Farewell, Mrs Morris!

Today is the last day of Term Two. It is also the last day of school for Mrs Morris, as she is expecting a baby girl in a few weeks!

Mrs Morris has been teaching at Leopold Primary School for nine and a half years and she has made a big impact on many students and teachers during that time. Mrs Morris has also made many connections with teachers and students from around the world through blogging collaborations. She is now looking forward to the new adventure of motherhood!

Mrs Morris and her husband, Nate, are very excited about the birth of their first child. To farewell Mrs Morris, we held a class party at school yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the activities, games and party food, and Mrs Morris had fun sharing this special time with 4KM and 4KJ.


Miss Jordan asked some of Mrs Morris’s blogging buddies to record messages on this VoiceThread. Others are welcome to contribute too!

Here is a special message from Mrs Morris.

We welcome Mr Bao to Leopold Primary School as he takes over 4KM for the remainder of 2013.

Miss Jordan, 4KM, 4KJ and everyone at Leopold Primary School will miss you, Mrs Morris! We can’t wait to meet your baby girl!


We are all looking forward to a two week holiday after a very busy eleven weeks at school!

Term Three begins on Monday 15th July.


Leave a comment to farewell Mrs Morris!

Do you have any exciting holiday plans?

What are you looking forward to in Term Three at school?

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77 thoughts on “Farewell, Mrs Morris!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great post. I hope Mrs Morris enjoyed all of her presents yesterday and the events. Wasn’t it nice of Mrs Yollis to send something down to us.

    The class party yesterday was really fun and I wish it was here again today but of course we have the maths Day. Because I am a leader it will make it so much fun to teach new things to other people.

    I think Mrs Morris has done a wonderful job of teaching us so thank you very much. I have learnt lots and would love to learn much more.

    I think that 4KM will enjoy having Mr Bao because he sounds like a great teacher to have just like Mrs Morris is.

    I think my family are going to go up to Melbourne for a night towards the start of the holidays. I am also going to look forward to some blogging.

    As you all know I love to blog and it is my favorite thing to do on the computer. I will be doing lots of it too.

    In Term Three I am looking forward to learning more about our ties tables because I need to work on them. I will also look forward to writing more blog posts.

    It has been a wonderful Term with Mrs Morris and I have sent her lots of emails.

    I hope you have fun with your baby girl Mrs Morris and good luck with looking after her. I think your presents you got from people will help you lots.

    Farewell Mrs Morris,
    Liv πŸ˜† πŸ™

      • Hi Molly,

        Thank you so much for being the first to reply to me. I don’t think anyone else will so thanks.

        I have been thinking about Mrs Morris every night before I go to bed and I have also been sending her Emails.

        Yes Mrs Morris will like all of her presents and I thought myself that they were cool.

        Baby Morris should also enjoy the clothes people brought for her.

        They were all so cute and I wish they fit me. πŸ˜₯ πŸ™

        have fun with the rest of your holidays and keep up the awesome comments.

        Got to gallop,
        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

  2. Hi 4KM & 4KJ,

    I ma really going to miss Mrs Morris a lot, but I am also looking forward to Mr Bao teaching us.

    I hope Mrs Morris has a wonderful time with her baby girl and finds the perfect name for her.

    What name did you suggest on the pink bit of paper ❓ I suggested Sydney.

    On the holidays I am going to my nan and pa’s house, they live all the way in Portland which is 3 hours away. My brother and two of my cousins are coming as well.

    In term 3 I am looking forward to Mr Bao teaching us, Bike Ed Camp and learning about plants in action. I am also looking forward to Mr Bao teaching us origami and Chinese.

    Is anyone else looking forward to learning about plants in action ❓

    Next term I think I will try to times higher numbers by higher numbers. What are you going to try to get better at next term?

    Got 2 Gallop,
    Haille :mrgreen:

    • Dear Haille,

      Great comment.

      I am going to miss Mrs Morris a lot too.

      The name I suggested was Marabell Joelin

      In the holidays I am going to my grandma’s house and playing on my netbook.

      Next term I am looking forward to Mr Bao teaching us,the Bike Camp and more.

      Next term I will try to get my pen license.


