Keyboard Shortcuts

4KM and 4KJ have been busy learning a lot about their netbooks so they can use them to their full potential.

Knowing some basic keyboard shortcuts is a great way to save time when using a computer.

Today the students in 4KM and 4KJ were given the following list of commands.

They had to work with others to explore their netbooks and figure out the Windows shortcuts.

  • cut
  • copy
  • paste
  • undo
  • redo
  • mute
  • sound up
  • sound down
  • brightness up
  • brightness down
  • refresh
  • find
  • zoom in
  • zoom out
  • open a new page/window
  • open a new tab

When the students had discovered the shortcuts (and added others they know), they made themselves a bookmark with the the shortcuts they’d like to remember and use the most.

Here are some of the students showing their bookmarks.

Do you know the shortcuts for the commands listed above?

What is your favourite keyboard shortcut?

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73 thoughts on “Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great Post!

    I know most the keyboard shortcuts
    that you listed.

    My favorite shortcut are
    +open a new page/window,
    +open a new tab.

    But my most favorite out of them two is open new page/window because sometimes your hands can get sore when you always click!


    • Dear Jordi
      I know isn’t the post great! I also know most of the short cuts as well.
      My favourite one is
      I don’t know why I just like them.

      Paris 4KJ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • Hi Jordi,
          That’s exactly why like
          It’s alright that you left a short comment some long ones take forever to read! But some of them are great quality and so fun to read. On my netbook I had time to visit your blog but not enough time to leave a comment sorry!

          Paris πŸ™‚
          I LOVE HORSES

          • Hi Paris,

            That is fine!

            Thanks for the reply!

            I just came back from Wallington and I am all dirty so this might not be that long but it is still a comment!


            The netbooks are really good and fun to use.

            Do you want a blog?

            If you get one I will try to be the first one to comment.

            The bookmarks were really fun!

            Did you like doing the bookmarks.

            I think this comment has turned to being short to being long.


            • Hi Jordi,
              I’m so horse crazy as well. And I do want a blog, Hopefully I earn one this year.

              When we did the bookmark good copy I used all different colors. (Did you?).

              If I had my own blog I would make it a HORSE CRAZY blog!

              I’ve visited your blog loads of times it’s so cool and HORSE CRAZY! But I’ve never had time to comment!

              Hopefully I will be able to comment on your blog today or tomorrow!


  2. dear 4km and 4kj,

    I think you put a lot of work into this post and I love it!

    My favourite shortcut is copy and paste.

    And I no all of the shortcuts above.

    from your student buddy,

  3. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    I really enjoyed finding out all the shortcuts because it really is a simpler way to do all of the things using the computer keyboard.And also my favourite shortcut keys are paste and save.
    I really liked doing the book mark and copying the shortcut keys on to the book mark from the sheet we wrote them on.I was testing all the keys on my netbook to see witch ones they were so I could could put them in there places on the sheet.It was hard to do the answers with the fn shortcuts.It was hard doing the shortcut key answers that I didn’t know.
    What is your favourite shortcut key?
    What was your favourite thing in the activity?
    Did you like doing the book mark?
    Did you like finding out all the shortcuts?

    Bye for now,


    • Dear Eden
      I enjoyed writing the short cuts down as well. And your right it’s way easier being able to press the keys more!

      My favourite short cuts are


      • Hi Paris,

        Thanks for the reply,
        The shortcuts are very help full and copy is another favourite of mine.

        Did you like doing the bookmarks?

        I did it was a fun activity doing the bookmarks. 8)

        From your buddy,

        Eden πŸ™‚

        • Dear Eden,
          And I loved doing the bookmark activity it was so entertaining!!!

          Sorry it’s only a short comment I have to go.

          Paris:) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Kathleen, my name is Marg Murnane and I am a teacher at St Therese primary school in Torquay. I have followed your blog journey for a couple of years now and I love your energy, enthusiasm and blogging innovations. I’m just trying to add a calendar like yours, to our class blog and wonder if you could tell me how you get it like a list – like yours. I can only get the whole calendar and I’ve made a hotch potch of that! LOL Hope this is not an imposition on your already busy time. Thanks in advance.

