What’s Your Sentence?

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan love exchanging teaching ideas with other educators around the world.

Over the holidays they came across an idea from their Twitter/blogging buddy, Joan Young, which they used in their classroom on the first day of school.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan invited all the students to think about the year ahead and come up with their “sentence”. This is a phrase that defines how they want to be remembered this year.

It’s important to think about your goals and take action to become the person you want to be!

We displayed our sentences to share our ambitions with others!

Here are some 4KM and 4KJ students sharing their sentences.

What’s your sentence? Leave a comment and tell us!

Have you ever set yourself a goal? We’d love to hear about it.

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29 thoughts on “What’s Your Sentence?

  1. Hi everyone in 4KM and 4KJ,

    WOW! What a great idea this is! I really enjoyed listening to the students say their sentence and what they would like to achieve this year.

    I think it is really important to set yourself goals. I think it can really help you achieve things in life that you may sometimes think are too hard, but if you think back to why you want to achieve something and how good you will feel when you get there!

    I set myself a goal last year of going back to university to get my Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) as I was a nurse, but wanted to become primary teacher like Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan and I did it!!! It was alot of hard work but so worth it 🙂
    It will take me a long time before I am as awesome as them at teaching…but that gives me another goal for me to work towards 🙂

    I don’t have a sentence that I want to be remembered by for this year, I will have to think of one, but there is a word that I use sometimes when I doubt myself and that is ‘Courage’. It is a word that I find helps me when I feel a bit unsure about things in my life.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else writes as their sentence!

    Your blogging buddy

    Martine (Charlotte’s mum)

  2. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Your post is inspiring! You all have such great sentences! Here’s mine:

    Hi, my name is Mrs. Watanabe, and my sentence is, “Find the positive in all circumstances.”

    Thanks for challenging me to think of my sentence.

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

    • Dear Mrs. Watanabe,
      Thanks for the comment!

      You sentence is really good. I love it.
      My sentence is “She will always believe in herself.”


  3. Dear 4Km and 4KJ
    I am Mrs McKenzie and I teach a class of Year 2 and 3 children in New Zealand. I noticed some familiar names in this post from when you were in 2KM and2KJ! I hope our classes get to share some learning this year.

    I can see you all put a lot of thought into writing a sentence that would most suit you as a person.

    I think my sentence would be “She’s always ready to be a learner as well as a teacher.”
    I know I’ve done a lot of learning over the past few years, helped by my global friends.

    I hope you all have a fabulous year.

    warm wishes
    Mrs McKenzie

    • Mrs McKenzie,
      I am Jordi in 4KM. Thanks for the wonderful comment on the blog!
      Also I was in 2KM and 2KJ.

      I love your sentence. My sentence is “She will always believe in herself.”

      How is your class going?


      • Oh Jordi -I think your sentence is wonderful. If you believe in yourself you can accomplish so much!

        My class, B4, has made a great start to the year. 15 of the students were in the class last year and there are 6 new students.
        They are a little younger than your class, as all of the children are aged 6 or 7 at the moment.

        What are you most looking forward to this year?

        from Mrs McKenzie

        • Hi Mrs McKenzie,
          Thanks for the reply!

          If I were a teacher I would want to keep some of my student from the year before and have some new students!

          This year I am mostly looking forward to Maldon for a bit.


    • Hi Jai,

      Thank you for commenting on the blog! I’m glad you liked the video. I’m sure your work will be on the blog soon too.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs Morris

  4. Hello 4km and 4kj

    To try and sum up what you want to be remembered for, for a whole year is a ‘tall order’ and you did well.

    I found myself in agreement with all of them, but especially the sentence about not worrying about tests.

    As you know thinking of a sentence, that sums up the person you aspire to be for the year ahead is challenging.

    After a lot of thought I think ‘She saw the best in people’, would be the one I would aspire to.

    With every good wish
    Merry Beau (Class Teacher) 2nd Class Room 6

    • Dear Merry Beau,

      thanks for your wonderful comment. I found a the activeity really fun and easy. My sentance is: She will always do the best as she can do.

      I have always wanted to be a teacher when I grow up and I want to teach something like that. It might not happen though because plans and thinhs always change. I was really amazed at how people decorated theres really neatly and brightly.

      Has your class done something like that before?
      Do you want to teach something like that?

