Tagxedo Word Clouds

The students in 4KM and 4KJ have enjoyed getting to know each other over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, they used Tagxedo to create a word cloud on their netbooks. Their word clouds demonstrated something about themselves or something they’re interested in.

Word clouds are a fun way to present words. Tagxedo allows the students to be really creative; they can customise the font, colour, layout and shape of their word cloud. The more frequent a word, the larger it appears.

Here are some Tagxedo word clouds from 4KM and 4KJ students.Β 


Mitchell C



Ryley H


Β Thanks to Miss Mckeegan and Miss Smith for helping the students learn about Tagxedo.

What did you think of our word clouds?

Have you ever made or seen a word cloud? Tell us about it.

What words would you use to describe yourself or your interests?

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64 thoughts on “Tagxedo Word Clouds

  1. Aloha 4KM and 4KJ,
    What wonderful word clouds! The shapes, colors, and words signify the unique qualities found in each one of you.
    Mahalo for sharing!
    A hui hou,
    Mrs. Jacobs

    • Hi Mrs Jacobs,

      Thank you for commenting!

      My name is Millie and I am in 4KJ this year.

      Unfortunately we couldn’t put everybody’s word cloud on the blog so I will tell you about mine. I love horses and I go horse riding every weekend, so mine was all about horses!

      Have you ever made a word cloud? If so, what was it about?

      From Millie

    • Hi, Mrs Jacobs,

      Thanks for the great comment!

      My name is Ava. I’m a student from 4KJ and love blogging, in fact I have got my own blog. http://avasblog.global2.vic.edu.au/

      I know those word clouds do look really good! I also made one but mine isn’t on the blog. They are really fun to make. Mine is about animals because I really love them especially horses.

      When we made the tagxedos we had heaps of colours and shapes to choose from. They all just look awesome.

      Thanks for the great comment again.

      Talk to you soon,
      πŸ˜› Ava 😎

    • Hi Mrs Jacobs,

      My name is Haille and I am in 4km. Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog.

      It was really fun making the Tagxedo word clouds. Have you eaver made one.

      Warm Wishes,

  2. Great creative way to start the school year off with an alternative activity. I would imagine that the students were pretty excited about creating their tagxedos to put themselves on the display. Obviously a lot of thought has gone in to the personalization of them and there looks to be an abundance of language being used throughout. Well done and thanks for sharing, I will certainly being doing this with my class.

    • Hi Donovan,

      I enjoyed making my own tagxedo and if you want you should make your own?
      I made mine about my favourite things.

      From Yunus

    • Hi Donovan,
      My name is Anneliese and I am in 4KJ. Thank you for the great comment. The tagxedos were lots of fun. I think tagxedo is a really good website.

      In class we use the netbooks at least everyday. We can do lots of things on the netbooks like maths games and literacy games. The netbooks are lots of fun.

      From Anneliese

    • Hi Donovan,
      Thankyou for your great comment!
      And I know it is very creative!
      You should do it some times.
      Can I ask you a question?
      Do you have a class?
      Because if you you can do it with your class!
      Oh and I am in 4KJ .
      Bye and good blessings,
      From Princess

  3. Hi 4KM and 4KJ!

    Great post!

    The tagxedos were really fun to make. I loved how you could choose from different colours and shapes. They all looked so bright colourful and just great. Last night when I got home from school I went on the tagxedo website.

    Great post again,
    Ava :mrgreen:

    • Hi Ava,
      The tagxedo’s were so great to make. I showed my family the website and the blog!
      I made one about horses with a horse head for the shape. I also liked typing in the words about horses.

      What did you make your’s about?

      Did you show your parents the website?

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I loved to do the Tagxedos last year. It’s so fun, I still do it tons now. I’ve made ones about my favourite books, my horses, family/friends and lots of other things.

    The words I would use are:
    horse crazed, mum, dad, brother, sister, Woody, Chester, Nim, Merry-legs, Aadessa, Wallington Park, reading, writing, drawing and photography.

    I loved all the word clouds on the blog, they describe every bit of whom made them.

    Your old/new friend/student,
    Bronte :mrgreen: πŸ˜†

    • Hi Bronte,

      My name is Liam.

      Thank you for your great comment.

      My tagxode theme was My Favourite Things.

      What was your tagxode about ❓

      From your new blogging buddy,
      Liam πŸ˜† πŸ‘Ώ 😈 :mrgreen:

  5. Well done, everyone. In answer to your questions:

    1. What did you think of our word clouds?

    We liked the way, that like fingerprints, they were all unique as you all are. We thought it was great that they each reflect the different interests and personalities that you all have.

    2. Have you ever made or seen a word cloud?

    We made word clouds, but having seen yours we think we need a little more practice. Ours were very simple and lacked the detail that is in yours. Having seen yours we are inspired to try this activity again. Thank you.

    3. What words would you use to describe yourself or your interests?

    The students in 2nd Class Room 6 would say that they are friendly, funny, happy, enthusiastic, interested, learners, listeners, talkers, chatterboxes, positive, optimistic, always looking forward, forgiving, helpful, kind, artistic and musical.

    With every good wish

    • Hi Merry Beau,

      My name is Claudia and I just wanted to say thank you for commeting. and if you were wordering my one is about family

      from Claudia

  6. To 4KM and 4KJ,

    I am disappionted I missed out.

    I reckon you all did a great job. Well done to the peoples that are on the blog.

    From Darcy πŸ™‚

  7. Good morning 4KM and 4KJ,
    I loved your word clouds, they are so colourful and descriptive of each of you. What a lovely way to get to know even more about each other.
    If I made a word cloud I would include: Mother, Wife, Aunty, Sister, Nurse, Friend, dogs, geese, travelling, photos and fill it with names of all my family and friends, especially Ella, Jack and Gerard.
    I hope you all have a wonderful day.
    Thanks for sharing your word clouds.
    Best Wishes Catharina.