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ
    I love your idea of making handy book mark reminders for your keyboard shortcuts. You’re lucky to have access to notebooks all the time! I don’t know all those shortcuts you mentioned, although some I am very familiar with, and I love Ctrl-Z undo because I’m always using it! I think you should have a downloadable bookmark using your best class design for your less tech-savvy blog readers around the globe!
    Great work!
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    My favorite shortcut is Ctrl-S, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-Y.

    What is your favorite Shortcut?

    Do you know a quicker way to get to the bottom?

    Sincerely Jacob.

    • Hi Jacob

      Jacob i do know how to get to the bottom of the page quicker all you have to do is press END botten.
      My favourit shotcut is find and open a new tab and i love lots more.

      your bolging buddy
      shaun πŸ™‚

    • Hey Heather,

      I know all of the ones above as well because of the book marks we had made.

      I don’t have a favourite shortcut either but I do like a couple, CTRL A to highlight all and CTRL T to open a new tab.

      Bye For Now,

  7. Hi 4km,

    I’am at home with a sore tummey it is not fun. I hope you are having a good time. I love the post you put on you all, it look grate.

    best wishes Claudia
    PS Good luck with the run evrey one.

  8. Dear 4KM,4KJ and class,
    Nice post, Mrs Morris. What a shame our class missed out on Netbooks for grade 5. Some keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl+you wC=Copy Ctrl+Z=Undo Ctrl+V=Paste I know some more like Alt+F4=Close a program Ctrl+W=Close a tab I know some more but I won’t tell you Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan will tell you the rest of the keyboard shortcuts themselves.
    P.S Congratulations Mrs Morris. I heard about it!
    P.P.S New 4KM and 4KJ students you will have a great time in grade 4 you will do Bike Ed and camp to Maldon. This year grade fives are going to soverign hill this year and Adventure Park at the end of the year, I am so excited.
    P.P.P.S (This is the last P.S) Please check my blog I will be putting a post on my blog A.S.A.P.

    Happy blogging in 2013.
    See you later.
    Peace out,
    Lobo :mrgreen:

    • Dear Libby,
      Thanks for the comment.

      Hi I am Jordi in 4KM and I was in 2KM two years ago and I got a blog too!
      Please visit!

      I checked out your blog and it is really cool. I also left a comment, (sorry it was so short).

      The netbooks are really good.
      This year seems really fun.


  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Hi! I am Harry’s mum and this is my first comment on your blog this year. Harry is so excited to start using the netbooks and learn all about key board short cuts.

    My favourite short cut is copying and pasting. I hope Harry can teach me all about computers and keyboard short cuts as I am not very good on computers.

    (Harry’s Mum)

  10. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    My favourite key board short cut is copy because it is so much easier. Claudia, I hope your tummy feels better soon.

    Your buddy,

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I love all shortcuts, but copy and paste is my favorit.Is there any other ways to copy and paste?

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Congratulations on the new equipment you have to use in your classrooms!
    I loved reading about how you use shortcuts to make your work go a bit faster. I also call them “hot keys”. Do you use that phrase in Australia? It may be just an American phrase. My favorite short-cuts are ctrl+x, ctrl+c, and ctrl+v.
    Isn’t it funny that to past something it’s V for Velcro?
    I wonder what project you are going to create with the netbooks. Do you have any suggestions?
    Mrs. Hembree

    • @ Mrs Hembree,

      Thankyou for you comment.

      We do not use hot keys as a phrase in Australia, but it’s a good phrase though.
      My favourite keyboard shortcut is CTRL +
      and CTRL – to zoom in and out.

      Which keyboard shortcuts do you use most often?

      Bye for now,
      Amelie 4KM

  13. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    Hi! You are so lucky to have your own netbooks! πŸ˜‰ I wish my school had a program like that! My favorite shortcut on a computer is bookmarking websites. It is an easy way to find your favorite websites quickly. I hope I helped! πŸ˜‰

    Your Friend,
    Anikka from Techie Kids

  14. Hi 4KM & 4KJ,

    My favourite shortcuts are copy and paste as I use them so regularly. I use both Mac’s and PC’s and get a little muddled up sometimes. On a Mac you use the “command” button for shortcuts, but on PC it’s the “control” key. I sometimes forget what type of computer I’m using and press the wrong key. πŸ™‚

    Keep up the good work with the blog.