      • Hi Molly,

        Nice comment. Looks like you beat me to replying to Hallie. I tried it this morning on my iPod and it didn’t work.

        It was 12 paragraphs long and it said lots of things I wanted to say.

        Oh well at least now I have learnt my lesson about trying to leave a comment on my iPod.

        I think saying good-bye to Mrs Morris was a little too hard because she was a wonderful teacher.

        Have fun with Mr Bao and I am sure 4KJ will get to wok with him as well.

        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

          • Hey Molly,

            Don’t be sorry that my comment didn’t work.

            It was my fault because I should have done it on my laptop.

            I just got another laptop from my mum by the way.

            She got it for me before we the netbook program was here.

            I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

            I know I am and I am gong to the movies tomorrow and on Friday.

            It will be great fun.

            Have fun and are you going to the movies ❓

            Imagin if you were and we saw each other, We were watching the same movie and we were next to each other without knowing.

            How funny ❗

            I wish you all the best with your new teacher Mr Bao.

            Keep up the great blog comments.

            Got to gallop,
            Liv πŸ˜† ♥

      • Hi ♥ Molly,

        Thanks for replying to me.

        I hope that next term you will get your pen licence. The name you suggested was really nice.

        I will also be playing on my mum’s mac.

        Does anyone in your family have a mac book ❓

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Haille :mrgreen:

        • Hey Hallie,

          Nice to see you leaving replies to other people.

          I don’t know what a mac is so could you please leave me a reply and tell me ❓

          Have fun with the rest of your holidays and keep doing all of your wonderful blogging.

          Got to gallop,
          Liv πŸ˜† ♥ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

          • Hi Liv,

            Of corse I would reply to people if the conversation started out with me.

            A mac is an apple laptop.

            I’m gonna have a great holiday and I hope that you will too.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Haille :mrgreen:

            • Hi Hallie,

              Thanks for the great reply.

              Thanks also for telling me what a mac is.

              I hope you have fun on it.

              I have two laptops because my mu got me one from her work.

              Great to also hear you are going to have a great holiday.

              I am going to the movies tomorrow to see Despicable Me 2.

              It looks really cool.

              I am going to enjoy it a lot.

              Enjoy using the mac.

              Have fun for the rest of the holidays.

              Kiddy up Barney,
              Liv πŸ˜†

            • Hi Liv,

              Just so you know, my name is spelt like HAILLE.

              My mum and I might go to the movies to see Monsters Inc University.

              Haille :mrgreen:

        • Dear Haille,

          Thanks for the reply.

          No I do not have anyone in my family that has a mac book.

          What will you enjoy most about Mr Bao.

          From your friend,

          • Hi Molly,

            I am looking forward to the maths lessons with Mr Bao.

            I really like mac books, they are my favourite.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Haille :mrgreen:

    • Hi Haille,

      Thank you for your name suggestion. Nate and I had lots of fun reading all the ideas!

      I hope you have a good time in Portland.

      I know you’re going to have a fabulous term with Mr Bao. There is lots to look forward to!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

      • Dear Mrs Morris,

        It is great to see you also on the blog just like us students.

        I think it is very sad to say good-bye to you but I know you will come back and visit us.

        I hope you can find the right name for your baby girl and then think it is great to have.

        I also enjoyed our class party because I got to meet Nate and he was very nice.

        I thought it was very funny when he had to draw the baby on the class room because I don’t think we would normally see that.

        Thanks again for being a really fun teacher ❗

        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

      • Hello ♥ Mrs Morris,

        Did you and Nate find a good name for your baby girl or do you want to think of your own ❓

        I will have a great time in Portland, but the other day I found out that my cousins aren’t actually coming with us. πŸ™

        Got 2 Gallop,
        Haille :mrgreen:

        • Hi again Hallie,

          I think your comments are getting better and better.

          I also think that it would be sad to think you are going somewhere with someone and then it turns out they aren’t coming with you after all. 😯

          Have fun with the blogging and the rest of your holidays coming up ahead. πŸ˜‰

          Got to gallop,
          Liv πŸ˜†

          • Hello Liv (once again),

            Thank you and I don’t think that your comments could get any better.

            I was pretty upset when I foundout that my cousins weren’t coming with me, but I think my brother would have been way more upset.

