Billy Carts Incursion

Our inquiry topic at the moment is called “Smooth Moves“. We’re exploring how forces and motion affect movement.

To learn more about this topic, we had a special incursion about billy carts yesterday. We had lots of fun learning with our instructor, Brent.

Students were involved in a rotation of activities providing them with the skills and knowledge to safely build and drive a billy cart.

The four rotations were:

  • Design: designing a billy cart. Creativity was encouraged!
  • Workshop: building an object out of different materials,
  • Construction: making a billy cart from start to finish, and
  • Racing: driving a billy cart safely.

During the incursion the students learnt about using tools, driving techniques, knot tying, force, motion and more.

After we finished the four rotations, Brent chose the best boy driver and the best girl driver to have a race. He selected Andrew and Jess for their precision and speed. Andrew chose Jake and Liam as his pushers. Rochelle and Paris were chosen by Jess as her pushers.

It was then time for the boys V girls final race. Watch the video to see who won!

Here are some photos from the incursion.

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Have you ever made a billy cart? Do you think you’ll make one in the future?

What did you learn from this incursion?

Explain how force and motion affects the way a billy cart moves.

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37 thoughts on “Billy Carts Incursion

  1. Hello Smooth Movers!

    Looks like you had a fantastic time at this incursion! Well done to everybody who had a go!

    My pop helped my brother and I make a billy cart when we were little. It even had a compartment at the back to put things in! We loved it!

    I’m glad you’re all still having a great time learning about Smooth Moves!

    Keep smiling,
    Miss Smith

    • Hi Miss Smith,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on the 4KM and 4KJ blog.I enjoyed the incursion and I loved it.My favourite part was building a billy cart.There was 11 or 12 people in a group and there was boys and girls versing and we also raced to build and take it back down again.

      I really enjoyed it!

      Hope to see you soon,

      • Hi Eden,

        That would have been great to be able to help build it! I’m glad you had a great time.

        Miss Smith

    • Hi Miss smith

      We had lots of fun on the billy carts.
      I have never built a billy cart but I will try.

      Thanks for the comment

      • Hi Jack,

        I can imagine that you would have had a great time exploring with the billy carts!

        Thanks for the speedy reply,
        Miss Smith

    • Dear Miss Smith,

      4KM and 4KJ are missing you we would like you to come back with us. Great comment on our blog. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Some of the photos that we are in we are very happy, Brent was happy as well. Thank you for teaching us the Sooth Moves topic we really in joyed it. Lucy you tort us the Sooth Moves because Brent asked us some Smooth Moves questions. After we answered they Brent was impressed with all of us.

      in 4KJ

      • Hi Riley,

        That is fantastic to hear you all impressed him with your knowledge of Smooth Moves! I’m glad I was able to help 🙂

        Miss Smith

    • Hi Miss Smith,

      Thanks for the comment and it was so nice of you to leave a comment on the blog. I had fun doing the Billy Cart’s and I think you would liked doing it to.

      Best Wishes
      From Heather

      • Hi Heather,

        I certainly would have enjoyed the incursion with the billy carts! You will have to tell me all about it next time I visit.

        Take care,
        Miss Smith

    • Hey Miss Smith,

      Thanks fir the comment on our blog about how you used to ride a Billy Cart with your brother.

      I think that would have been fun and I wish I had one. Even though my friend from around the corner has one it would still be nice to have on of my own.

      I have always had fun with Billy Carts and I think that the events we did with Brent were so much fun I could do them all over again.

      I thank you so much for the comment on the blog and I can’t wait to see you again soon when we go on camp.

      From Liv ♥

    • Hi Miss Smith,

      Great comment and great to see you commenting on our class blog.

      I had a great time on the incursion and I think most of the other Smooth Movers had a great time. I once rode a Billy Cart at one of my friends house.

      It was about three years ago, it was very scary because we wern’t getting pushed. Gravity was pulling me down and I was going down a steep hill and I didn’t know how to steer.

      Now when I ride a Billy Cart I dont get scared, I now know how to steer a Billy Cart properly.

