End of Term One: Happy Holidays!

Our first term for 2013 comes to an end today.

The students in 4KM and 4KJ have had a fantastic nine weeks and have already learnt a lot.

Some of the term highlights include:

We have some fabulous things planned for Term Two including Bike Ed, the return of our student teachers and the conclusion of the Our World, Our Numbers global project.

Of course there will also be more amazing things to learn in literacy, maths and inquiry.

We wish all of our blogging community a very happy holidays.

4KM and 4KJ will be back on Monday 15th April.

What was your Term One highlight?

What are you looking forward to in Term Two?

What are your plans for the Easter holidays?

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27 thoughts on “End of Term One: Happy Holidays!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    On the holidays I’m going camping with my family. I’m really looking forward to easter because I love eating

    One of my term one highlights is the House Athletics, because of its nice to see all of our smiles witch will bring lots of memories.

    Are you going camping?



    • Hi Jesse,

      Great comment!

      Lucky you, you get to go camping. I’m looking forward to Easter too! At Easter time I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends and also eating delicious chocolate.

      Yes same here. My favourite highlight of term one is house athletics too. I just love the house athletics.

      I’m actually not quite sure if I’m going camping.

      Enjoy your holidays,
      Ava 😛

      PS- and happy Easter

    • Dear Jesse,

      I like your comment because it was easy to read and I think it was one I have been waiting to read.

      No I am not going camping but on Saturday I am going to go up to Melbourne and stay at the RACV.

      My family and I oftern go there for a night or too and we always go withmy grandmother because she is a member of the club.

      You can go up there to have breakfast,lunch,dinner or a drink and then you can stay in the rooms of course. They have just made a new level witch is number 8 but there are levels that go higher anyway, the rooms that are on the level are more modern than the rest they have a 24 hour bistro you can help yourself to and they have games for the kids.

      At speical times they open the highest level in the buliding: 17 and you can go up there to have a wedding,celebrate Easter, (like us,)Chistmas and the other stuff like that.

      I went last year and I was going to go with my Aunty,grandmother,mum,dad,brother,uncle and my cousin but my brother Aiden broke his toe and we had to go to the hosplital. (the Roylal Childrens.)

      It was very sad but the good thing was I got to go back to the room get changed and go to the lunch with my grandmother and Aunty.

      It was very fun and I got to get my face painted. The lady that did it was very nice and she gave me a surprise of my paint.

      I have to go now but I will be back later on when I have much much more time.

      From your friend Olivia

      • Dear Olivia,
        Wow! What a detail, quality comment! You have described the RACV place really well, I can picture it in my head! Where in Melbourne is the RACV place? The only one I can think of is the one near Wonthaggi which is the complete opposite side of Port Phillip Bay from Geelong.
        Have a happy and safe Easter holidays.
        From, Miss Fraser 🙂

        • Dear Miss Fraser,

          Thanks for your comment. I love it when somebody replys to whoever is replying to me.

          The RACV is in Burke street and I had a lovely time because I have already been.

          I am so happy that I got to see all of my family together. We also got to stay on the highest level there is to stay on but most of my family were on the normal rooms witch is sad that. We are not all together.

          I am looking forward to going back there on my birthday in May on the 3rd. I am going to turn 10.

          Where did you go for your holidays?
          Did you have fun?
          Who did you go with?

          I hope to hear from you soon.

          From Olivia

  2. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great post!

    Wow, how quick did term one go? I just can’t believe it.

    My highlights for term one were having Miss Mckeegan and Miss Smith, House Athletics, blogging, Having Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris as my wonderful teachers, The literacy block, maths, inquiry and a whole lot more.

    What I’m looking forward to next term is coming back to school, seeing my friends, doing some work, having the two great teachers, blogging and lot’s more.

    Great post again! Happy holidays and Easter.

    Bye for now,

    • Hi Ava,

      I think the same as you term one did go fast and I think it is because we were all having to much fun to realize the time was going way to fast.