      From Olivia

      • Hello again Olivia,

        Thank you very much for your reply. I’m glad that you found the sentence writing activity fun.

        I think your sentence about always doing your best is a great one. It is especially useful if you want to become a teacher. But will be valuable no matter what you decide to be.

        It is good that you have a dream, because you can plan for it. But it is very mature of you to realise that plans can change.

        My class hasn’t done this activity yet, but I hope that they will later in the year, because I think it is a good one.

        With every good wish, Olivia
        and good luck with however your plans turn out.

        Merry Beau

  5. Hi
    My name is Denise Esposito, I am teaching 3/4 at Sacred Heart in Preston and on our second day my class come up with a sentence during writing and it sounds like it could be part of your “What’s your sentence?”
    It was “Our class wants to learn something new everyday and we are one big awesome family.”
    We are just starting on our blogging journey and love what we see on your blog.
    Good luck for a fantastic 2013!

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  7. Aloha fourth graders,
    What a wonderful way to start your year with so many positive thoughts! My sentence is “Everyday is a new beginning.”
    Mahalo for allowing me to share.
    A hui hou,
    Mrs. Jacobs

  8. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    My sentence is she will always impress her teacher.
    I did this last week in P.E with Mr hair. I impressed him by beeating my beep test score. I started with 2.7 and my goal was to beat it and I did I got 3.1, I was very exited!

    See you tomorrow,

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I really enjoyed your post. That was a great idea.
    This is the first time I’ve been on your blog. I really like the way everything is set up. I have a blog too! I just got it really working on Friday. My link is http://www.arisafari.edublogs.org.
    I set a lot of goals and I accomplished most of them. One of them was read 3 hrs and it was really fun.

    Happy blogging ,and congratulations on the 3rd place for best class blog!!!

    Ariel (in mr.avery’s class)

  10. Dear 4KM & 4KJ
    It’s good to see your blog back in action after the holidays, and I enjoyed listening to your sentences about yourself – they will be interesting to read again at the end of the year, and see if you managed to stick to them!
    Looks like you’re off to a cracking start – have a fantastic first term!
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View

    • Hi Mrs Monaghan,

      Great comment.

      My name is Liam and I am in 4KM.

      I can’t wait to see if I achieve my goal.

      What country do you live in?

      From your new blogging buddy,

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I am not new to blogging because I was in 2KJ in grade 2.

    My sentence is he is unlike the rest but will never give up, at the hardest of times.I enjoyed watching the other kids sentences on the video.

    I chose my sentence because everyones has somthing different or special but mine’s just obvious and I try my hardest at things I enjoy.

    It would be great to see more of the peoples goal in the future.

    I enjoy blogging this year,

    • Hi Mitch,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment! I really did enjoy your sentence. You are right that everyone has something different or special about them. Sometimes that thing is obvious and sometimes it’s not.

      It would be pretty boring if everyone was the same, wouldn’t it?

      See you tomorrow,
      Mrs Morris

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    My sentence is “she will try her hardest even at hard times”. I was also inspired with what students said on the video.

    I think this is going to be a very good year for everyone.

    from Jess

  13. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Your blog is excellent! My goal is to be a more kind and laid back person. I am a sixth grade student in Mr. Avery’s class, I believe you guys know each other. I just earned a blog from him, I am very excited about it! You guys seem to be experts at it, do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it. Anyway if you want to visit my blog go to http:/www.truthaboutlife.edublogs.org. Hope you can visit!
    Emily B.

  14. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    My sentence is she believes
    she is creative.Some people say
    I’m not creative but I believe in
    Myself. I know in my mind that I am
    Creative.To know you have to believe
    In yourself.

    Kind regards

  15. Dear Mrs Esposito,

    My name is Mitchell and I’m in 4KJ and this is my first time this year blogging, so it’s pretty exciting to talk and reply to a teacher for the first time this year.I really like being in Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris’ grade.Most of the time we work together and having wonderful people in both classes.My sentence is “He never said couldn’t”.

    What are you and your class focussing on?

    See you later
    From Mitch

  16. Hi 4Km and 4KJ,
    It’s wonderful to see you are all back and enthusiastic about learning.
    Great sentences and really positive goals.
    My sentence is ‘Everyday I will learn something new’.
    I also have a goal, to be kind to people I have in my life.
    I look forward to reading lots more interesting and informative blogs throughout this year.
    Best Wishes Catharina

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