New Inquiry Topic: Smooth Moves

This week, our student teachers, Miss Smith and Miss Mckeegan, launched our new inquiry topic. It is called Smooth Moves.

Smooth Moves is focussed on science, and it is about how forces and motion affect movement. It fits in very well with Bike Ed, which we will be doing later this term.

Miss Smith and Miss Mckeegan organised some fun learning tasks to help the students explore force and motion. We are also increasing our vocabulary by learning lots of new words about motion and forces.

Here is a short clip we watched about gravity and force.


The slideshow below shows the students learning in action!

Can you describe how the activities in the slideshow involved force and motion?

Can you explain what some of the words below mean?

motion, force, friction, push, pull, gravity, momentum

What have you learnt so far in our Smooth Moves topic?

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34 thoughts on “New Inquiry Topic: Smooth Moves

  1. Dear Class,
    I liked all the activities they were great.

    Making something move towards you

    making something move forwards or away

    moving your arms everywhere

    from shayla 🙂

    • Dear Shayla,

      Great comment on the blog. I think that all of the things we did were great and I am glad to hear you have learnt a lot.

      I did too and have learnt so much I can’t tell you it all. I am looking forward to going on with things and having even more fun. Are you?

      This is a really good topic for Inquiry and I think that whoever came up with it has lots more ideas for more things.

      I hope you can get back to me soon.

      From ♥livia

  2. Dear 4kM and 4KJ,

    momentum means energy that you have within thing that have motions in there body or machine,when you run you have momentum when you walk you have momentum.

    But how do you stop the momentum,when you run you have allot of momentum but when you want to stop you cant just stop instantly you have to take little steps to stop. But when you are walking you can just stop like that because you don’t have so much momentum in your legs.

    I can answer force, force is a motion that you have from your body. Not just from wind you can make something move with wind and gravity and with your hands you don’t need energy to do things it is your brain telling you to do that.

    Do you have any feedback?

    From your blogging buddy Logan P. 🙂

    • Hi Logan,

      Wow, you really have learnt a lot about forces and motion!

      You’re right about our brains sending our bodies messages, but this does require energy! Everything that moves requires some sort of energy!

      Keep up the good work!!

      From Miss Mckeegan

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Almost all of the activities have different forces and motions, the bowling’s force was pulling and pushing because you pull the ball backwards and you push the ball to roll to hit the pins, the dominoes’ force was pushing and pulling as well because you pull the dominoes out of the jar and you push the dominoes to make them all fall down and the cars force was pulling and pushing as well because you pull the cars up and you push the cars down.

    Motions means that you are pulling something or that you’re pushing something, forces are when something is moved by gravity and motion, push means that you’re pushing something one place to the other, pull means that you’re pulling something one place to the other, gravity means that something is staying on the ground or on a table.

    Yes, I have learnt something’s about our smooths moves topic, I learnt about all the different types of forces and motion and how they work.

    From your blogging buddy,
    😎 Loganm 😎

    • Dear Logan,

      You are doing great with the really great comments on the blog. I am so glad you do because then I can read them and reply if it is not to long and will go on forever.

      I think that the topic we have is really fun to do and I am so happy that it is one. I am looking forward to more learning about it.

      I have already learnt a lot about how things move and what forces mean.

      I think and hope you will be doing more great comment like this that people can reply to.

      Keep up the great comments and work in class.

      From ♥livia

  4. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    It’s Charlotte here what a great post, I had lots of fun with Miss Mckeegan doing the fun activities like the rolling can and all the fun games we did!

    When Mrs Morris said that our new topic was going to be smooth moves for a seconded I thought it was going to be smooth dance moves!

    Your blogging buddy,

    Charlotte 😆

    • Hi Charlotte,

      What a nice thing of you to say about the things we did. I also had fun and I am looking forward to Inquiry again today.
      Are you?

      I find it interesting when we learn a new topic and then try it out because there is so much to it that it makes me want to keep doing it.

      I also can’t wait to finish the drawings we started the other day because I am up to adding the colour. Are you and are you having fun?

      I hope to here from you soon and talk about all of the interesting tings we are doing.

      From ♥livia

      • Hi Olivia,

        Thanks for replying to me, I am looking forward to the next Inquiry with Miss McKeegan and Miss Smith!

        Yes I am having fun well lets make it a wonderful time! Miss McKeegan and Miss Smith are such good teachers!
        I am not up to doing the colour yet but not much to go.

        Got to keep blogging,

        Charlotte 😆

  5. Dear 4KM and 4JK,

    So far in inquiry I have learnt that it is easier to stop when you are walking because when you are running you have more momentum so you have to slow down before you stop.

    Gravity is the force that pulls everything towards the earth. If we did not have gravity then everything would fly away.

    A pull is when a force brings something towards it.
    A pull is also when you lift your leg so you can walk because you have to pull up your leg.

    A push is when I push something like if I were to move a cup along a table without picking it up I am pushing it along the table.

    Friction is when two objects rub together to cause a reaction. You can also interact with friction when you are on a trampoline because if you fall and slide along it you will be causing friction.

    A force is when an object or a person is pushed down, up, rite or left.

    A motion is a movement like when you swing your arm or when you kick the air. People make motion everyday if they move around.

    Sounds like you guys have had fun today and I wish I was there.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Ella (4KM)

    • Hi Ella,

      What a great comment!

      I can tell you have learnt a lot from this unit already!

      Did you do some research on friction at home?

      From Miss Mckeegan

  6. Dear Ella,
    Looks like you have found out some interesting facts about momentum so far in inquiry,I have too it is so exciting to learn about new things.

    You use momentum when you walk and when you you run,jog ect. It is easier to stop walking then to stop when your running because you have more momentum when you run then when you walk so it is harder to stop running.