      I am also looking forward to next term because I can’t wait till we learn how to do much more on our new blog’s. They are so exiting and I just can’t believe that Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan have managed to set them all up.

      I am also looking forward to P.E where we get to do the beep test at the start of the term. I have always thought the beep test is realy fun and it is lots of exercise for you.

      It was lovely having the two student teacher’s and Ilearnt so much about what they were teachering us.

      I have to go now but it was nice to see you were on the blog even though you didn’t come to school. I hope you had fun with us in term one and having a day off school. I also hope that you have a wonderful Easter and spend time with your family!

      From your netball/class friend,

    • Hi Ava,
      I agree, the term wen so quick!
      My highlights were also having Miss Mckeegan and Miss Smith, Cross Country, Athletics, Literacy and so many more wonderful things.

      I hope everyone has a happy Easter and holiday! I’m very excited about next term and also thinking about what other things we will do.

      By the way here are some links to our classes blogs and my blog:


  3. Hello 4KM 4KJ
    The highlight of term one is that the whole of year 3 got to go for an excursion to the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Sydney. At the Museum we learnt about the first Goverment House. There are still some of the foundations in the ground right now.
    I am looking forward for term two is that we get ICT because i realy like using a computer for lots of things.
    My plans are that I get to go to the easter show and Luna Park. On Friday i am going to Luna Park.

    • Hi Lexi,

      Thanks for your comment. In 4KM and 4KJ we have recently just got our own latops. They are a really great thing to use and some of us even get to take them home.

      I have been to Luna Park once and I am going to go in November because I am staying up in Melbourne then.

      I am also going to go to Sydney for the first time ever! I am really exited and I can’t wait to see what it is like.

      My highlight of term one would be getting our own blogs and getting to know my class a little bit more.

      Yet again thanks for your comment and now I have to go but I will be back soon.

      From Olivia (I am in 4KJ and I have lots of fun.)

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  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wow what a great post. I liked being in 4KJ and even though it is the first term I have already had lots of fun. I hope you guys have to.

    For next term I am looking forward to doing the beep test in P.E when we first get back. I am also looking forward to learning more on our blogs because I just love to blog.

    I liked the House Athletics and I can’t wait till Easter on Sunday. I have to go now because my mum says that I have to go outside and play so be back later.

    From Olivia

  7. Happy Holidays Class,

    Happy April fool’s day, also Happy Easter.

    My term one highlight was seeing my wonderful teachers everyday, Cross Country also School Aths!

    I am looking forward to bike ed and the camp to Maldon. I can’t wait to do those things in term two…

    I have just came back from Camper down for Easter, and soon I will be having my cousins stay for a couple of days. Yay!

    I really want to come back to school,

    • Dear Jordi,

      What a great comment and it is good to see you on the blog during the holidays. It looks like you had fun with your family for Easter. I have nearly eaten all of my Easter eggs and soon it is my birthday.

      I went to Melborune with all of my family for Easter and I had a great time. I go to Melboure twice a month so I go there a lot. I am the same as you I liked have our teachers and it was really fun to get to kno them.

      I am looking forward to camp and learning more about our blogs in term two and I also can’t wait to change the seats that we sit in.

      It was nice to catch up itch you and I would love to stay but I am watching he footy so talk later.

      From Olivia

    • Dear Jordi,

      I like your comment and how you are getting on the blog during the holidays. I have been on here lots but it doesn’t feel like it because I have been having to much fun with my family.

      I also had a lot of fun in term one and I can’t believe that it is over already. I am the same as you I liked getting to know Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.

      What i am looking forward to in term two is camp and learning more about our blogs. I am also looking forward to seeing all of my friends again.

      I loved catching up with you but it is time for me to go because I want to reply to a couple of other people.

      From Olivia

  8. Hello Classmates,

    I hope you have had a great holiday so far, tomorrow I am going to my Nan’s house for a week. :mrgreen:

    In term two I am looking forward to learning bike-ed.