            I have put up a new post on my blog if you want to see it, but I won’t put a link to it because I am terrible at it. But it is on the side bar if you do want to see it. It is about paper toys that I got in grade two.

            Got 2 Gallop,
            Haille :mrgreen:

            • Hi again Hallie,

              Thanks for yet another great reply.

              Why would your brother have been more upset than you ❓

              I think it would be a bummer but still fun to go.

              Thanks for the note about your blog post I am free right now so I will check it out.

              Great to see you a;ways leaving comments on the blog.

              Have fun with the rest of your holidays.

              I am so sorry this was a shot comment.

              Kiddy up Barney,
              Liv πŸ˜†

            • Hello Liv,

              Once again my name is spelt like HAILLE.

              My brother would probably be mor upset because always loves to see them. I do too but he is just soooooooooo good to and with them.

              Got 2 Gallop,
              Haille :mrgreen:

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Thank you for sharing your party on the blog! It was the next best thing to being there. I am sure you are all going to miss Mrs. Morris so much, but I also know you will be in her thoughts too.
    I hope you give a warm welcome to Mr. Bao when you return from your school vacation.
    What do you want to know about Mr. Bao? What will you miss most about Mrs. Morris?
    From your buddy in Seattle, WA,
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs Hembree,

      Thank you for the comment.

      All of 4KM and 4KJ will miss Mrs Morris very much.

      Mr Bao loves maths,he is from china,he has no siblings and he likes to do origami.

      The thing I will miss the most about Mrs Morris is that she is kind and considerate of others.


    • @ Mrs Hembree,

      I wish you could have joined us at the party! We had a wonderful time. There were fun games, delicious food and beautiful presents. I was very spoilt!

      @ Molly,

      Thank you for replying to Mrs Hembree. It’s great that Mr Bao has already told you a little bit about himself. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know each other more next term.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hey Mrs Morris,

        How nice of you to reply to Molly and Mrs Hembree.

        I think that Mrs Hembree would have loved to be at the party with us as well because it was all of those things you said.

        It was a wonderful time and taking the rest of our food to it as well was really fun.

        You will love your new baby girl in those clothes you gt and yes yo were very spoilt.

        Have fun,
        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

  4. Dear Mrs. Morris,

    Congratulations on having a baby soon! I hope you enjoy your daughter and will come back to teaching soon. We will really miss seeing you on blogger. Please give us updates on your new baby.

    Miriam and Sarah

    • Hello Miriam and Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your comment on our blog. I think you left a wonderful comment for Mrs Morris and I am sure she will reply to it very soon.

      I also wish Mrs Morris all the best with her new baby girl and I am also sure she will send you updates of her.

      Thank you very much again and keep up your wonderful comments ❗

      Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Hi Miriam and Sarah,

      How great to hear from two of my favourite US student bloggers!

      Thank you for offering your congratulations.

      I’m very excited about meeting my baby girl. I hope in the future she loves learning as much as you two do. πŸ™‚

      Watch this space for baby updates!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

      • @ Mrs Morris,

        Thank you so much for also replying to Miriam and Sarah. I think it was very nice of them to leave comments.

        I am also sure they will keep looking at this space to find out the updates.

        I wish you all the best with your new baby girl and I hope you can come up with a name for her.

        Liv :lol:♥

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ again,

    Last time when I left the comment on the blog I didn’t get time to look at the voice thread so now I will say what I thought of it.

    Mrs Morris had a wonderful message in the message at the bottom was very nice and I enjoyed watching it. The one with all of the messages above the bottom one was so nice and everyone left great messages.

    It is good to hear everyone has enjoyed meeting Mrs Morris and Mrs Y♥llis was very nice by saying she enjoyed meeting you in person.

    I think they were all so nice and everyone you know will miss your wonderful teaching.

    I hope you you have a wonderful time with Nate and enjoy baby Morris.

    Best whishes and luck,
    Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Hi Liv,

      Thanks for your lovely message!

      I am glad you liked the VoiceThread. Like you, I thought Mrs Yollis’ message was very special. She was right when she said we had a great time meeting in person last year!

      I look forward to introducing you to my baby girl next term.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris,

        I am sure you will have lots of fun with your new baby girl when she is born.

