Student Blogs

At the end of last term, students in 4KM and 4KJ started their own individual blogs!

The blogs will be used as digital portfolios and the students will post about their learning each week at school. Posts may include:

  • Work samples from their classroom tasks
  • Reflections about their learning
  • Learning goals they have set for literacy and numeracy
  • Projects they are working on.

The students have enjoyed learning lots of new blogging skills. Some of the things we have learnt, or will be focussing on soon, are:

  • Changing important blog settings
  • Choosing a blog theme
  • Writing posts and pages
  • Knowing what is suitable to publish on a blog (eg. no personal information)
  • Approving blog comments
  • Adding links, widgets, images and media
  • Making a blogroll on the sidebar
  • Creating an avatar.

We work on our blogs in class each week and it is wonderful to see the students picking up their blogging skills so quickly. There is still a lot to learn but we love being part of the blogging community!

What have you learnt about blogging so far?

What would you like to see on our digital portfolios?

Do you have any blogging tips or advice for us?

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17 thoughts on “Student Blogs

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wow what a great blog post about all the new blogs.

    I have learnt how to use HTML.

    What is your favourite thing about having a blog ❓

    From your blogging buddy,

    • Howdy Liam,
      I agree with you and love the photos. Nice smiles!

      Are you enjoying reading comments on your blog?
      Did you enjoy the holidays?
      How many comments do you have on your blog?

      See you at school,

    • Hi Liam,

      Great comment. I think that these blogs are really fun to use. I am also glad to see that everyone got there own this time.

      Yes I have also learnt about HTML and how to put pictures on them which is also really fun because you get to choose the size, save it, get your blog up, put it where you want and then Publish it.

      My favourite thing about having a blog is letting other people leave comments on it so that then you can approve them.

      I am afraid that is all I have time for but I will be back.

      From Olivia

      • Dear Olivia,

        I love my blog because its fun to have something to do in your spare time. If you want to visit or leave a comment on my blog go to

        Nice chat need to go,


  2. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    What a wonderful post about our individual blogs! It was a great success for us all.

    I was so excited about getting my blog because that meant I was going to be a blogger and join the blogging world.

    I’m sure other people were excited about getting there blogs and also being able to join the blogging world.

    If anyone would want to have a look I will probably be publishing a post on Sunday or Monday. And I actually have a new post up right now on my blog if you want to have a look! 😛

    I hope everyone’s blogs go well and everyone ends up publishing good quality posts.


    • Hello Paris,

      Yes the post in very wonderful and I love your blog. You have the most polite blog to be on your calm posts.

      I have been in the blogging community/world for about 3 years now. This is my 4th year in the blogging community/world.

      I have seen your new post and wow, it is amazing. It is really cool and the pictures of horses are really cute. The little white pony looks like Ollie or a really small version of Smokey. As with the little bay/buckskin he just looks really pretty and cute as well.

      I can tell your post are very intelligent and quality as your peeking through the first paragraph. I just can’t wait to read your post as the amazingly joy me up about your working skills and interesting vocabulary. If I had to score your post publishing out of 10 it would be 9/10 or if it was truly amazing it would easily be 10/10. Your post are just to intelligent. I love it!


      • Hi Jordi,
        Thanks for the complement about my blog! It was really nice.

        The white (grey) pony does look a lot like Smokey or Ollie, the picture is so cute!

        The bay does look very cute, it totally looks like a champion Olympic horse… JUST JOKING!


        • Hi Paris,

          The little bay would have to be a bit bigger as I think to be a champion. If is he is so cute and everyone would love him.

          Ollie is so cute but I always think he is a girl because of his little face as it is really small. His rider is really good.


          • Hi Jord’s,
            Thanks for the reply, and I agree about the bay being bigger… Much bigger!

            Ollie does look like a girl some times especially his PINK TACK! But it’s because a 6 year old rides him (her NOT!). 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

            But Lenora rides Ollie really good and can jump him really well!

            P.S- take a look at the new post.
            P.P.S- Please reply

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Congratulations on having your own blogs. You now have a way of sharing with the world.