    Haille 😆

    • Hi Hallie,

      I am also looking forward to bike ed,learnig more about our blog and going to camp. I hope tgat you are having fun at your nan’s house because I kniw that when I go to mine she gives my lots of things tht I like.

      Term one just went so fast because we were having lots of fun working with both classes and meeting new friends.

      I akways have funin ne class and then the time comes round to go to a new one and you get split up into different classes and meet more friends until you go to high school then you might not go to the same school as anybody.

      As I said to Jordi it was nice talking to you but I am watching MKR.

      From Olivia

    • Hi Fab Fun 4H,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. We really like it when we have visiters that like to look on different blogs to see what they are u to and you stoped at ours.

      It looks like you had fun in term one as well and buliding you First Fleet Ships sounds very fun but I don’t know what that is so you will have to explain it to me.

      I am looking forward to camp next term because I have never been camping with friends I have been with my family though. I am also looking forward to learning more about our blogs becausee we just got new ones and they are very fun to use.

      I have a few questions for you before I leave and here they are:
      What are Fleet Ships?
      Where are you from?
      What is your teachers name?
      What are you lookig forward to in term two?

      It would be great if you could get back to me and start a conversation!

      Have fun on your holidays.

      From Olivia (4KJ)

  9. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great post!
    I can’t Believe the 1 week of the Holidays is nearly over it is almost the 2nd week.I have really enjoyed the holidays so far and I enjoyed going camping for Easter.

    My Highlight for term 1 was getting my very own Netbook and Getting my own Blog.What I am looking forward to in term 2 is getting to know more about what we can do on our own blogs and learning other things.

    Hope you all are having a great holiday.

    See you soon,

    • Hi Eden,

      Nice comment. ♥ I am looking forward to the same as you and I liked the same as you. 🙂

      Term one just went to fast for me and I couldn’t keep track of what was happening but I know that I had a lot of fun with all of our friends in our new classrooms.

      I was wondering some of these things down below:
      What was your favourite thingnon term one?
      Did you make new friends?
      Were you camping during Easter?
      Were any of the people in our grade this yearin your grade some other time?

      Would love for you to get back to me and start a conversation! ♥ 🙂 😀

      From Olivia ♥ 🙂 😀

  10. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    We have been in school for about 30 weeks of school. I can’t wait to learn more in the fourth quarter with Mrs. Moore.

    My Easter Vacation was awesome! How was yours? How was your “Term One?” I am blogging on Techie Kids.

    Where are you from? I like pie. Do you?

    Techie Kids

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I am a new blogger in Mrs. Moore’s Techie Kids. You asked me how my Easter was. My Easter was great!! How was your Easter holiday? I found my Easter basket in my upstair’s bedroom. Inside my Easter basket, I found lots of candy!! Do you like lots of kinds of candy?

    Techie Kids

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I hope you had a great Easter holiday! You asked what my plans were for my Easter vacation. I didn’t do much but the best part of my vacation was on Easter morning.

    I saw that you are only nine weeks into school. We are almost done with school. We are in the fourth quarter. I’m really looking forward to summer because I would like some warm weather. We’ve had a very cold harsh winter, and since it is becoming Spring it is raining a lot so the beautiful flowers can bloom. But it’s all worth it because Spring showers bring May flowers!

    I hope you had a good Summer and have a good rest of the school year!

    Techie Kids

  13. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    You said that you have only been in school for nine weeks. We have been in school for almost 30 weeks so we are almost done with school!

    You said how is term two, we are all ready done with term two. We are in our fourth term right now!

    I went to Florida for Spring break it was so fun! What did you do? And was it fun?

    Techie Kids

  14. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Hi I am one of Mrs. Moore’s bloggers. My name is Trevor. Here at my School we are in the 4th marking period. We have 4 Periods of school that are each ten weeks long. Temperatures are rising so spring is getting higher. How warm is it there for you?

    What did you do for easter break? For my easter break I went to a hotel and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.

    I would love to hear back from you.

    5th grade Techie Kids.

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