“Our World, Our Numbers” Global Project Update

Everyone in 4KM and 4KJ is enjoying the collaborative global blogging project, Our World, Our Numbers. You can read more about this exciting project here.

We have already learnt so much from our blogging buddies. The topics covered so far have been currency, landmarks and recipes. Head over to the Our World, Our Numbers blog to be a part of the learning!

We have published the post below about food on the Our World, Our Numbers blog. Leave a blog comment here on our class blog, or join in the commenting action on Our World, Our Numbers!


Recently, when Miss Jordan was doing her grocery shopping at the local supermarket, she investigated the cost of a variety of typical Australian foods. Supermarket prices often change, as each new week brings about a new catalogue with different sales and savings. The presentation below shows the prices she collected last weekend.

Were you surprised by any of the prices of these grocery items?

Do you eat any of these foods?


In Maths, we have been learning about rounding. Rounding numbers means to change numbers to make them easier and more convenient to work with. We round numbers when we use money all the time.

As you may remember from our currency post, Australia’s smallest value of money is the five cent coin. We often need to round prices up or down to the nearest 5c when we’re out shopping. The table below shows some examples.


Which grocery items in our presentation above need to be rounded?

When have you rounded money or other numbers before?

If you had $30 to spend, which typical Australian foods would you buy?

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20 thoughts on ““Our World, Our Numbers” Global Project Update

  1. Hi Mrs Morris and Mrs Jorden,

    This is Claudia I just want to say that I have had some off thoues food before and they were dlishes it mad my hungry.

    Best wishes
    Claudia 🙂

    • Dear Claudia,

      Thanks for your comment. I thought that the slideshow made me really hungry. I like all of these foods that are on there and I like to eat lots of healthy food.

      If I got to take pictures of things or get them off a website like this then I would be picking a mixture of healthy and unhealthy because if you have all of them one then it might get a bit boring but sometimes it is good to mix them up a little bit. Once again great comment and can’t wait for a reply.

      from Olivia

  2. Hello 4KM,and 4KJ,
    Have you ever rounded when you art at school
    or have you just rounded when you are at school?

    Have you rounded numbers when you art at school?

    from Alisha,

    • Hi Alisha,
      To answer your question I use mine at home and school because I like to show my parents what we have been doing at school.And to impress them.

      Have you been doing it at home?

      Great comment Alisha and great question,
      Princess 😆

      • Dear Princess,

        Great comment. I do agree with you Alisha left a great comment and her questions were good ones to.

        I left a reply down ferther. I show my parents wht I have been doing at school or if the thing that we did was still at school I would tell them about it and how much fun it was. I have also been doing it at home and I like to do them with my brother. (He has great fun and wished he was in this class.) Have to go but keep in touch.

        From Olivia

    • Dear Alisha,

      Great comment. I love rounding numbers because it is a much better way to do things and it is also really fun.

      I have rounded numbers in grade 2 and when I first tried I found it very hard but it is so cool and fun. I can’t wait to do it again.

      From Olivia

  3. Hi guys,

    That post that Miss Jordan made me hungry.
    I wonder if they cost a lot of money?♦

    Bye for now,

    • Hi Princess,

      That is a very cool thing to say because this post also made me hungry. I wish that we had a day and on that day everything in the shops is free exept for bad things like guns and drugs and other bad things.

      It would be a little problem as well because people would grab nearly everything and it would be very busy. I have to go now but see you at schol tomorrow.

      From Liv 🙂 😀

      • Hi Olivia,
        Your right that would be cool.:lol:

        And I will hate people who buys drugs and drugs and lots more.

        See ya,
        By Princess

        • Hi Princess,

          Thanks for your reply. I love it when someone can start a conversation.

          Thanks for agreeing about people bying drugs and more and more. Love to stay but got to go.

          From Olivia

      • Hi Princess,

        You are ddoing great with your commenting. I lovethe way you are replying to people who need these type of reply.

        Hope you can keep up the good work and keep rounding more and more cool numbers at the shops.

        From Liv

    • Hi Jacob,

      Nice commeting. 🙂 I loved this post and the thing we did was awesome and as I said before I can’t wait to do it again.

      Nice choice on what you would pick I don’t really know what I would spend $30 on because they are all yummy things to eat. Got to go but see you soon.

      From Olivia 🙂 😀

  4. hi everyone

    if i had $30 i would be exited.
    so i would buy hot cross buns because sometime they
    have ravens in it but i would rather buy more

    Leopold student from the best grade
    four,kyle 😀

    • Dear Kyle,

      Great comment. Nice choice inwhat you would by. I think I would get a mixture of things but I would have some of them unhealthy and most of them healthy.

      I really enjoyed looking at this post and would love to see another one simalar to this one because I thought it was a super good idea.

      From Olivia

  5. Hi 4KJ and 4KM,

    When we were watching the slideshow that Miss Jordan made I was getting soo hungry.

    What is your favorite food and how much does it cost and could you round it to the nearest 5 cents.

    From Darcy :mrgreen:

    • Hi Darcy,

      Great comment!
      My favourite food doesn’t need rounding.
      My favourite food is Tim Tams. If I had 30 Dollars to spend I would by Hot Cross Buns. What Australian food would you spend you’r $30 on


      • Hi Leigh,

        Thanks for your comment. I like Tim Tams to but they aren’t my favourite ones on there because I think they need to be a bit bigger.

        If I had $30 to spend i would be picking the ones with the lowest prices because I like them all so if I picked the ones that were they smallest amount of price then I would be able to by nearly all of them and it wouldn’t be hard for me to pick witch ones then.

        From Olivia

    • Hi Darcy,

      Nice comment. I loved this post. I think it was a cool idea and as I said before it would be cool if there will be another one just like it.

      i think it is a hard thing for me to pick a favourite because they are all really yummy. The Lamintons I thought looked like they had been plated up from My Kitchen Rules because of the way they were stacked onto each other.

      Hope to here from you soon,

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