    (Chloe’s Mum)

    • Hi Mum/Sarah,

      My favorite shortcut is copy, past and cut.

      I can’t wait till we learn more about shortcuts.

      When you were a little girl did you no what shortcuts where?

      Love lots,
      Chloe(your doter)

    • Hi Mum/Sarah,

      Thanks for the grate comment!

      My favorite shortcut is copy, past and cut.

      I can’t wait till we learn more about shortcuts.

      When you were a little girl did you no what shortcuts where?

      Love lots,
      Chloe(your doter)

  15. Hi guys,
    Great photo!
    The shot cuts were so fun.
    It’s good that we know some short cuts
    Now we don’t need the long cuts.

    LOVE IT!
    From Princess

  16. To Katy,

    Thank you for that blog comment.The shortcut to copy is ctrl c.My favourite shortcut is paste the shortcut is ctrl v. I love our class blog

    Do you have a blog?

    From shayla,

  17. Hi guys,
    Great photo!
    The short cuts were so fun.
    It’s good that we know some short cuts
    Now we don’t need the long cuts.

    LOVE IT!
    From Princess

  18. Hi 4KM and 4KJ
    I like keyboard shortcuts because they are they easy to use and they are not hard to find out how to use them.
    From Jayden πŸ™‚

  19. Dear Katy’

    You had a great comment to share with 4KM and 4KJ.

    My favourite shortcut is add a new tab because it gets up tabs really really quickly and that saves a lot of time.

    Sincerly Connor: )

  20. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    It’s just Max dropping by and leaving a comment.I love using keyboard shortcuts.My favourite keyboard shortcuts are control c and control v. They are Copy and Paste.

    I’m having a great time in 5TM with Mr Mac and my friends.

    I hope your kids are having a wonderful year as I did last year.

    Here’s my blog address if you want to take a look

    From your former student Max πŸ™‚

    • Hi Max,

      Its great how you love using keyboard sortcuts and it is also great how you are loving it in Mr Mac’s (5TM).

      The one I love is save ctrl+s, ctrl+c and ctrl+x

      Q. How many shortcuts do you know?
      Q. Where do you use them?

      Bye for now. Mitchell πŸ™‚

  21. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    My favourite keyboard shortcut is save (ctrl-s) I also like undo (ctrl-z) but most of keyboard shortcuts I use
    are F5,ctrl-s,ctrl-v and ctrl-c.
    From your blogging buddy.

    Mitchell πŸ™‚

  22. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Hi, i’m Tony (Mitchell’s dad) my favourite keyboard shortcut is ctrl-c and ctrl-v. I dont really get to go on the home computer too often because Mitch’s brother and sisters are always on their laptops and ipods using up all the internet usage. Hope you all have a great year with your netbook. Bye!!


    • @ Tony

      Hi my name is Lee and I’m in the same grade as Mitchell’s grade{4KJ]. I have brothers who use all the internet available in my house. I barley get to use the Computer and when I do the internet’s
      all gone.

      What was the first piece of tech you touched?
      How long ago was it?

      See ya later,

  23. To 4KJ and 4KM,

    Its Jessica’s Mum Carolyn here. Jessica showed me the link to the typing speed test tonight and I had great fun testing my speed. I was hoping for a good result as I type medical reports in my job. I was very excited when my result came back as 88 words per minute!!!! – but don’t be disappointed with your speed tests, as I have been typing for a very very long time. Its only practice and you will simply get faster and faster.
    Have fun practising.
    Kind regards
    (Jessica’s Mum)

    • Dear Carolyn,

      Fantastic comment!

      WOW you got 88 words per minute!
      That’s a really great effort.
      My record is 19.

      Harry (4KJ)

    • Dear Carolyn,
      I agree speed test typing is so fun!