      A Smooth Mover from 4KJ
      Mitch C

  2. Dear Miss Smith,
    Thank you for leaving a comment. And you keep smiling to! Yeah we wish you come here to visit us!
    Well when I went to Chloe’s house we rode on her Billy Cart last year. It was soo fun! She called it xmas so yeah. We where to aloud go down the big hill.

    What colour was your Billy Cart?
    Where you on it everyday?
    Did your friends came over to play with it?

    Bye keep smiling and we miss you,

    • Hey Princess,

      Thanks for the reply back to Miss Smith I am sure she saw it but may not have had time to reply to it.

      Anyway I still saw it and I think that Miss Jordan would have too. I think that you left a great comment back to Miss Smith and she would have loved reading it.

      I think that if you went over to Chloe’s house and she had a Billy Cart you guys would have had lots of fun.

      I wish I was there with you guys but I guess you can’t have to many people because then it will go out of control.

      If you went down a big hill you could have hurt yourself right? I would love to do it but would not like to fall off and break a leg or something.

      I have just come back from netball with Ava and now I am at my Nan’s house. I am having lots of fun blogging because I get to have as much time as I want and need.

      My dad used to have one as you know because we are having a conversation together over down the bottom.

      I have so much more to say but I don’t want to have to make you keep reading and then think how long will this go on fro plus I have more replying to do.

      But just before I do go can I ask you to do something for me? Well on my blog there is a new background and I wanted to ask you if you could check it out and tell me if it suits. Would that be alright?

      Just tell me what you think and be honest. If you look at mine then I will look at yours now.

      From Liv ♥

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    great post!

    I loved the billy cart Incursion because i have never ride a billy cart but now i have it was doing the work shop activity because you could make what ever your wonted to.
    My favorite activity was racing a billy cart
    from Connor.l(4KJ):smile:

    • Hey Connor,

      Great comment to whoever was replying to it. I also thought that the Billy Cart incusion was fun. I did not know what you would be doing in the workshop because I thought you had I make something Brent told you to.

      I can’t wait tilll we do another thing like that because racing a Billy Cart I must say is pretty cool. I think that all of the events were fun and well played.

      I hope you had fun like very one else and tell me why was racing a Billy Cart your favourite?

      From Liv ♥

  4. Well done 4KM and 4KJ!! Great job during your Billy Cart Incursion! Brent said you were a fantastic group! We think the video is great – but do you think we should enforce a speed limit for you guys?! …..

    No way!!

    Best wishes,

    All the team at Supreme Incursions

    • Hey Guys,

      Thanks so much for the comment on our blog. I had a great time when we went to the Incursion and my friends and I could do it all over again.

      I liked the workshop because my friend Heather and I started to make whatever came into our minds and I must say when we had finished I think we did a pretty good job.

      It was so fun because the way Brent explained it to us was fantastic. I think you guys all put lots of effort into making this day be fun. And if you did it worked.

      I think my favorite would have to be riding the Billy Cart because not only did we have fun but we were learning at the same time.

      I also liked the Construct and the Deconstruct. Even though the boys won we were still learning how to screw things in and work well as a team.

      When we got to draw what our Billy Carts were going to look like I got so exited because we could put anything we wanted in them.

      the race was so funny to watch but I think that everyone who participated in it had great fun and would want to do it again.

      Thanks for a great day and I hope you come back again soon to have more fun with us.

      From Olivia ♥ (I am in 4KJ)

      • Hi Ovivia
        How is it?
        I was not when we did the billy carts
        It would be fun for me and evryone but I was no there

  5. Hello,
    Great post! I really like the photos on the post!
    Good job boys! And good job to girls. I went on their website lots of things to know about the billy carts.

    Keep commenting,

    • Hi Princess,

      Great to see you leaving a comment on be blog during reading groups? I had so much fun at the Billy Cart Incursion and I can’t wait to see something like it again.

      I think that Bent did a great job teaching us and put in a lot of effort to make all of the events fun and surprising.