    I started my first blog in June 2011. At that time I had no idea how much of a blogging fan I would become. It wasn’t until 2012 I realised the potential blogging had because it allowed me to comment on blog posts and share some posts of my own.

    I now have six blogs. Each has it’s own use but my two main blogs are for extended comments and stories I write.

    Will your blogs be general blogs or will they have a theme? I’ve seen some student blogs for sharing hobbies, some for sharing stories, some about sport, some about dancing and singing, and some were about friendship.

    Whether you use your blogs for a theme or so you can share many things, I hope you have as much blogging fun as I have had. 🙂

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Hi Ross Mannell,

      Thanks for the comment. I really like our blogs because they can be used for lots of things and nobody else can edit things that you do unless they know your password.

      My name is Olivia I am in 4KJ and really good friends with Yunus. We sit next to each other and he shows me lots of your comments to him. They are all really nice and long.

      On my blog I have 6 post’s. if you would like to have a look the link to my blog is I hope that you can have a look and leave a comment.

      We have been reading your comments as a class and they are really wonderful. It was nice talking to you and I hope that you have time for lots more blogging.

      From Olivia

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

    I started blogging back in 2008, and I am always amazed at the connections I’ve made. For example, I met some wonderful friends name Mrs. Morris, Miss Jordan, and Mr. Mannell! Maybe you know my blogging buddies! 🙂

    A few students in my class will be earning their own blogs in a few weeks. It will be fun to connect them with a few of you!

    What is the most difficult part about setting up a blog? What are you going to be writing about?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Hi Mrs Y♥llis,

      Thanks for your comment and the welcome into the blogging world. I am really glad to be a part of it and learn much more to become an even better blogger.

      My name is Olivia and when we Skyped with you I anwsered some question’s that you students asked me.

      I didn’t set up my blog Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan did them so I am not so sure about what the most difficult thing about it.

      On my blog so far I have been writing about what has happend on my holidays, about me, about my family, welcoming the visiters to my blog and later on in the year it is going to be used for some of the work that I do during class.

      So far I have had lots of fun with mine and have commented on lots of my friends blog so it has been a conversation over the blogs.

      If you wanted to have a look at mine then the address is: It would be great if you could have a look and give me the address to yours so then we could start a conversation over the blogs just like I do in class with my friends. ♥ 🙂 😀

      Do you have a blog?
      If you do is it just yours or a class one?
      How man post’s have you writtern?
      Has someone from our class left a comment?

      I hope that you can get back to me soon and start a coversation. ♥ 😀 🙂

      From Olivia (4KJ) ♥ 🙂 😀

    • Hello Mrs. Yollis,
      Thank you for your quality comment on the 4KM and 4KJ blog.

      The most difficult part of setting up a blog is probably trying to change the settings and especially the E-mail because sometimes it still doesn’t work.

      It’s great that your students are earning blogs. I was thinking if your students leaved comments on our blogs we could leave comments on your students blogs and then we can start a blogging friendship.

      By the end of the year will all your students have blogs?
      Are there many people how are getting there own blogs?

      Paris (a student in 4KJ)

  5. Hi Paris,

    Thanks for the reply!
    I enjoyed reading it.

    Ollie’s tack is so cute pink. His halter is stylish. Very.

    I always wanted a bay. But with what I have now (grey) Smokey gets very dirty. I can’t wait till Winter. (I don’t want Winter to come because he would roll in mud) 🙁


    P.s- I read your blog post and I love it!

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Fabulous post!!

    Hi I’m Sandy from Mr.Salsich’s class in third grade. I love blogs and how the internet all works so I was wondering if you could leave me a comment explaining more about your new blogs. I was also wondering if you can put links in your comment to some of your blogs so that I can see some of them. I bet they’re fabulous!!

    Good luck with your new blogs,
    Sandy (in Mr.Salsich’s class) :raz:

    • Hi Sandy,

      Hi my name is Charlotte and I am in 4KM and 4KJ.
      Just to let you that all of the student blogs are on the right hand of the blog.
      We all do about 2 blog posts a week so we update our blog a lot. We all love blogging!

      Your blogging friend,

      Charlotte 😆

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