        Thanks for replying to my comment by the way.

        I think that everyone had a great time on Thursday. I had fun meeting Nate because he was really nice.

        I hope you have the best time ever with your baby girl and find the perfect name for her.

        Best Whishes,
        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ
    it seems that you gave Mrs Morris an unforgettable farewell, but it’s good to hear that you are excited to get to know your new teacher too. I hope he is into blogging!

    I look forward to reading updates about Baby Morris as the year goes by. It will be exciting to find out what the baby will be called! With my first daughter I knew what her names would be long before she arrived, but with my second daughter we didn’t finally decide on her full name until she was a couple of days old!

    I hope you all have fabulous holidays and I look forward to connecting with you again next term.

    @Mrs Morris – I hope you get lots of rest in the next couple of weeks!

    warm wishes from your buddy in B4, New Zealand
    Mrs McKenzie

    • Dear Mrs Mckenzie and B4,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think it was lovely of you to leave a message on the voice thread.

      I listened to them all and I am sure Mrs Morris would have loved them all and said something nice to everyone who said something on there.

      I am sure Mrs Morris will also get lots of rest in the holidays because that is normally when the teacher and students take a long break.

      I am also sure Mrs Morris will see your comment and reply to it as soon as she can.

      I wish you all the best with your holidays and make sure you also get a good break like us.

      Best wishes,
      Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Dear Mrs McKenzie,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      I always enjoy hearing what people call their babies too. I didn’t know it would be such a difficult task until I was pregnant myself!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris,

        Thank for all of your wonderful comments on the blog. ❗

        I have enjoyed reading them all and replying to nearly all of the commenters on our blog.

        It is a very great thing to do, I find it fun and as I have said before it fills in so much time but I also go on bike rides with my mates.

        I also just got back from one. Have fun with your little baby girl.

        Best wishes,
        Liv πŸ˜†

  7. Dear Mrs Morris,

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of your baby girl soon with all your wonderful students.

    May you enjoy this next chapter of your life. The joys of been a mum is the best thing.
    I know you and Nate will make great parents.

    All the very best Mrs Morris.

    From AA πŸ™‚

    • Dear AA,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I think Mrs Morris will l♥ve your wishes.

      I am also sure she will get back to you ASAP. (As Soon as Possible ❗ )

      I think she will enjoy being a mum and she said she was going to come back and see us when her new baby girl is born.

      I hope she can come up with a name that will suit her baby girl and I also hope she enjoys all of her cloths.

      It will be great to see Mrs Morris again soon when she has her baby girl.

      I thank you again for your comment and keep up the great work and comments ❗

      Got to Gallop,
      Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Dear AA,

      Thank you for your lovely wishes. I have the baby record book that you and BB kindly gave me all ready to go!

      I hope you and BB enjoy the holidays!

      Best wishes,
      Kathleen Morris

      • Hi again Mrs Morris,

        Great to see you replying to AA. I like her name because it is one I have never heard of before.

        When you say BB that sounds cool to but I still like AA. I hope you have fun with your new baby girl.

        I am sorry I have been replying to you when you have been replying to other people.

        I do it because it is fun and I enjoy learning from other people.

        They say lots of cool things that inspire me. I love it so thanks peeps.

        You are also one of them Mrs Morris because you have taught me so much I can’t say them all.

        When you came to the maths day it looked like you were also enjoying it as well as everyone else.

        It was a great day and it was fun to have it on the last day of Term Two.

        Thanks for being there to help me and the other students learn so many new things and may you rest in peace over the holidays with your new baby girl.

        Kiddy Up Barney,
        Liv πŸ˜†

  8. Dear Mrs Morris,
    CONGRATS! For your new baby.
    We are all going to miss you soo much!
    I wish you have a great time with your baby girl and being a gret mother.

    I am going to miss you soo much!

    Welcome to motherhood,

    • Hi Princess,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment to Mrs Morris. She is getting lots of awesome comments from students and she is going to get one from me in a second.

      I am sure she will pick the right name for her baby and she will be so cute and enjoy her clothes.

      I hope Mrs Morris and Nate will have the best time ever with their new baby girl.

      I also think and hope she will like her clothes and look so cute in them as well.