      I think that my favourite would have to be riding a Billy Cart and I think that, that was lots of other people’s to. The reason I think that is because racing a Billy Cart is so much fun to do.

      My dad said when he was 16 he got a Billy Cart from one of his friends. He then said to me one day he was going really fast but not so it was out of control and he went to pull the brakes because it had them on it and he thought he had pulled them so he put his foot down on the ground and rolled his ankle.

      Anyway that is all I have time for and enjoy your day off today and Monday.

      From Liv ♥

        • Hey Princess,

          I like your ending to the comment. I enjoyed replying to your comment and that was no worry’s.

          Yes my dad said it did hurt and he said he even cried a little bit.

          It would be a terrible site but we can’t stop him from falling.

          He said he had done lots of other things that were similar and that they hurt more so it wasn’t to bad.

          I am having so much fun learning about Smooth Moves.

          It has taught me lots and most of all I enjoy doing it.

          It was so much fun with Miss Smith not that it isn’t now but I think that it was fun both ways.

          Everything we do is always fun and when I found out we were doing something in the school but about Billy Carts I got so exited.

          Even though there were only four different events they were all really fun.

          Thanks for the comment again and I hope to hear from you soon.

          From Liv ♥

  6. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    First up I have to say I l♥ved doing the billy carts incursion. It was interesting and the best of all fun. I can’t wait to do something like that again!

    I liked watching the photo’s play and I l♥ved watching the video! It was just bad luck that the girls didn’t win. But it was a great victory for the boys.:( – 🙂

    Just to say I like the idea how you said about how we have our own blogs and you can visit them if you like. I might have a go at something like that in the future. Very creative!

    I love the post- if I didn’t mention. It is set out well and you can understand it simple and easy. I l♥ve to read post like that because you can understand it really well. Great job!

    Q. have you ever made a billy cart? Do you think you’ll make one in the future?
    A. Yes. Well it’s kind of obvious because we made one while we were on our incursion.
    A2 for Q1. I am not sure! If we have the right materials I might make one in the future. 🙂

    Q. What did you learn from this incursion?
    A. Everything that a billy cart needs.I had really and truly know idea how a billy cart even worked! 😀

    Explain how force and motion affects the way a billy cart moves:
    A billy cart moves by a push or a pull. The push is usually by a human and so is the pull. It is usually pushed than pulled.

    I hope you keep blogging! And I also hope that you liked my comment!

    Got 2 gallop,
    Paris ♥ :mrgreen:

    • Hi Paris,

      Great comment on the post about Billy Carts. I think that this day was really fun and I can’t wait to go and do something like this again.

      I think that while it was being fun we were learning about Smooth Moves and that can help us a lot. I know I learnt about the friction between the Billy Carts wheels and the ground.

      I also had lots of fun and could do the day all over again. It was so much fun and I think that Brent put lots of effort into it and made sure we were going to enjoy it.

      Sorry about the short comment it is just I am going to my Nan’s house.

      From Liv ♥

      • Hi Liv,
        Thank you so much for your reply, I really appreciate it! Your a hard worker. :mrgreen:

        As you heard in my comment before, I so want to do it again. And again. And again. And again! 😳

        It can help us a lot, especially in the future. 🙂 What I am saying is that we might do a topic like this in the future but it is harder. 🙄 I have to say that I had NO idea what friction is until Miss Smith- ( the best student teacher ever!) told us!

        I have some questions:

        Did you enjoy the smooth moves topic that Miss Smith introduced us too? 😉

        What is your favourite smooth moves word (Surface, push, pull, etc)? 😉

        That’s all! 😀

        Giddy up Jester,
        Paris ♥

        • Hey Paris, (+ Jester)

          I like the way you ended your comment there.

          I think that you also have some great smiley faces in your comment and they are all ones I do not know how to do.

          I can’t believe we got to ride Billy Carts and learn about them. It was sooo cool.

          I think that it was so much fun when Miss Smith came to teach us and then introduce this awesome thing to us.

          My favorite words would have to be: Friction and Gravity because i like the way they sound.

          Thanks again for the reply and you + Jester are doing a great job with your blogging.