      Has Jessica told you about the short cuts for the netbooks? They were really fun to make! With my good copy I made it all different colors!

      Have you ever made a bookmark to help you remember things?


      • Dear Paris,
        Thanks for your great comment. Do you remember what your typing speed was?
        I love the idea of the “bookmarks”. I know some of the more common shortcuts, but I would love to learn a lot more. I think I would really benefit from making a bookmark like Miss Jordan has done with your class.
        It will be a great reference for you during your computer session times.
        Hope you enjoy school tomorrow – I wish I was back at school – it sounds so interesting!
        Kind regards
        (Jessica’s Mum)

  24. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I love keyboard shortcuts! They help me a lot and I am sure they will help your students as well. I know one one more helpful shortcut. While on your desktop type a letter or number. Then it will highlight any icon that starts with that letter or number. I hope this advice helps you!


    Techie KIds

    • Dear Christain,

      Thank you for your comment,

      I am Sophie from 4KJ and your tip is a good one and I think I will use it all the time.

      Do you know the shortcut for find?

      from your blogging buddy,

      • Dear Sophie,

        The keyboard shotrcut for find on my computer is ctrl+f. I use this shortcut occasionally but not everyday. It is helpful and I hope that this will help you in the future.


        Techie Kids

  25. Dear 4KM and 4KJ
    My favourite shortcuts are sound up/down which are Fn and the right arrow and Fn left arrow.
    From Mitchell in 4KJ.

  26. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Meg and Eb: This is a great post.
    Meg: I loved the activity we did, it was very creative for people to remember the shortcuts. My favourite shortcuts are: copy, paste, save, refresh and open new tab. I thought they were easy to figure out although I already new save. (Ctrl S)
    Eb: I also like the activity we did. I think it was good that everybody got to use the netbooks to try and figure out the shortcuts. My favourite shortcuts are: copy, paste, save, open new window and find. I thought they were really easy to do.
    Meg: The hard ones to figure out to me were: open new tap, open new window, redo, find and undo. It took me 3 minutes to figure each one out but only these 5.
    Eb: The hard ones for me to figure out are: open new tab and open new window. It took me quite a while for me to figure out these two.
    Your blogging buddies,
    Meg and Eb

  27. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    I am Tahlia from Moolap Primary and I am in grade 5!
    I am Jordi’s and Ava’s friends from netball!

    I do not know any of the shortcuts that you listed.

    I don’t have a favorite shortcut. Sorry.

    Tahlia (Jordi’s, Ava’s Friend)
    πŸ˜› :mrgreen:

  28. My favourite shortcut is definitely CONTROL Z!!!!!!
    I quite like SHIFT F3 for when I have accidentally left caps lock on and SHIFT } or { is great for resizing. SOmeone told me that was wicked once!. ALT TAB is useful too. Our Grdae 6 students have just started a 1:1 laptop program too. We shold compare notes. I am the ICT teacher at school nad shortcuts are a big deal for me too!
    Keep having Fun
    Jen Dynan
    Mount Waverley Primary School

  29. Dear 4KM 4KJ,
    This post is great! I hope I get to earn my own blog this year.

    My favorite shortcuts are:

    They help me a lot when I’m making a Power Point or a slide show (something like that!)

    Bye for now,
    Paris πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  30. Hi,
    This is Mia’s mum. Learning shortcuts is really fun and really makes things faster. I use a mac for my work and at home now so it took me a little while to learn them again as they are a bit different. Someone at work showed me a cool one last week for my mac. SHIFT+COMMAND+4. It lets you take a screen shot of anything you like, maybe just a small part of the screen. Very cool and very useful. πŸ™‚ I love learning new short cuts!

  31. Hi Harry,
    Thanks for the great positive feedback! 19wpm is an excellent speed for a beginner, and just think how fast you will become by the end of the year. It is very exciting.
    I didn’t grow up with a computer at school. I had to learn to type on an “old-fashioned” typewriter. They are very different to computer keyboards. Maybe Miss Jordan has a picture of one, or you could even google typewriters. It is so much easier using a computer.
    Keep up the great blogging.
    Kind regards
    (Jessica’s Mum)

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