if you want to, feel free to leave a comment.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Haille :mrgreen:

    • Hello,

      I hope you don’t mind that I got the idea of saying on the blog that I have a new post up.

      And I hope everyone has soooooooooo much fun for the rest of their holidays.

      Got 2 Gallop.
      Haille :mrgreen:

      • Hi Hallie,

        I am so sorry but in your other comment I didn’t get what you meant when you gave me the tip about the reply comment.

        That is why I didn’t reply to them. Thanks also for the reply.

        That is OK if you copy what I said because when I was in grade two I always had good ideas for everyone.

        Of course I didn’t want to share them all so I kept it to myself and people copy me.

        I used to dob on them and say to my teacher everyone copies me and I don’t like it can you please tell them to stop.

        My teacher would say, ‘You have great ideas that inspire people so they want to use the idea too.

        I used to get so angry but now I understand why they copied me.

        I hope you also enjoy your holidays but now I have to go because I am in Melbourne and I am using my mum’s internet so I have to go.

        Bye for now,
        Liv πŸ˜†

        • Hey Liv,

          Well, by the other tip I meant; If there is no reply button after a comment because they are getting too thin from the conversations. You can go to the comment before and click the reply button, it would end up at the bottom because it was the last comment anyway. Do you understand now ❓

          Thanks for the GREAT reply, keep it up ❗ ❗

          Got 2 Gallop,
          Haille :mrgreen:

          P.S I am sort of going to miss working with 4KJ.

          • Hi Haille,

            Thanks for the reply to me. I think it was great too.

            No I am sorry I still don’t understand what you mean but I will try it.

            I think it will work if you know how to do it.

            I am afraid if I am going to try it on another comment then I better go now. πŸ˜‰

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Liv πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  7. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    My favpuret season is summer because
    You can go in your pool and put ice in your drinks.
    what I like about winter is that you can get a lot
    Of blacets and put them on you.You can also have
    Hot coclet.

    from Alisha

    • Hi Alisha,

      That was a very nice comment.

      I love to have Hot Chocolate because it is yum and it keeps me and maybe other people hot and nice and warm.

      Great job and keep up your comments! πŸ˜€

      Got 2 Gallop,
      Liv πŸ˜†

  8. Hi 4KJ,

    Isn’t this post interesting ❓ I think it is and I have learnt lots true facts and they very interesting to me.

    As I see the blog has changed to just 4KJ. I think it looks cool and of course different because the photos aren’t all the same anymore and neither is the name.

    In Winter I like to drink hot chocolates, play games inside and outside and lastly play outside in the rain when it does rain if that makes sense.

    I was wondering do you like to do that in Winter as well ❓

    I hope you can all get a good rest before the holidays end because it is back to school very soon and I have lots of information to share and I am sure you guys all do as well.

    I hope and think we will still get comments from 4LB but they might be doing other things as well.

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Liv πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

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