          I think that racing a Billy Cart was really cool and I would love to do it again.

          You leave such great blog comments they make me want to blog to you forever.

          Just to let you know I left a comment on your blog about how I wrote a post for you, Ava and Millie on my blog if you would like to check it out.

          I know you know how to get to it but the fastest way to do it would be to copy this URL:

          good luck with everything ahead of us and you tell Jester that I said to say he is a great horse to ride and he leaves great comments with you on the blog.

          Great job again Paris and Jester and keep on going with your great commenting.

          Q. What did you learn from the Billy Cart Incursion?
          A. I learnt that there is friction between the wheels and the ground.
          Q. Did you think pushing Jessica was fun?
          A. I would have loved to do that but I did not get chosen.
          Q. Do you know when you get to ride Jester?
          A. I am sorry I can’t answer that but I think that it would be lots of fun.

          Got to Gallop,
          Liv ♥

  7. Hi guys,
    I remember being in 4KM we had lots of fun with mrs Morris during last year and wish all the 4KM and 4KJ student well for bike Ed. Wow, nice post about Billy carts I bet it would have been fun decorating them. Please visit my blog my name is linked to it. Please leave a comment with your grade.

    See you!
    Your former student,
    Libby :mrgreen:

    • Hi Libby,

      You left a great comment for us on our blog. I think that I might have time to have a quick look at your blog but I don’t think I will get time to leave a comment.

      I am about to go and have a spa and a swim in a heated pool so I am sort of trying to get ready for that at the same time.

      I was wondering if you did a Billy Cart Incursion last year like us? It was lots of fun and Brent (The man who talked us through it) was really nice and had everything in the right order.

      It is good to hear you had fun with Mrs Morris last year and want to come bck but I always think that when I move classrooms.

      Have fun with you blogging up ahead and keep doing the great work you are.

      From Olivia ♥

  8. Hi 4KM and4KJ,

    Great post. The billy cart incursion was really fun!
    my favorite part was racing the billy carts and watching Jess and Andrew race each other at the end. I was really nervous for them.

    Keep up the great posts!
    From MIa

    • Hey Mia,

      I think that he Billy Cart Incursion was really fun and we always get lots of really fun people come and show us some things to learn. It is fun!

      I also think that racing he Billy Carts was fun and I can’t wait until we do something like this again. Whenever somebody comes the thing they show us is really fun and we always do it with each other.

      I think that Brent put lots of effort into this and I also think he had fun seeing us have fun as well as him. Riding a Billy Cart is always lots of fun because I ride with a friend from around the corner.

      What we do it her older brother ties a rope to his bike and we put our skat-board in the back and then get into the actuall Cart then Jackson darts to ride while a I steer us around.

      It is always lots if fun to ride a Billy Cart and I think we are doing it again tomorrow. Have fun wih lots more work and blogging ahead.

      Why was Riding a Billy Cart your favourite?
      Who were you with?

      From Liv ♥

      • Dear liv,
        I came in a bit late so I was told to go to the group that did the billy cart riding and I was with jordi and hayley.

        Also My favourite activity that I did was the riding a billy cart.


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    • Hello Jacob,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. I really in joyed the Billy cart activity as well. What did you make in the work shop activity?

      Did you have lots of fun. What was your faverit part? Did you want your billy cart lisents? do you think that you will build a billy cart with your mum or dad.


    • Hey Jacob,

      Great to hear you had fun with your mates. I think that it is nice of you to leave a comment on the blog.

      I also had fun on this day and I wish we could do it again and again.

      From Liv ♥

  10. Dear 4km and 4kj.
    I loved the billy carts incursion and the person who ran this incursion was called Brent. He taught 4km and 4kj how to make,disassemble,assemble and design a billy cart.

    Now I will answer the questions of this post.

    Q#1. Have you ever built a billy cart before.will you try to make one in the future.

    A#1 I hevent made a billy cart before and I will try my hardest to make one in the future.

    Q#2.What did you learn from this incursion.

    A#2. I have learned how make a billy cart.

    Q#3. EXPLAIN

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