    • Hello Catharina,
      Thanks for the amazing comment!

      Hi my name is Jordi. I love the word clouds too. They are all Fantastic and Interesting.

      I love the idea you said you would do if you will make a word cloud!

      My word cloud was about animals and some of the words on my word cloud were horses, cats, dogs, birds, koala and lots more.

      Thanks for the comment.

      Kind Regards,
      Jordi :mrgreen:

    • Hi Catharina

      Thank you for your commit on how blog
      my name is Jack and I am in 4KJ. I loved
      doing the word clouds. I did my word cloud
      topic was Star Wars. And my shape was a boom

      best wishes,

    • Dear CAtharina,

      I loved making my word cloud i think Ella did to.You could change the color the shape, background the text color lot,s of things.

      the website we used was tagxedo the website was pretty easy to get then you had to click create then (all the things that are in the to paragraph)
      we had to type up at least twenty words about(i.e favorite things,family and school) we did all that and then clicked submit that’s how all of 4km and 4kj did the tagxedo.

      From Logan 4km,

      would you make a tagxedo word cloud?

  8. Dear Heather,

    Thank you for the great comment!

    I think your Taxedo was very good. Do you like blogging and why?
    Have a great day at school,

    From Jess

  9. Dear 4KM 4KJ,
    What a great post, it’s the best one yet! I didn’t really have any favorite’s I liked them all. They all had cool shapes and all different colors they look great and amazing!

    Did everyone enjoy doing it?

  10. Hi 4KJ and 4KM
    What an amazing post!! I love all the word clouds. I asked Jessica to show me how to do one and I did one at home! It was great fun. I would love to have one printed and then put it into a picture frame. It would be very special and unique.
    Well done everyone!
    Carolyn (Jessica’s Mum)

    • Dear ariel

      I have been on your student blog before but I have not seen all of it. I do not have a student blog but I really really want a student blog.

      from Mitchell in 4KJ

    • Dear ariel

      I have been on your student blog before but I have not seen all of it. I do not have a student blog but I really really want a student blog.

      from Mitchell in 4KJ

  11. Hi 4km and 4kj,

    I really enjoyed the tagxedo word cloud activity I think it was great fun. πŸ™‚
    what did you enjoy about it?

    Bye for now,

    πŸ™‚ Eden πŸ™‚

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I really like your blog.

    I am sure that you are all great bloggers!

    I will always like your blog posts!

    Bye for now,

    • @ Hannah

      Hi, thanks for the great comment on our blog. What is one of your favourite post you have ever seen?

      We really appreciate comments on our blog.How long have you been blogging for?

      Lee πŸ˜†

      • Dear Lee,

        Those are really good questions!

        I cant really say what my favourite blog post has been I like all of them!

        I started blogging in grade two and I had Mrs Morris as my teacher.

        Keep up the good blogging,

  13. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    I saw your post about word clouds, and I thought it was very cool! I have made a few of them myself, and it was a very fun experience. I used a website called http://www.imagechef.com, but I think Tagxedo might be a better place for making word clouds. Anyway, I loved your post! πŸ˜‰

    Anikka from Techie Kids

    • Hi Anikka,

      Thanks for your great comment.

      I want to have a go at the website you use.

      Is it like tagxedo ❓

      From your naw blogging pal,
      Liam πŸ˜† πŸ‘Ώ 😈

      • Dear Liam,

        Thank you for responding so quickly! πŸ˜‰ Image Chef is pretty much like Tagxedo, but it doesn’t have as many options for the word cloud as Tagxedo does. But it is still a pretty fun website to go to when you want to make a word cloud. Another difference between to two is on Image Chef, they wall the word cloud a “word mosaic.”
        I hope to talk to you soon,
        Anikka from Techie Kids

    • Hi Anikka,

      My name is Mitchell and I am in 4KJ. Your comment was great, I will have to try Image chef this year.I made my first word cloud on Tagxedo. I made it this year.

      What state do you live in?

      Bye for now,
      From Mitchell

      • Deal Mitchell,

        Tagxedo and Image Chef are both really fun websites to mak word clouds on. πŸ˜‰

        I live in Michigan, and I love the great lakes. I get to go swimming a lot in lake St. Clair. In fact, I would go jump in the lake right now! (If it wasn’t so cold! ;))

        -Anikka from the Techie Kids

  14. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post Mrs Morris.

    I had a woderful time making the tagxedo word clouds.

    My theme was My Favourite Things.

    What was your theme ❓

    What was your favourite part about making them ❓

    From your blogging buddy,
    Liam πŸ‘Ώ 😈

  15. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    I loved doing the tagxedo’s they are so much fun!

    I did one about my family and about horses.

    From your student,

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Hi,I’m back and having a great time in grade 5, how are you guys going? Well great Tagxedo word clouds they’re lovely! Have fun in grade 4 I now I did.
    Patrick πŸ˜†

  17. Hi there,

    I’m from Newham Primary School.
    I think your Tagxedo clouds are really cool!
    They’re like Wordles except better!
    I love how you can choose different shapes and sizes.

    All the best,

    • Hi Kat,

      My name is Haille and I am in 4KM. Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog.

      I have never heard of Wordles before, what are they?

      Maybe you should try making a tagxedo one day.


  18. hi,my name is Zak i am from Newham primary i like all the stuff you have done. I think you have done a awesome and we i have stared a blog and i am inspired by your school.

  19. Hi Zak,
    Great commet,
    I’m in 4KM and my favourte parts of creating word clouds were; writting the words obout
    me, chosing the shapes and the colours.
    They turn out so cool, you should have
    a go.


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