      Have fun with your holidays and enjoy your big long break.

      Got to gallop,
      Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Hi Princess,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful messages.

      I am going to miss all the students in 4KM and 4KJ. I hope to see you soon and of course Miss Jordan will keep me up to date with what is happening in the classroom.

      Happy holidays,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris,
        Thanks for you great comment!
        Sorry if I spelt Great wrong!

        I also made a post about you on my blog you can comment on that if you want! Only if you have time though you don’t need to.

        Happy Holidays to you too,

      • Hi Mrs Morris,

        Good to hear Miss Jordan will give you the updates of our class-room.

        I will send you some Emails in my spare time so I hope you get them.

        It is good to hear you will miss all of 4KM and 4KJ because then that means you have enjoyed teaching us.

        I hope you get which way I mean that by the way because it is not good that you are going to miss us but you know what I mean.

        have fun and best wishes,
        Liv πŸ˜†

  9. Hi again Mrs Morris,

    I have tried many times to make a saying on the Voice Thread but it will not work so I have just typed a message. I hope you like it ❗

    You will have a wonderful time with your new baby Morris and I am also sure you will find the perfect name for her.

    She will be so cute and cuddly that you won’t want to put her down. That is my guess about her but I may be wrong.

    Have the best time of your life and I also hope you can learn more about having a baby so then you can tell other people.

    Got to gallop,
    Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    P.S I hope I am not sending you too many comments. 😳

      • Hi Molly,

        You left a great comment there. Thanks for saying it was a sweet message for Mrs Morris.

        I think you are doing great with your comments on this post so keep up the great work.

        I think that the holidays have been great so far what about you ❓

        I am going to be going to the movies tomorrow and on Friday.

        It will be great fun to see movies again because I love the cinemas.

        Got to gallop,
        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

    • Hi Liv,

      Thanks for your VoiceThread comment. I loved it!

      Thanks also for replying to all our commenters. It’s very thoughtful of you.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris,

        Thanks for saying it s very thoughtful of me to reply to all of our commenters.

        i think it is very fun and it fills in lots of time for me ❗

        I love to blog and I always will because it is a chance for me to share my thoughts with other people.

        Have the best time with your first baby and make sure you get the rest you deserve.

        I hope you don’t have to wake up to much during the night so good luck with that part of it.

        Best Wishes/ Got To Gallop/ Kiddy Up Barney,
        Liv πŸ˜† ♥

        P.S Enjoy your holidays and I am glad you liked my message so thanks.

  10. Dear Mrs Morris,
    Hope you have a great time being a mother and having your first ever child!
    4KM and 4KJ will miss you! Especially me!

    I hope you are always safe and never get sick.

    Welcome to Motherhood,

    • Hi Princess,

      Keep up those wonderful blog comments. I am having fun replying to them all so good job.

      It is very sad saying good bye to Mrs Morris. πŸ™ πŸ˜₯

      She was such a great teacher and taught me lots of new things. I think 4KM will enjoy having Mr Bao very much.

      Kiddy up Barney,
      Liv πŸ˜†

      P.S Barney is MY horse.

  11. Dear Mrs Morris,

    I will miss you very much and I would like to say good luck and I will miss you very much.

    You have been a great teacher for the last two terms.


    • Hi Molly,

      Mrs Morris will see this comment I am sure. I am typing very fast because I am in a big rush/hurry.

      Great comment by the way and keep them up because I like replying to them all. ❗

      Kiddy Up Barney,
      Liv πŸ˜†

    • Hi Molly,

      Thanks for your lovely message. You have been a great student and I have definitely enjoyed teaching you!

      Happy holidays,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris,

        Thanks for being ready to reply to all of these comments on this post.

        I think it is so sad to say good bye to you but but at the same time it will be fun to meet Mr Bao.

        I would like to know if we will still do spelling the same way ❗

        I will ask Miss Jordan when we get back to school next term.

        Have fun with your baby girl and I wish you all the best with night times.

        All the best,
        Liv πŸ˜†

  12. Dear Mrs Morris,
    It is so sad that you are leaving to have your baby girl. I am very happy for you that you are having a baby girl. When Mrs McCullogh went to have her baby girl it felt like Miss Waterson was out fill in teacher .Miss Waterson is an awesome teacher too. I hope you still continue to blog. In Term 3 I am looking forward to doing more projects :D.