    From your class mate,

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Great commenting I love to see comments from you guys
    its so great to see.

    Im loving inquiry so far this year and would love to learn much much more .

    Im still learning about friction and what it actually is.

    From your class mate,

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Thanks for the wonderful comment!

      The year is flying so fast and I think it just needs to go a bit slower but taking that away I love this year and I want it to go very much slower..

      The comments on this blog are great. I like to see people get into the Blogging Community.

      From your buddy in your class,

  8. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    Great post about smooth moves! Just to say I have L♥ved the topic 4KJ have been doing. 🙂

    I have discovered so many things and words that I have never heard or thought about before. For instance I did not know the word- momentum.:) I think that is how you spell it! I also have never thought about gravity. I thought that if something fell off the table, it would just be automatically falling! :mrgreen:

    It was kinda obvious about the pushes and pulls, but then you realize that there are so many ways to push or pull. 😆

    The videos were great. Especially the one we put together!

    Got 2 gallop,
    Paris ♥

    • Dear Paris,
      That was a great quality comment.I have learnt about so many different words to like friction that was what we learnt today.

      Friction means grip so if you rub to stick together the stick grip together and burn to start a fire.

      Momentum is something that you use when we walk and run. When you run you have more momentum then when you walk so it is harder to stop when you run

      Lovely talking to you,

      • Hi Rochelle,
        Thank you so much for your great reply!

        Tell me about it. There are so many things I have learnt. And not just the word- momentum. But it has been great fun! 🙂

        I am so glad that Miss Mckeegan and Miss Smith have joined 4KM and 4KJ’s term 2 adventure! I missed having Miss Smith in our grade. Did you miss, Miss Mckeegan? 😛

        by the way, I know what momentum is and on Friday I learnt about friction.

        Got 2 gallop,
        Paris ♥

        • Dear Paris,
          Yes I did miss Miss Mckeegan while she was gone.

          Yes it has been great fun learning about all these fun things.

          From your friend,

    • Dear Paris,
      That was a great quality comment.I have learnt about so many different words to like friction that was what we learnt today.

      Friction means grip so if you rub two stick together the stick grip together and burn to start a fire.

      Momentum is something that you use when we walk and run. When you run you have more momentum then when you walk so it is harder to stop when you run

      Lovely talking to you,

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    The new inquiry topic is awesome and really fun. Im looking forward to Tuesday so we can learn morefun filled things.

    From your friend,

    • Hey Rochelle,

      Wonderful comment on the post. I love inquiry. It is so fun!

      Today (Tuesday 21/05/13) inquiry topic was fun with the friction on the bike. I made one at home with a car. I will bring it in tomorrow or later to show the teachers what I have made.

      Can’t wait for tomorrow or the next inquiry topic,

  10. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    I’m very impressed with your quality comments about our new inquiry topic. It’s good to see everyone using paragraphs!

    A force is something that can change the motion,direction or shape of an object.

    All living and non living things on Earth are affected by forces. Some examples of forces that we have learnt about so far are, pushes, pulls, gravity and friction.

    I wonder if anyone can think of any other forces?

    Friction is a force that opposes the movement of one surface across another. It occurs when there is direct contact between two surfaces. Moving objects slow down and stop because of friction.

    Can anyone finish the following sentence?

    Friction changes movement energy into _ _ _ _ energy! (think about what happens when you rub the surfaces of your hands together).

    I’m looking forward to teaching you all even more things about forces and motion in the next couple of weeks!

    From Miss Mckeegan

  11. Dear 4km & 4kj,
    I love your blog!!!
    Push means your moving your hand forward onto the back of an object to make it move.

    Love Olivia

    • Dear Olivia,
      That’s a good explanation for push.
      Pull means you grab something and pull it towards you.
      From your friend,

  12. Dear Miss Mckeegan,
    The Finishing of the sentence is heat energy I think.
    Nice explanation of friction and force.It was very interesting.
    From your friend,

  13. Dear 4Km,

    I have heard Keira talking about the class blog.

    I am Holly. I come from England. I thought I should leave a comment.

    Keira told me that she was learning forces and motions.

    It was nice meeting use.

    Holly. 😆

    • Hello Holly!

      Hi I am Jordi in 4KM. And very much thanking for the comment… :mrgreen:

      Yes we have been doing forces and motions in Inquiry (Integrated Studies)!
      I have really been enjoying it the last couple of weeks.

      Nice chatting to you,
      Jordi 4KM 😛

  14. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wonderful post Miss Jordan, Miss Mckeegan, Miss Smith and Mrs Morris.

    I have been really enjoying doing “Smooth Moves” because I sometimes do the same things with my dad that we do at school!

    Smooth moves has so far helped me with my momentum and my friction… I had know idea what momentum, friction and all the other words meant but now I do and I am very happy to say I’ve learnt so much already on the new inquiry topic smooth moves.

    Define what some words mean? Sure!
    Motion: When something moves is a motion. Like when you touch something, your doing motions.
    Force: A thing is moving because of something pushing or pulling it. I it forcing it to go.
    Friction: A action of one surface rubbing against another object.
    Push: When you push something is goes forward.
    Pull: When you pull something it comes back to you.
    Gravity: A force that makes a object come to the table (where sitting on) so doesn’t fall off onto ground or where is able to fall.
    Momentum: Momentum uses mass.

    The activity’s that we did in the slideshow were really fun. I enjoyed the car ramps so I drew it.

    I am very sorry I have to go but nice chat.


  15. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    Science is a subject always interesting me but I think I got a little carried away this time when I prepared a comment on Smooth Moves for you. Here is a link…

    I also added a video of a very strange person at the end. He says he is Professor Flurfflefinger and has developed an anti-gravity ray but I’m not sure about him. See what you think.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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