    • Hey BB,

      Thanks for commenting!

      Mrs Morris seems very happy about her girl that is due soon!.

      I am looking forward to camp in Term 3.

      Sorry for the short reply,

      • Hi Jordi,

        I am sure BB would have liked your comment and I hope she can look at the blog again soon.

        Thanks also for the comment because now I have something to do.

        I was wondering if you had a new blog post but I can find that out because I am going to look at it.

        Have fun with the rest of your holidays and make sure you get a good break.

        Keep up the great comments,
        Liv πŸ˜†

  13. Dear Mrs Morris!

    You are the best teacher ever.

    Farewell and good luck with your baby… I have know clue what it would be like having a baby around but it might be fun.?

    Thank you for teaching me in 2KM and half of the year in 4KM.

    On the holidays I have enjoyed riding my horses and falling off Molly and Smokey!

    Enjoy your holidays,

    • Hi Jordi,

      I saw that you said you have had FUN FALLING OFF Molly and Smokey. How could that have been fun ❓

      I have never fallin’ off a horse maybe because I have only ever been on one twice.

      They are all very fun to ride on and I would do it any time of a day. They are also very cute.

      Happy Holidays,
      Liv πŸ˜†

    • Hi Jordi,

      Thanks for your comment. I think it will be fun having a baby….and hard work at the same time!

      I have loved teaching you and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed our time together too.

      Happy holidays!
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris!

        You are the best teacher…

        Thanks for replying. I have been very busy horse riding these holidays as I am trying to go to Pony Club and compete.

        Tomorrow I am riding the horses down to the block and if its warm enough I can go swimming in the dam! πŸ™‚


        • Hi Jordi,

          It sounds like you have been very busy.

          I hope the Pony Club works out. I wonder if you got to swim in the dam. It has been pretty cold!

          Enjoy the last few days of your holiday,

          Mrs Morris

          • hi Mrs Morris,

            Thanks for the reply!

            It was to cold to swim in the dam but I was cantering around the paddock all day that day! It was allot of fun!

            Thanks for teaching me for half of the year in grade 4 and the whole year in grade 2,

            Your former student,

  14. Dear Mrs Morris,
    I am very sorry about the other comment I wrote it was because I was doing the other comment on my I pod Touch and I forgot to to check for spelling mistakes etc.

    I am so excited that you are having a baby girl. I also am going to miss you. I hope we can still contact each other VIA email.

    I hope to see a photo of your baby girl. Here is a couple of name suggestions Molly, Charlotte, Loren and Scarlett.

    In Term 3 I am looking forward to doing more projects.

    From your former student,


    • Hello BB,

      Thanks for your comment. I think it was very nice of you to explain to Mrs Morris why you started to write this one instead.

      I always have fun writing comments on my iPod but most of the time is doesn’t work so I just leave it alone.

      I sometimes also need to remember to re-read my comments before submitting them to.

      Thanks again for your lovely message to Mrs Morris and I am sure she will get back to you ASAP.

      Keep up the great comments and reply’s on our blog BB.

      Got to Gallop,
      Liv πŸ˜†

    • Hi BB,

      Thanks for your comments. Don’t worry, sometimes I forget to check my spelling and grammar too!

      Thank you for the name suggestions! It’s hard to think of a good name but it’s fun at the same time.

      I bet it took a while to get used to having a new teacher but I’m glad to hear you like Miss Waterson! She seems lovely.

      It will be great to stay in touch with you and your mum.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Morris

  15. Dear Mra Morris.
    I will always remember you and you will
    Always be in my hert ❀I will miss you a lot

    From Alisha,

  16. Dear Mrs Morris,
    Little message for your precocious baby girl who grow up to be a big beautiful angel.

    The important role of Motherhood will last your life through;
    This Angel gives you strength and love, She’s always there for you.

    Bye Mrs Morris,

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  18. What a lovely blog! I really liked to see the photos and all about the baby shower for Mrs Morris. And then to see photos of the baby when born. Lovely! I love babies, and am interested in education. So both of these fun things were on one blog. Hello to you all!

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